Sunday, November 13, 2016

The LuLc Edition #3349, November 13th, 2016


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1. Was the election rigged like Trump said it would be?

No. Certainly not. His campaign pulled up big majorities in red areas and even though Clinton carried traditional areas, even outperforming Barack Obama in 2012, it wasn’t enough to make up.

2. What was the deal with all the fraud when people were trying to vote for the straight ticket?

First off let’s eliminate the word “all”. A few polling places in the state had an issue that if you voted the straight party, and then tried to put another candidate’s name in, the ballot deferred over to the opposite party. It happened in four places in Pennsylvania and to my knowledge everyone who needed to vote in that manner voted the way they wanted to. One loudmouth called WNEP when there was absolutely no cause and that’s how this thing got a life of it’s own in Luzerne County. Plus there were a ton  of voters who proudly proclaimed they had never voted before, or in years and had no clue how to use the touch screen. Some even insisted they show their IDs saying they were Americans and had nothing to hide. You have to imagine what they were inferring by that, heyna???

3. Do you believe there was voter suppression of minorities in big cities?

You bet. It was done in State Legislatures that made voting difficult. In Milwaukee their polling places were reduced and that action was upheld by the Courts.

4. Of the local political parties in LuLac land, who did the better job?

Oh the Republicans. Just look at Lackawanna County. Clinton won but her vote was held down and I can’t help but think that happened because of the two Democratic County Commissioners being at cross purposes. In Luzerne County it was all Hillary Clinton folks who organized. The local Democratic party chair is MIA all the time. He used to be a Republican and pretty much seems to be either a puppet or he just doesn’t give a shit. At the polls there was little or no “push” as the late Chair Joe Tirpak used to say. The GOP cleaned their clock.

5. You and Corbett have been very critical of union support for Trump. Was that a factor?

It didn’t help. I’m outraged at local Union Leadership that in some cases lived on the political and governmental support of the Democratic party going with Trump. Trump is a guy who to my knowledge has outsourced products and jobs and has not had a very good record with the unions. There’s a union “leader” here who went as a delegate to the Democratic convention in ’92 and supported Bill Clinton. And now backs Trump? Unions, especially public service unions have gotten where they are because of Democrats. You think there would be a County Union if not for the Democrats? It is really sad when you are incapable of returning loyalty.
I’m not in a union but it would delight me a great deal to see Trump pretty much cut unions off at the knees at this point. Or else purge that leadership who feed off the dues of hard working laborers who pretty much get shafted by their so called “brothers”.

6. Do you think under the Trump administration there will be an attempt to bring in members of the other party?

Can’t see it. Trump has been so rigid in his rhetoric (which I don’t think he believes) he’s boxed in. See, his supporters really believe what he says. For a guy with such a fragile ego, well that will be something to watch.

7. Everyone knows both candidates were not the best and the brightest, if the Democrats had a different nominee would they have fared better?

Clinton was flawed and a lot of it was that server. But I believe the Republican party has spewed hate since 2004 when they swift boated John Kerry. No conscience and no ability to answer a straight question. So any Democrat would have faced that.

8. You certainly were on WBRE all last month with the debates and every Sunday. Why weren’t you on Election Night?

First off I so much appreciate the opportunity to be on WBRE/WYOU TV, two of the pioneer stations in this region. All this year, I had been on the Morning News for the Primary, and the two conventions. It was determined that in order to make that a seamless transition for The Morning News that I should appear in the morning. I love working with Jasmine, Chris and Stefano so it was a great fit. Plus WBRE/WYOU had two great analysts on Election Night, my good friend Dr. David Sosar and Atty. Chris Cullen who really were very spot on in their insights.

9. What network did you watch on Election Night?

I tried to watch ABC but thought they had a silly set up. So I watched NBC and CBS, PCN, tuned in at WYLN TV 35 to see my friend Attorney Bill Vinsko and on Cable tuned in CNN.

10. Did you get a lot of sleep on Election Day?

No. I was up at 530am Tuesday to be on WILK from 7 to 9am. Then I headed to work for 5 hours, did Pa Live at 4 and came home. Mrs. LuLac was working as a Judge of Elections and she came home at 10:45PM. She went straight to bed at 11:15PM and I went to bed at 12:30AM and set the alarm for 3AM in order to get to WBRE for the 4:30 newscast. The alarm went off at 3am to WVIA FM and I heard the news. Then I went back to WBRE for the 4pm Pa Live show. So not too much sleep.

11. Do you think Trump was surprised he won?

Absolutely. Now he has to govern. As I said on TV we are in uncharted territory here, this is a Civilian President. He is the only one in our history never to have been involved in government. People should remember that when and if things go south.
Remember, in politics you can be contradictory. In government, those contradictions have consequences.

12. When did you know this would be a Trump win?

I knew she was in trouble when Virginia was so close.

13. Any words for those people who voted Third Party in this election?

The people I know who voted Third Party voted against their own interests. It was nothing more than a vanity vote and quite frankly from now on I pretty much won't put much stock in what they have to say.


At 9:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dave, you were great on Tv. My heavens you were like a Marathon man!!!

At 10:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Democrats in Luzerne County are whipped. You just are the only one around here with the guts to say it.
And I'm with you, I hope Trump breaks every union he could and we;ll see how they love their savior!!

At 11:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your answer to 13 is the most telling, and the biggest problem with many in this country.
They vote their interest, even if their interests aren't the best interest of the country.
I voted 3rd party, Gary Johnson, because Donald Trump really didn't represent the fiscal conservative/socially liberal point of view I believe is in the best interest of the country.
I normally vote for Republican because of fiscal issues, but I don't think Trump is there.
So, my vote, and I would be willing to bet most, who voted Johnson probably helped Hillary.
I always find it funny that Dems think third party takes away from them or their candidate.


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