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The LuLac Edition #3467, April 12th, 2017


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The state needs revenue and there is debate going on to squeeze more money out of Property owners. Last week there was a Letter To the Editor in the Citizen's Voice on this issue which we will share with you day.

Editor: I am writing this letter in response to Gov. Wolf’s suggestion of, once again, taxing the property holders, which includes many senior citizens, for state police services in areas of no police protection.
It is a shame that it has come to such a degree that no one feels safe in their own homes or shopping areas. Instead of forcing the already overtaxed public to be responsible to carry the load for everyone, why don’t the governor and his accomplices try to increase taxes on items that are purchased by everyone?
It is time the entire public paid their fair share.
Gov. Wolf has to realize that the debts they have incurred are not the responsibility of the taxpayer alone. Let’s open our eyes and give these people some relief and see who really needs it and to what degree.
Gov. Wolf would be amazed at the freeloaders we have in this state and to what degree the politicians play into their hands.
Everyone wants a raise, medical paid and retirement plans, but they don’t want to help pay it. These commodities are very costly and are not the taxpayers’ responsibility.
I, and all whom I know, pay for their own amenities, so why not the rest of the population? The buck stops here. There must be a way to share these costs more efficiently.
The general public taxpayers are tired of being the supporters of all. Let’s work together and do something to right their problem.
First of all, government unions are out of control. They make professionals listen to demands for paid vacation, healthcare, dental insurance, etc., but they don’t realize that to get these all paid for as well as a raise, that here comes the taxpayer again.
It can’t continue. Homeowners are losing their homes or going bankrupt. Seniors are moving away. If this continues, you will have fewer taxable people.
Wake up Gov. Wolf and others in politics; look at the big picture.
Barbara Zardus


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