Saturday, August 13, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3276, August 13th, 2016


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1. After all he has said and done, why the hell is Donald Trump still in the race?

Trump is still breaking even because he has a group of voters that really border on zealot cult members. He has a base of angry supporters who want to send a message to Washington. Unlike the campaigns of George Wallace and Ralph Nader, Trump has a cross section of America. Entrepreneurs who think their profits are being over taxed and over regulated, people who had industrial type jobs that paid more than a decent wage and have never recovered and others who want to return America back to the good old 50s. They will support him no matter what but they keep him at a ceiling. You won’t see him break through 50%.
With two other people in the race, if they start to tick upwards, that can only be great for him and bad for Secretary Clinton.
I don’t want him to be President because I think he is unqualified, bi polar and crazed. But it would not shock me if it happened.

2. Katie McGinty, does she have a shot?

Yes. Especially if Hillary Clinton is strong in Pennsylvania and the Democrats who hold a majority vote straight ticket. I think I might have only done that once or twice in my life. But you can bet the Dems in this state will be pushing for that in ’16.

3. Are you an Olympics fan?

Never been. I watched it more or less for the sports and news coverage and how the broadcasters handled themselves.

4. What is Lou Barletta’s opponent Michael Marsicano going to come out of hiding?

Well there were reports that the former Hazleton Mayor, Mike M., lent himself $330,000 to compete. There is a very tough registration edge.
Marsicano needs to play the Trump card. He has to link Barletta to the unreasonable positions and comments of Trump. (Barletta was one his early backers). He has to take the gamble that more Democrats and middle of the road GOPers appalled by Trump and those never happy with Barletta can pull him through.

5. On your Facebook page you’ve never been very political but you seem to getting down and dirty with this Presidential election. How come?

I only comment when people make incredibly stupid statements. Like Hillary should be arrested, the President is in bed with the terrorists, that the Clinton’s should be exterminated, that the Obama administration is one of the most corrupt in the world, that Clinton masterminded the Benghazi killings, etc.
These statements are just not true and people who think they are experts just need to be called on it. I have been urged to block people on FB but I want their stupidity to be on full display.

6. Caught Sharla McBride on NEP a couple of times this trip. Why does she look down at that damn tablet as soon as she finishes a segment and goes into a break? It makes her look amateurish and insecure. She should "flirt" with the camera for those few mil-seconds and take command of the shot. NO?

Well I’m sure she knew you were watching and was on her best non flirty behavior. Look everybody has their own style. When I’m on WBRE (and this is not to even remotely compare myself to a long time anchor of news and sports) people ask me why I don’t look into the camera much. The reason is I’m told to converse with the interviewer or anchor. She may be getting those instructions to just look down.
Or it just might be a style. Or she’s looking at that tablet to see what’s up next. I don’t know for sure but next time you’re up see if this was a onetime thing or a pattern.
Whatever it is, WNEP has a very large share of the audience.

7. When is your next appearance on WBRE TV?

WBRE TV Eyewitness Newsmakers with Andy Mehalshick and Jayne Anne Bugda. We tape on the 24th of this month and I believe it will be on the following Sunday. I believe I’ll be joining Dr. David Sosar from King’s. On Pa. Live I believe I will be on in late August or early September.

8. Best place to get fresh corn in the Summer time?

Doran’s in Hanover, up the road from The Alexis Tavern and the Cemetery.

9. Doing anything to celebrate 75 years of M&Ms?

Eating some. They are a good caffeine boost and sugar rush at work. A half dozen we’ll do it for me.

10. As a Packer fan do you have any thoughts on the Brett Favre enshrinement as well as the mix up that cancelled the game?

Well first off my cousin P.J. Pribula and his wife Lisa are big Packer and Favre fans. As a matter of fact they met him years ago. So I knew they wouldn’t miss this. 
But the game thing was just to me incredible. The powerful and supposedly savvy NFL let a painting crew screw up the logos making the game inoperable?
What a joke. I’m sorry P.J. and his buddies missed the game. I understand Robert Irsay from the Colts was really upset. As well he and Lisa should be.

11. Will Congressman Matt Cartwright have any problems this election with his opponent Matt Connolly?

No he’ll win in a route especially after Connolly’s positions are highlighted in such a blue district.

12. Do you listen to Internet Radio?

I’ve started. A good friend of mine got me into KABL Radio in San Francisco. A lot of Music from the 40s and American Popular Standards. I see one of those Internet Radios in my future.

13. There are so many people ticked off about this election, if you could pick one person who is the most pissed off in America who might that be?

Joe Biden. 


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