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The LuLac Edition #3447, March 11th, 2017

Candidate Randy Tomasacci (Photo: Tomasacci for Magistrate Facebook Page)
Here’s Randy at the 2016 Lincoln Day Breakfast with local GOP political icon Red Jones. 
(Photo: LuLac archives)
2017 is seeing many open seats for various Magisterial seats in the region. One important one up for grabs is in the Conyingham/Salem Townships and Shickshinny Area. Northwest Area School Director Randy Tomasacci threw his hat into the ring and was kind enough to share information about his candidacy with us.

Experienced Tested Trusted

I am excited and honored to announce my candidacy for Magisterial District Justice, serving District 11-3-01, as the Honorable John E. Hasay is retiring. This area served includes: Conyngham Twp., Fairmont Twp., Hollenback Twp., Hunlock Twp., Huntington Twp., Nescopeck Twp. Nescopeck, New Columbus, Ross Twp., Salem Twp., Shickshinny, and Union Twp. I will be cross-filing as both Republican and Democrat for the upcoming May 16, 2017 Primary Election.


This part of the world is dear to me. My Father’s people moved here in 1912 to work in the mines, fight for the U.S. in The Great War, and later farm the hillsides of Huntington Township. My maternal grandmother’s family, the Rex’s, moved into the five mountains in the early 1800s to carve out their little piece of heaven. My grandfather, Raymond “Buffalo” Mills, always said that, “If we are to receive such bounty from the Lord, we must give back to our community with both our time and treasure.” He did so by serving as Shickshinny Borough Council President for many years. I have followed his advice in many ways, as I will describe below, and now I humbly ask you, the voters of this area, to elect me to the bench as Magisterial District Justice.
I was born and raised in Huntington Township, graduating from Northwest High School in 1981. During the summers of my youth, I worked with my father as a Baker and Sous Chef in the Restaurants and Diners on Long Island and in New York City. After studying Theology at what is now North Point Bible College, I became Associate Pastor of Rock Run Church in Muncy Valley, Pa. After two years there, I heard the call of my birth community and returned home to fill the position of Assistant Pastor at Shickshinny Assembly of God Church.
While in College, I met then later married Karen Nelson of Hughesville, Pa. We have been married for 34 years and been blessed with two fine boys, now both grown men. Dr. David Tomasacci, our eldest, holds his Doctorate in Music Theory, serving as adjunct Professor at Ohio State University and also as Musical Director for the University Baptist Church at Ohio State in Columbus, Ohio. His brother, Lukas Tomasacci, graduated from Kings College in Wilkes Barre in Drama and Theater and is currently entertaining audiences at Shadowbox Live musical theater in Columbus, Ohio.
In 1987, I left the ministry to create a wholesale and retail folk art business, marketing my wife’s original art across the nation, thrilling thousands of customers since our first sale. This business, now in its 30th year, is still going strong.
Over the years, I’ve taught cooking classes and demonstrated gourmet food products at specialty shops and Fancy Food tradeshows across the nation. This ultimately led to my writing and publishing a 250 recipe cookbook, The Artisan Gourmet in 2008.
While business and travel afforded me the opportunity to gather perspective and experience with different people from all walks of life, I still made time to serve our community. For sixteen years of those between 1999 to the present, I’ve been elected to and served on the Northwest Area School Board, with 8 of those years as School Board President. I’ve been the Chairman of the Negotiating Committee, Education and Policy, Legislative, and Safety Committees as well as serving as a representative to Luzerne Intermediate Unit 18, at various times serving as President, Vice President and Secretary of that IU during my tenure there.
I am proud to be a founding and charter member of the Business Association of the Greater Shickshinny Area. I am a member of Sunshine Full Gospel Church, where I have organized and presented special projects over the years. I am also a member in good standing at the Sons of the American Legion, Post 495.

Why Vote for Randy Tomasacci for Magisterial District Justice Area 11-3-01?

When people ask why they should vote for me, I have a three word response: 
Experience Dedication Community

Experience The foundation of any judicial bench is the law, but the heart of justice can only be found in understanding people. The Magistrate is the person established by the Pennsylvania constitution who safeguards the liberties of all citizens. My experiences in the ministry, in entrepreneurial business, and in my years of service on the School Board have afforded me deep insight into people as individuals and into the human condition. As School Board President, I’ve had to make very difficult decisions to insure that the children in our community are safe and well educated, while at the same time bridging the gap between the State and our District, all done with the protection of the taxpayer in mind. When the State withheld school monies statewide, I was called to speak to the press at the Capitol Rotunda in Harrisburg to make the case for resolution of the funding crisis and call out both the Governor and Legislature for using our children as pawns in their political game. I can and will be a champion of justice for all those who come before my bench, regardless of background or circumstance.
Dedication When elected, I will attend to the court as a full time position, making myself available as needed, day or night, to fulfill my duties. I will step down from my position in my family business and work only for my district. On the days when court is not in session, I plan to speak to the opioid and heroin dilemma which faces our community, educating students regarding the consequences and prevention of drugs and addiction and working alongside existing drug prevention programs.
Community My roots are in this district. My entire history has taken place in these hills and dales and my heart is with its people. It has been an honor to serve as I have in the various local positions I’ve held. Now, it is time to move up to the challenge of District Magistrate. The bench must be occupied by a non-partisan, independent thinker. It must be separate from any existing establishment. The servants of the court must be beholden to none: Not money, not fraternal ties, not political cronyism. This freedom, along with my vast experience with people, a track record demonstrating thoughtful action, and a deep love for our area, makes me the best choice for Magisterial District Judge 11-3-01. 
Please honor me with your vote this May 16, 2017. Thank you.

Congressman Matt Cartwright (Photo: LuLac archives)
Congressman Matt Cartwright introduced a bipartisan bill that would strengthen America’s ability to withstand the challenges posed by climate change. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) SUCCESS Actdirects NIST to convene an effort to make consistent, authoritative set of climate information available to standard-developing organizations (SDOs).
SDOs design standards, building codes, voluntary certifications, and other standards to ensure that work is performed and products are developed to the high level of quality that the American people have come to expect. Whereas agencies such as NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) possess cutting-edge climate change data, SDOs often find it difficult to find and incorporate useful and relevant information.
Rep. Cartwright requested that the Government Accountability Office (GAO) issue a report regarding how the federal government could facilitate the use of forward-looking climate change data by SDOs. The GAO report, issued in November 2016, recommended that the Secretary of Commerce, acting through the director of NIST, should convene an interagency effort to improve federal agencies’ participation in the standard-setting process and to improve the use of climate data in these efforts.
“Climate change is on course to affect virtually every American in the coming years,” said Rep. Cartwright. “We must prepare for the future, and ready our homes and our country’s infrastructure to be able to withstand weather events associated with climate change.”
The NIST SUCCESS Act implements GAO’s recommendation. Specifically, this bill would:
•Convene, in conjunction with the U.S. Global Change Research Program and the Mitigation Framework Leadership Group, an interagency effort to increase the use of forward-looking climate data in standard setting.
•Identify a consistent, authoritative set of climate information, emphasizing forward-looking climate information and projections to help both federal and non-federal bodies develop standards, building codes, and voluntary standards that are more resilient to extreme weather and other effects of climate change.
•Coordinate federal agencies’ participation in the standard-setting process whenever there is a need for accurate climate change data and projections.
“I am hopeful that NIST can foster innovative ways to combat climate change,” said Rep. Cartwright.


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