Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3283, August 24th, 2016

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Trump Doesn't Trust Military Generals or US Intelligence Community, Turns To... Himself, Lou Barletta and Tom Marino ('Blunder and Frightening')

Recently former Congressman Chris Carney weighed in on Donald Trump and his foreign policy pronouncements. You should read this:
After Donald Trump release a new ad, Congressman Chris Carney, a Former Commander in the United States Navy Reserve, highlighted how reckless and dangerous Trump's presidency would be. Trump, who recently declared he would not rely on the military Generals or the US intelligence community as president, is instead taking advice on global affairs from himself and two junior Pennsylvania Congressmen, Lou Barletta and Tom Marino.
"Americans deserve better than Donald Trump’s dangerous and divisive ideas on national security. This is why it's no surprise that more than 50 top Republican national security officials like former Governor Tom Ridge are rejecting him. Trump's international experience is limited to hosting beauty pageants and opening golf courses. He does not have the sort of serious, in-depth understanding of the complexities of the international system required of a Commander-in-Chief, and he's made it abundantly clear he doesn't know what he's talking about when it comes to national security. He is simply the least prepared person in our nation's history to be Commander-in-Chief -- he would not keep our country and families safe. Instead of relying on experienced military leaders, Trump is recklessly relying on himself as well as two junior Congressman with very limited national security experience.
"Trump refers to Mr. Barletta and Mr. Marino as "thunder and lightning" -- I believe it's much more accurate to refer to them as "blunder and frightening," especially when it comes to protecting this nation's security.
"This is yet another example of Trump's irresponsible behavior that would threaten our security. For the life of me, I cannot understand how any American, never mind Trump backers could be supportive of a man who proposes allowing more countries access to nuclear weapons, who has cozied up to strongmen and dictators like Vladimir Putin and Kim Jung Un, who threatens to unravel our long-standing military alliances, and who would order our military to commit war crimes that only play into our enemies' hands. The policies Trump has proposed would leave not only our nation, but the world far less safe."
From Trump and his running mate Mike Pence’s shared support for a ban on Muslims, to their advocacy for the use of torture, to Trump’s proposals to allow more countries to have nuclear weapons, to his secret plan to defeat ISIS, to his cozying up to strongmen and dictators like Vladimir Putin and Kim Jung Un, to his threat of abandoning our allies, one thing is clear: a Trump presidency would leave both our country and the world dramatically less safe.


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