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The LuLac Edition #3267, August 3rd, 2016

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There doesn’t seem to be a great deal of talk about any issues in this campaign. But this came across our desk from our friend Wil Toole on what used to be a hot button issue, the right to live and the right to choose.

What is it when you are pro birth but not pro life?
What is it when you vote pro life but then pass legislation that ends post natal care, cuts the children's food stamp programs, try to cut the school lunch program....... vote to pass Bush taxes and make them permanent and then vote to not lower the interest rate on student loans...... is that pro birth or pro life? Do you ever think about it?
I mean think about it.
I'm 73 years old and it is only within the past number of years that I've really thought about. I have always been pro life, always. My attitude is who speaks for the baby? As having attended a Catholic grade and high school, pro life was drilled into me. It was not logical, it was not based on physical conditions, it was a religious belief among Catholics that life begins with inception. Fine by me..... logical and all. Babies rolling around their mommies bellies sure make them seem like a person that is alive and well. NOW, let's change the present by changing the past. Let's say I did not go to a Catholic grade and high school and I did not have religious parents who attended mass every week and prayed the rosary around the dining room table. Let's pretend I was born of Jewish parents who were very religious and understood their religion. They would not teach their children when they attended Temple that life begins at inception, no, they would teach the Jewish child that LIFE BEGINS AT BIRTH. Holy Troubled Brain. Now what to think? One major religion says it is not a baby till it is born, it is merely part of the mother's body till birth...... the other major religion teaches their children at Sunday School that life is sacred, and that life begins at inception.
SO TELL ME GUYS, WHO IS RIGHT AND WHO IS WRONG. IF YOU ARE BORN INTO A FAITH AND LIVE IT FOR YEARS AND YEARS, YOU ARE WHAT YOU WERE TAUGHT. So if I had been born Jewish rather than Irish Catholic, I would not believe in Pro Life, I would have been raised to believe that Pro Choice is a woman's right. This is to me a moral issue but in fact, it is more of a religious issue. If I don't think the Radical Islamist have the right to teach evil as they do and I don't have the right to tell the Jewish faith that they are wrong and they must believe as I do that life begins at inception, not birth...... If I could make all those changes then the same authority that would give me that authority would be the same as my being forced by another religion that I now must believe and allow that life begins at birth and abortion is an individual choice.
This is much too complicated for political ideology and should not be a part of the national debate.... WE HAVE TO APPROACH THIS FROM A HUMAN POINT OF VIEW.... If we do not want babies killed via abortion then we need to change the argument that life is just not sanctity, it is a physical need and the baby we save from abortion might be the next greatest world leader or doctor or scientist or engineer, or who knows? We need to value every life and for no other reason than it is life, we need to protect it for the good of ALL mankind. We need to save that very special unborn person so he. She can be whatever the world needs.
AND A FINAL POINT. As a Catholic raised child, and having attended 11 years of religious education, I have to wonder if the two most polarizing points in today's life was from all that I've learned,
These issues were NEVER DISCUSSED BY CHRIST WHILE ON EARTH! WOW! Wouldn't one thing that if Pro Life/Choice were that important, wouldn’t Christ Himself have mentioned it during his 33 years on earth?
Or the Second huge social issue....... Gay Rights........ Again Christ chose not to discuss it and if you believe that Christ is God the Son and knows all things, then He would have known the trouble gay's and pro choice people would have. There are parts of the world that being Gay is punishable by death. Yep, a very interesting problem both are and Christ chose not to mention either.  Hmmm!!!!


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