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The LuLac Edition #3485, May 2nd, 2017


There is a very big election going on in Luzerne Borough this primary. Democrat John Cordora is running for Mayor in the primary and is working closely with Walter Banicky who is running for a seat on Council.
The key to this election and I dare say, even the growth of Luzerne Borough has to be the election of Banicky. Banicky has been around competent Mayoral administrations before and could bring a wealth of material to the Council position. 
Here's a bit of information from both of them: 

Candidate John Cordora and your blog editor. (Photo: LuLac archives) 


Attorney Stacey Acri (Photo: (Times Leader) 

A week ago Mrs. LuLac and I had the occasion to visit the White Haven/Mountaintop Area. We heard a few things about that Magisterial Justice race going on there. There was some good, some bad about the number of candidates running there. We heard things like Ferris Webby might be too old, John Augustine was a Chamber of Commerce employee not an Attorney,  and Tim Lenahan was a politician looking to move up. Concern was voiced that both Thomas Szoke and Brian Macko might veer in the opposite direction of the balance of the law given their law enforcement experience. I find that interesting because you'd think it would be an easy transition from going from one side of the bench to the other. But past Magisterial races like the one in Plains in 2015 shut out the two Law enforcement candidates there.
So this is what the folks were saying to me about those guys. But virtually everyone agreed that Attorney Staci Acri has been pounding the pavement and asking for their vote. A few said she showed up on their doorstep and engaged them in what was a good experience for them.
Acri got her degree at Penn State’s Dickinson Law School and served as a judge advocate in the U.S. Navy before returning to Mountain Top. She is campaigning on her military and legal experience, which includes initiating criminal investigations, defending service members and addressing civil disputes.
The folks I spoke with were impressed that Acri was going to do this full time.
Acri told the Times Leader she is committed to treating the position as a full-time job and that when she is not hearing cases on the bench she plans to reach out to schools, businesses and community groups to proactively engage the community.
In addition to her law practice, Acri is an auditor for Wright Twp. and volunteers as a religious education teacher at St. Jude’s Church. She is also a professional mentor to the Domestic Violence Service Center.


At 8:00 PM, Blogger Gort said...

Since when is Cordoa a Democrat? When he ran against Phyllis Mundy he spewed all the right wing nonsense about gay marriage, etc.

From my archives 5/23/09:n a news release, Cordora also attacked Mundy for supporting "abortion on demand, higher taxes, gay marriage and all the other liberal garbage."

In the recent primary election he was a Republican candidate for Mayor of Kingston saying he had a secret plan to prevent crime. It had something to do with putting a large spotlight on top of the new fire station on Wyoming Ave.


At 8:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two Things, the great thing about Acri is that she is a member of the community, has a legal pedigree but also has a different point of view than her opponents.
We need more like her in the lower Judiciary.


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