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Pundits, Politicos and Voters
Posted on July 28, 2016 by Fat Then Fit Now

Dr. Joe Leonardi wrote this as a comment on my our blog The Lulac Political Letter. It was in response to me calling Trump treasonous, and using the word intent in absolving Clinton. We are re running it as a ”Write On Wednesday” feature.

“There is such a thing as intent and Trump exhibited criminal and treasonous intent.” Dave Yonki.
Come on Dave, criminal and treasonous INTENT, are you ****ing kidding me?
This hedging words crap is beneath all of us. Are we back to Bill claiming having his ***** ****ed to a dress splattering orgasm wasn’t sex?
SO, with INTENT, the same could be said of Trump. His INTENT could have been to make the point that the Russians can hack private email servers. His INTENT could have been to use an absurd statement to demonstrate the absurdity of using a private server for governmental affairs. Or, his INTENT could have been to again demonstrate he is just a loud mouth.
Hilary’s INTENT could have been to keep public information hidden. Her INTENT could have been to subvert right to know laws. Her INTENT could have been driven by paranoia. Or, her INTENT could of been as she claimed.
These arguments will never end.
Boisterous election rhetoric on both sides is the norm. Outrageous statements are made time and time again over the course of an election season. The day after the election, most candidates go back to being buddies, yet, the asinine populace continues to hate those for whom they were opposed.
The supporters of each, see their candidate with only rose colored glasses and the opponent through a fog of fear and hatred. Pundits, politicos and voters have not matured one bit in the last two hundred plus years — it truly is pathetic.
It is unbelievable that Trump some how managed to secure the nomination, and it is just sad that Obama (influencing Biden not to run), Hillary and the DNC prevented Democratic party members to have a voice and choice, in an open, fair, impartial primary.
These may in fact be the two most flawed candidates in our lifetimes. Does that mean either one may not do a better than, or worse than, expect job?
We don’t know exactly what the future will bring. However, we do know that on Jan 20th, we will swear in a new president. On the 21st, we will wake up, go to work, or school, or take care of our children, and the world will be much the same as it had been the preceding days.
We also know, that four years later, it will not be as dystopic as one group feared, nor will it be as utopic as the other promised — the republic will be changed, in some ways for the better, in some ways for the worse, but it will survive, and each of us will go on with our daily lives and activities…
Of course, we also know, that as a new Messiah and a new Lucifer will be running for president, the same pathetic, bullshit will have started anew.
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