Saturday, August 20, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3281, August 20th, 2016


It was Old Timer’s Day at Yankee Stadium in 1993 and my buddy The Mickman had some very sweet seats. As we were settling in, Donny Boyle, a co owner from “Diamond Legends” nudges me and says “There’s Rudy Giuliani Yonk, go over and talk to him.” Hey, I loved the guy and respected all of his work in going after the Mob in New York. My father used to tell me that anyone who says they’re in the Mob….aren’t. And Guiliani knew the loudmouths were not the guys to focus in on. Rudy had lost to David Dinkins but was now set for another run. I sprinted over (this was pre cane days) and we had a conversation about crime, New York and his chances. One of his campaign aides took a photo that you see here.
As Mayor he transformed New York City by being very tough on crime utilizing “the broken window” theory of neighborhood policing. During 911 he courageously walked through the debris of the carnage and became the defacto spokesman for America until President Bush got back to the White House.
He was one of the Republicans that I as a Democrat could support for any office.
All of the above makes Giuliani’s statement this week very sad for me. He said, "By the way, under those eight years, before Obama came along, we didn't have any successful radical Islamic terrorist attack in the United States. They all started when Clinton and Obama got into office."
Okay, okay, I know what he meant. He certainly didn’t forget about the 911 carnage. He went to enough funerals of first responders and military to not forget that.
But in his passion to support Mr. Trump, he almost invalidated any credibility he had on terrorism. Almost.
Donald Trump may win the election. He’s behind but Gerald Ford and my boy Hubert Humphrey were behind too and made up a ton of ground. I voted for them and they lost. President George H.W. Bush made up a lot of ground and won. I voted for him.
But if Trump loses, he will go back to the golf courses and the beauty pageants. However the people with reputations that supported him in a blind partisan rage will have history to answer to with what they said and did in this year.
And Rudy will be the first one to explain whatever the hell he was thinking. I’m afraid I’m being way more kinder to Rudy then history will.

Your blog editor and Otto Voit. (Photo: Ron  Ferrance)
A few smart politicos made the scene at the always crowded and well attended Pittston Tomato Festival. Our good friend and GOP Chair Ron Ferrance brought around Otto Voit the Republican candidate for State treasurer.
Then Saturday Congressman Matt Cartwright made his annual appearance at the event. From left to right Grand Knight Rich Korpusik, Joe "Elvis" German, your blog editor, and Nick Barbere.
In addition, Lt. Governor Mike Stack started off the Race and also marched in the parade.


At 6:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rudy's reputation from 9/11 will always remain intact. When politicians hid, Rudy stood with the people of New York as the towers crumbled around them. When reporters, bloggers and radio talk show hosts commented from safety, Rudy stood with the people of New York as the towers crumbled around them. If you think Rudy's reputation will suffer, that is too bad, name your bravery in the face of the worst terror attack in US history. Rudy stood with the people of New York as the towers crumbled around them. While people were talking tough Rudy was being tough. While people were talking about what best to do, Rudy was risking his life doing. You want to wipe out his reputation because he is supporting Trump, a man he actually knows, while your supporting someone who rigged a primary then **** you!

At 6:47 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

while your supporting someone who rigged a primary then **** you!


**** me?


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