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The LuLac Edition #3263, July 29th, 20016.


I’ve been operating at about 6 hours of sleep the last 48 hours having had 3 TV appearances this week with two of them being at 5AM in the morning. My wakeup call was 3:45am. Thank heavens WBRE is just down the road from me. So I was going to take a little breather after I came home from my regular job today. It started out okay, but then I made a little dinner for myself with some fine leftovers that were just a great as the day Mrs. FB made them. So far so good.
Then I turned on the radio.
That’s when I heard local talk show host L.A. Tarone and one of his callers talking about the Democratic convention and how the party was hiding it’s true colors or something like that. To be sure the host debunked the story that there were no flags at the Convention. But the caller implied that the Democrats never embraced the military but were doing so now to win favor with voters. I didn’t hear the rest of it because the guy sounded like he was calling from the bottom of one my Cousin P.J.’s Waste Reduction dumpsters. But I got the gist. Then the painter from Scranton called yammering about his car on display on the Square and started bitching about how all the illegal immigrants are sucking up health care costs amd how there were no police at the convention in his usual monotone cadence. I turned it off because I have no use for “I got mine, I’m not gonna let you get yours” types.
But it got me to thinking. Pundits on TV as well as local radio are saying that it is surprising that Democrats are putting more traditional constituencies on stage that used to be highlighted by Republicans. Here’s the thing. The Conservative wing of the GOP does not have a franchise on patriotism. Democratic voters have shed their blood in wars. Democratic voters love their country. Democratic voters are also police and firemen that have lost their lives. An amputated limb or a third degree burn knows no party.
So before we act surprised the Democratic convention highlighted these people, let’s remember one thing. No Democratic citizens loves this country any less than any Republican.
But given what I heard today, you’d never know it.


Another caller the other night (she’s habitual but at least she has a working phone) asked the host why those dumb Democrats had speakers on past 11PM eastern time. She posited that most working people go to bed early.
Well……………………see this is not a blunder but a strategic move. Conventions don’t work in a vacuum. It might be 11 Eastern here but 10 in the Central time zone and on the west coast it is 8pm. The point is to get the ENTIRE country watching. Now I know the temptation is not to think out of the Wilkes Barre mind set and time zone but that’s why they ran past 11.
Your welcome!


A few convention speeches I’m going to share with you. The first is a tough talking speech from a General. His name is John Allen and of course the no nothings on FB said that he was pencil pushing lackey the Dems dug up to justify their patriotic chops. Allen indeed led troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and served as the U.S. envoy to coordinate the international fight against the Islamic State group. So to say he was nothing less is just downright dumb.
Here’s what he said the Thursday night. By the way, Fox TV never ran the speech.




WILK's Karel Zubris seems mixes it up with Governor Tom Wolf. Senator Bob Casey is looking toward that blue horizon. 
Here's Governor Wolf in the midst of the Pa. Delegation a place where political greats like John Fine and David Lawrence stood during pivotal confabs.
Zubris got this fantastic shot of Hillary Clinton giving the speech.

State Representative Eddie Day Pashinski gave the old thumbs up! 
Here is Pa. State Chair with Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz before the proverbial you know what hit the fan. 
This is a classic photo of Congressman Matt Cartwright, Marion and Jack. 
(Photos: Karen Zubris


 Here's our friend Pa. Live co host and WBRE TV News Reporter Valerie Tyuanner working at the convention.  
 On the air this week with WBRE TV's Stefano DiPietro and Chris Langois. Jasmine Brooks was prepping for the Olympics. 


At 3:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not sure which is worse, Tarone's bigotry, Tarone's screeching voice, Tarone's misinformation, or the same, or worse, in all of his callers; the same callers, each and every ****ing night; I swear the same ones call in each and every ****ing hour. WILK is unbearable across the board, same hosts, same opinions, for what seems to be a decade, but from 3-9pm ugh! Two sides - same coin. One is a Michael Savage wanna be the other Bob Grant wanna be. They need some new blood on the air, some younger voices, and a little diversity would be nice - old white people 24 hours a day.

At 3:30 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

Not sure which is worse, Tarone's bigotry, Tarone's screeching voice, Tarone's misinformation, or the same, or worse, in all of his callers; the same callers, each and every ****ing night; I swear the same ones call in each and every ****ing hour.


Okay first off Tarone is not a bigot. I've known him for at least 30 years so that is not the case.
His callers have found a home and express their views which sometimes are repetitive and not terribly original. If you listen to Rush in the afternoon, you'll hear hints of him in the calls or sometimes lines taken verbatim out of that show.
As a talk show host, how do you change it up? Any talk show host, Tarone, Henry, Corbett have followers, almost like groupies following a rock and roll band. They are the base of your success. How do you tell them no?
What stops me from listening is the incredible blanket statements like "Hillary murders people" or that illegals are taking all of our jobs.
These callers never use the words "some" they just offer blanket statements that are just not true.
Tarone corrects them but it's as if they aren't hearing it.
Tarone gets those callers because quite frankly they get major push back from Corbett because right from the start he asks them to stay on point.
Then they cry like little kids and go elsewhere.
My point in putting it on the site is not to attack WILK Radio or Tarone or anyone else but to exhibit the abject narrow view some of the callers have. Now that is not to say that some don't do any research, they do. But it reinforces their view, not expands it.
It's like I hate the color blue. Let's research why blue is bad.
Facebook is the same way and we are cooking up a feature on the blog regarding that aspect of public media.

At 6:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Time for some new hosts.
Maybe some one who is a little younger. Reach a new demo.
How about a little diversity. Not one, even fill in, Latino or African American.

At 6:24 PM, Anonymous YFandPSP said...

The callers are the worst part of talk radio. Talented hosts who have made it to bigger markets or national, have started taking fewer and fewer callers, if any.
Host driven talk radio is what is interesting. Howard Stern, Mike and Mike, at one time Tom Lycas, Jim Rome, etc... People are tuning in to listen to the hosts, not the callers. The worst part of talk radio is the callers.
Sadly, WILK has created a pigeonhole of stagnant radio by people, with one exception, who don't have much radio talent.
What made Rush #1 is that he used to have a radio show that just so happened to talk about politics. On ESPN, the mid morning show has enjoyed success because it is a radio show that just so happens to talk sports and their afternoon drive show is taking a similar path.
These aren't aging crusaders who think that by tilting at windmills they are changing the world, even Rush knows he is an entertainer, they are just putting out good radio.

At 6:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

dave what kind of tie did

you were on wbre tv as always

you did a fantastic job

At 11:02 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

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At 12:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 5:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 11:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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