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The LuLac Edition #3341, November 6th, 2016

The following two articles were written by a Clinton and Trump supporter. We are running them "as is" since people want this site to do more unedited comments. 

On Clinton:
I consider to be the most important political event of my 73 years of life. That's why I am compelled to write this to you:
For the second time within months, the FBI has broken from investigative tradition by making a public comment on an ongoing investigation. In the past, the FBI would not even acknowledge an investigation was in the works but here the Director is making public statements. Just 11 days away from what I consider the most important political event of my 73 years of life and the FBI breaks from tradition and creates a possible strong effect on the election of the president of the United States. WOW!
Donald Trump again receives millions of dollars in free PR as major networks televise his every word as he absolutely creates lies and distortions with regard to Hillary Clinton's candidacy. He says what ever he pleases and never allows the truth or facts to get in the way of his ridiculous political rhetoric. He knows full well that the FBI did not say they were reopening the Clinton investigation, what he did was advise Congress that his last official statement to them was he was finished with the emails but Weiner's investigation showed his and his wife's personal lap top contained emails from his wife so the FBI was again gong to be reading emails. All he actually did was correct his statement and advise them he would be again reading emails.
Enter the FACT checker..... they have released a statement that clarifies the truth of the FBI LETTER to Congress. "This is not a reopening; as a technical matter, it was never closed. The FBI said they were reviewing emails that "appear to be pertinent" to previous investigations into Clinton's use of a private email server, but noted, the FBI cannot yet assess whether or not this material may be significant." That's a far cry from what Trump has been spewing. By the way, having served in the military and having had some security clearance, I can tell you that documents with the designation of "Classified" is the lowest form of security label. Classified does not even come close to secret or top secret but Trump is acting like "classified" is a designation for nuclear plans and many of the emails in question were designated "classified" after the emails were written..
Emails are being released and every US Security organization has said that without a doubt, the Russians were the hackers and they made them available for release. It is no secret that Putin want Trump as our next president so is it beyond ;possibility that the Russians have enhanced theemail before making them available? Every news agency has said the emails unsubstantiated and we should recognize that. Trump hasn't a clue what Russia is dong and Putin knows that Trump's art of the deal can be had by simply allowing him to build hotels in Russia. Trump even wants to end NATO and it was NATO who first came to our aid after 911.
Trump continues to bash he Clinton's over their Foundation yet world leaders praise the Foundation for the good work it has done. Half of all Aides victims world wide are being treated via the Foundation funding and that's just one endeavor. Would the likes of Warren Buffet and Bill Gates who are giving away billions of dollars to charity be involved with the Clinton Foundation if it were not doing good works? I doubt it. Conversely, the Trump Foundation has not received a dime from Trump since 2008 and was used to settle Trumps law suits, pay out winnings from one of his golf tournaments and spent over $20,000 to purchase a full size portrait of Donald Trump. The AG of NY has ordered the Foundation to stop raising money due to illegal actions by the Foundation. That's a fact easily researched.
Trump is saying Hillary should not be allowed to run for president because she might face criminal charges but TRUMP IS HEADED FOR TRIAL FOR RAPING A 13 YEAR OLD AND A SECOND TRIAL FOR FRAUD BY HIS TRUMP UNIVERSITY. That's not something that might happen, the trials are scheduled. Trump takes no responsibility for anything he does and we should not forget that it was Trump who actually invited the Russians to hack Hillary's emails and got them involved in our national election.
The Trump followers are proud to chant "Lock her up" but they see no wrong in anything that Trump says or does. By his own words, Trump admitted sexually molesting women. He invaded the privacy of the Miss USA agent contestant's by walking into their dressing room while they were changing into the bathing suits and naked or half naked. He said he could do because he owns the pageant. They forget he insulted our military, called our general rubbish, said he knows more about ISIS than our generals, said our tortured POW's's are not heroes yet he received five deferments during Vietnam and he also insulted a Gold Star Mother. He claimed he also made sacrifices as they did during Vietnam by building hotels and building a business........... unfriggenbelievable! He also insulted a crippled man, encouraged his supporters to "punch them in the face" and is in my mind guilty of inciting a riot by telling his supporters over and over that our national election is rigged. Forget that we have so many Republican governors who control their state's election process, he is gearing up for his loss of the presidency and he just can't take losing especially to a woman.
He began his campaign with a lie saying he would be self funding and would put over a hundred million dollars into his campaign and up to this very day he is asking for donations. Did anyone take notice that his campaign has paid his properties over 50 million dollars in rental and use fees for all of his events? He did say a few years ago that if he ever ran for president he would make money doing it and he sure has.
This FBI blunder will most likely have some effect on the election but when it is said and done and the final count is made, people such as me will be in the streets singing "happy days are here again!" Hope you will join me.

On Trump:
I was asked tonight how I could ever support Trump after the comments he made over 11 years ago about women and if I would still support him if he made those comments to my daughter? My response was this....If he had put our nations security at risk, I would not vote for him. If his organization received large donations from countries that killed women and gays, I would not vote for him. If he boasted 30 Years of government experience, but still could not discern if an email was classified or not, without someone letting him know if it was or not, I would not vote for him. If he boasted about how he has defended children his entire life, but is for abortion, (even late term, when the child can feel pain) I would not vote for him. If he caused lives to be destroyed in Benghazi and then lied to the faces of the parents as they stood at their child's casket, I would not vote for him. If people who came against him mysteriously turned up dead, I would not vote for him. If he suddenly developed a southern accent when he was in the South, campaigning, I would not vote for him. If he continually broke the law and that was ignored, I would not vote for him, but right now, the ONLY person who does ALL these things is Hillary. Right now, the fact that Donald made these remarks over 12 years ago, does not move me. I'm bigger than those remarks and we all have said stupid things throughout our lives. To me, the fact that Hillary lies continuously, is a much bigger problem. We can see the effects of her lies by the state of our poor country right now... Rant over... Still voting for Trump. Copy/Paste from a fellow deplorable Trumpian! God bless let's all come together and help make America great again!


At 2:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

David are you familiar with the American concept innocent until proven guilty- I guess not when was Hillary convicted of what you accuse her of? Use to have respect for you no more.- I can see by the lack of response to your articles- you can't afford to lose to many readers.

At 2:57 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

David are you familiar with the American concept innocent until proven guilty- I guess not when was Hillary convicted of what you accuse her of? Use to have respect for you no more.- I can see by the lack of response to your articles- you can't afford to lose to many readers.


Hold it, I'm not accusing her of ANYTHING. What you are reading are 2 separate views. People scream that I'm editing comments, when I run full blown ones, people complain.
I will clarify at the start of the post.

At 8:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well sir, I am one of those undecided voters, until now. A mere 24 hours until the election process, after your totally unedited two articles, I will toss my vote to Trump.
You are correct, you're damned if you do and damned if you don't edit. But your unedited Trump/Clinton articles here helped me decide.
God help us all. This has to be the worst election choice we Americans have ever had.


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