Monday, November 14, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3350, November 14th, 2016


The other morning on Weekend Edition on WVIA FM a guy named Don Reed was interviewed regrading the 2016 election. Reed was a Trump supporter and after hearing the interview I have to say "God Bless Trump!!!"
First though, when the interviewer told Reed that President Obama deported 1.2 million people in his Presidency, Reed said, "He may have, may not have".
On the Wall, Reed said that "Trump better build that wall because he said he would do so.
Then there was this telling statement about multi cultural-ism in the country. Reed said "I don't know of a multi cultural nation that has been successful in the world".
In the world?
Let's start here in America. We are multi cultural. Italian, Polish, Irish immigrants brought a little bit of their culture. Maybe we should send this southern boy an invite to the St. Patrick's Day Parade or the Pittston Tomato festival or the Plymouth Kielbasi Festival. Or how about an Martin Luther King ceremony in January. Or a Native American Pow wow in Noxon.
But maybe, just maybe, Reed means that every Muslim, every person of color (he cited Syrian refugees who are vetted) as a people who should be kept out.
For our protection.
Here's the thing, this guy believes in his heart what he is saying.
Trump; believes in pragmatism.
I can't wait until these two world collide.

Mike Pence (FlickR)
AOL News reports that Vice President-elect and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence attacked Hillary Clinton's handling of her private emails on the campaign trail. Now, Pence is going to court to keep his own emails out of the public eye.
"What we already know here is troubling, and it's convincing millions of Americans that Hillary Clinton is just a risky choice," Pence told Fox News.
The court case stems from President Obama's executive actions on immigration back in 2014. Pence opposed Obama's policy, and the Pence administration joined a lawsuit against the White House.
Pence hired a private law firm to help fight that case, and one Indianapolis lawyer thinks that may have been a waste of taxpayer money. He's pressing the Indiana government for any information related to the hiring.
Pence's administration did turn over 57 pages of heavily-redacted information. But one item it didn't turn over was an email attachment Pence received while in office.
Pence's team argues it's protected from releasing the attachment under Indiana's Access to Public Records Act. The state's Supreme Court agreed. An appeal on the ruling is set for Nov. 21.
Boy for two guys that kept inciting people to lock her up,regarding Hillary Clinton, both Trump and Pence have court issues in November. Wonder what's in Pence's e mails?

Gwen Ifill (Photo: CNN)
Gwen Ifill, a co-anchor of PBS' "NewsHour" with Judy Woodruff and a veteran journalist who moderated two vice presidential debates, died Monday of cancer today. PBS made the announcement.
A former reporter for The New York Times and The Washington Post, Ifill switched to television in the 1990s and covered politics and Congress for NBC News. She moved to PBS in 1999 as host of "Washington Week" and also worked for the nightly "NewsHour" program. She and Woodruff were named co-anchors in 2013.
She moderated vice presidential debates in 2004 and 2008 and authored the book, "The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama."
Ifill kept her disease a secret much like the late Frank McGee did in the 1970s when he died of cancer.
She did not co anchor the Election Night coverage with Judy Woodruff.
She was 61. (Partial: Chicago Tribune)


That beautiful song by Leonard Cohen was performed Saturday Night by Kate McKinnon. Appearing as Hillary Clinton, McKinnon really gave the Cohen song its due. Here's that video:


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