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The LuLac Edition #3316, October 7th, 2016

The Donald strikes again. (Photo: MSNBC)
The fallout from the recent Trump video from Access Hollywood nearly a decade ago continues. There has been a defection of sorts by traditional Republicans who are distancing themselves from these comments about women. The GOP needs help in courting the votes of college educated women in this cycle. (Mitt Romney carried that group of white educated women in 2012 and it is doubtful that a mass vote of white males will make up that difference). This video though was more than locker room admiration and adolescent wishing and hoping. This was Trump actually explaining to Billy Bush what in fact his “game” was. Not strategy on how to get a date but in effect announcing over  a live mike so he could articulate his game plan to have sex with a woman. I would chalk that up to an insecure bully trying to ingratiate himself with the “gossip media”.  But then you heard him take out the Tic Tacs in preparation for the anticipated move he said he had made in the past.
That’s not strategy, that’s motive.
Last night Trump defenders took to the Cable News Networks to go on the defense. But one of Trump’s nemeses since he began his race, Anna Navarro really took down Scott Nell Hughes in this exchange. 

This morning many Evangelical leaders came to Trump’s defense and said that American Christians are a forgiving lot. It was suggested that the people who voted for Trump in the primary would forgive.
Forgiveness is one thing, forgetting is quite another.

Richard Nixon (Photo: LuLac archives)
Richard Nixon the 37th President of the United States has been dead since 1994. You could not write the political history of the political history of the middle 20th century without Nixon. He ran in 5 national elections, 2 for Vice President and 3 for President. He was the first American President ever to resign.
Now even after his death, Nixon re-emerges in this election. He is featured in an anti Hillary ad sponsored by supporters of Donald Trump. Even Clinton’s tenure on the committee to impeach him in 1974 has been brought up.
Last night his Presidency was invoked when commentators were speaking of how Nixon respected opinions of people in his own party when those members like Pennsylvania’s own like Hugh Scott went to implore him to resign when Watergate got un-survivable for him. Nixon in his political life was just as polarizing (if not more) than both Trump and Clinton. It is ironic and yet somewhat fitting that his memory still lives on (for better or worse) in this upside down year.


Nancy Kman, Webster, Sue Henry, Corbett and Tarone. (WILK website).
So this Thursday October 13th from 6 to 8PM the WILK Talkers take the stage at the Kirby Center in Wilkes Barre. The main topic will of course be the Presidential Election.
The big four, Nancy Kman, John Webster, Steve Corbett and L.A. Tarone will be there in person. The voices behind the microphones! I’m sure there will be many faces behind the phone lines showing up too which may or may not be a reason for anyone interested to attend.
Either way, the event is FREE and I’m sure will be quite entertaining.

The Long Island Medium. (Photo: Time)
Theresa Caputo has made her living being a medium. These are people who claim to speak to the dead. My wife loves her show but I think she and her family are nothing more than a bunch of loud mouth New Yorkers who bring no redeeming value to television and let alone society.
Personally I do not believe in séances and talking to the dead. I don’t believe my deceased family members are sending me messages from the great beyond. I don’t believe any of that.
I hope there is an afterlife.
I do believe that the human spirit of the deceased lives on in all of us if we are wise enough to capture it. I believe we are guided by the example they left us in the way they lived their lives. But I think it is ridiculous that we are being spoken to through a blond loudmouth whose only gift seems to be for fooling people.
Theresa Caputo is the new Susan Powter. Yeah anyone remember her?
All that stated, I was glad when I read a take on Theresa Caputo’s show at the Kirby the other night from a Facebook Friend. I asked Joseph Schillaci if I can post his thoughts from his Facebook page on The Long Island Medium.
Last night I had an experience I will never forget. I was at the Kirby Center for a show with Theresa Caputo. many of you might recognize her name. She claims to be a medium that talks to the dead. OMG nothing can be farther from the truth. From the time she appeared on stage I had bad feeling about her. $2000.00 dress, $1000.00 shoes, fake white nails that looked like tiger paws and an intro similar to a stand up comedian.
As for her psychic powers, I have more. She addresses the audience like so " has anyone lost a husband, and she gts a response , has anyone lost a child, another response, has anyone lost a father or mother, and low and behold more responses. WHAT ARE THE CHANCES OF THAT !!!!!!!!!!!
I cannot go through the entire bull sh-- production but let me give you a few things that made me laugh out loud.
She tells one woman her dad wants her to know he appreciated her fixing his hair while he laid in bed dying, the woman responds " my dad was bald " Caputo then says " he wants to thank you for holding his hand " again I laughed out loud. What are the chances of a daughter holding her fathers dying hand in the hospital, WOW how did she know that ????
She is a fraud, and I spent $300 for two 4th row seats to get entertained by a blond bimbo comedian/ proclaimed psychic. To all who are considering going to see her, save your money and talk to your lost loved ones directly.


At 5:49 PM, Anonymous We don't get the president we need, we get the president we deserve said...

For those justifiably outraged by the latest misogynistic reveal of the swine Donald Trump; I hope you are as equally outraged at the repeated complicity of Hillary Clinton in the destruction of women involved with, or victimized by, her husband.
The lack of respect of women by both Trump and Clinton is reprehensible. No person's daughter should have to admire either of these crass, uncaring individuals as their president.
There should be no lesser of two evils when disusing those who have assailed women as these two. Neither should ever even be a nominee for office let alone be elected. It is bad enough that Clinton assisted in both cover ups and propaganda to get Bill into, and later keep him in, the oval office he so callously disgraced, the rabid denial of her backers is as bad as the defenders of Trump.
Neither of these two has ever cared about any individual other than themselves. And neither of these two has any business representing the people of the United States - however, sadly, the hypocrisy of their supporters says otherwise.

At 6:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some valid points but I'll go on the side of the person who actually understands the issues, has DONE something (ever hear of CHIP??) and has a bench of people who could help her lead.
Sorry, no sale there 5:49PM
And I don't care who she knows, and what he part of a woman he grabbed.
It's all about knowing what you know and knowing what you don't know.

At 7:42 PM, Anonymous We don't get the president we need, we get the president we deserve said...

6:58 PM, It seems you mistakenly believe I advocate for the swine Trump. I advocate for neither.
Thank you, you proved my last sentence. It just needs one last addendum.
We are a nation of fools.

At 7:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

While I would not characterize Trump supporters as deplorable, I would characterize both Trump and Clinton as deplorable.

Trump's words and attitudes toward women were deplorable, Bill Clinton's actions with and against women were deplorable and Hillary Clinton's towards those Bill with whom Bill was involved and her complicity in the cover-up were deplorable.
All around a group of deplorable people.

I will be abstaining on the presidential ballot this election. And, to hedge my bets against both, I will vote the republican candidate for senate and the democratic candidate for the house.

These are dark, sad days for the United States' Presidency. Our only hope is age and or illness will limit the term of whomever is elected.


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