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The LuLac Edition #3523, June 5th, 2017

Hillary Clinton (Photo: AP)
This week Hillary Clinton was asked to talk about technology issues but before that happened she was peppered with inquiries about why she lost in 2016. She was criticized by both Democrats and Republicans for not taking responsibility for her defeat.
Boy is that out of order. She has done so numerous times. But both parties just want her to go away. Especially, the Democrats.
But I hope she doesn’t. Here’s why:
1. Her candidacy should be a constant reminder that nothing is ever sure in politics. Granted she had a fabricated lie machine hammering her every day. But there were Democrats like one of our sainted County Council members who “didn’t care for her” left her and the party. That statement should be plastered on every Democrat’s mind as they engage in every race. Look what those "loyal" Dems got in return.
2. Clinton can say what the hell she wants. Look, I can’t and won’t support her if she goes again in 2020 but to treat her like a pariah as Democrats did to LBJ, Jimmy Carter and George McGovern is just plain stupid.
The easiest thing for Clinton to do is just go away. If I were her, I’d have nixed the Concession speech, move to an island in the specific and on January 19th, 2017 go on Skype a give a big “F” U to the American people. But I tend to hold grudges.
Every time she opens her mouth, the ignorant 38% still supporting Trump will spew their hate. Their default is always Benghazi and the e mails because they have a person who has no idea about the ramifications of what he is doing.
Other Americans might disagree with her point of view but IT IS HERS and as an American, not a political candidate, she is entitled to it.

Ted Wampole and Mayor Tony George (Photo: Citizen's Voice)
The big news in 2017 is going to be how Wilkes Barre City gets out of its financial distress. Mayor Tony George and City Administrator Ted Wampole are trying to figure a way to get the city back on track. But facts need to be faced. The home owner tax base in the city is shrinking. There has to be a way to get money out of residents who get services but don’t pay a property tax.
And don’t give me the crap that the landlords put the cut in the rent because everyone should have skin in this game. This year will be an interesting lesson in City Civics as Wilkes Barre’s financial future is scrutinized more than ever.

This Week in Pennsylvania's Dennis Owens, Brittany Crampsie and Chris Nicholas
Okay, okay, I DVRed it but I caught Harrisburg TV Reporter Dennis Owens’ political show. I always followed Owens on PCN’s Journalist’s Roundtable and really appreciated his insight into state issues. His weekly political show is aired on WBRE TV at 6:30AM and after weeks of not programming it in, this week I finally did.
Today Owens had on two political analysts who were obviously from different spectrums of the aisle. Briitany Crampsie from Shelly-Lyons and Chris Nicholas from Eagle Consulting were on.
First off, Crampsie was really on target talking about health care pointing out that even though she is not on Medicaid, twice a month her taxes pay for it. When programs like this were set up, there was an all for one, one for all type of mentality in this country.
We have become a nation of “I ain’t payin’ for nuthin’ I don’t use!” Until they need it. Then they start crying like little babies for the "guh-vah-munt" to help them. 
Nicholas on the other hand had a few gems like the private sector should handle a big item like insurance and that the government should operate on the edges if needed.
The private sector, oh excuse me the non profit Blues which have surpluses of millions of dollars got us into this mess. The whole point of this Affordable Care Act was to make sure insurance companies did the right thing. Health care is not in a mess because of the care, which is better than ever, but because of the insurance industry.
President Obama (“Yeah Mr. Nicholas, he’s not just “Obama”) as you sputtered out Sunday morning, blew the public option by trying to please “moderate” Republicans who screwed him and America anyway. The insurance industry needs fixing.
Then we got on to the Climate Change agreement and this guy said “Obama circumvented the Senate by not having it presented to them and debate it." This is right out of the GOP playbook too. I heard EPA head Scott “I never met a lawsuit I didn’t love" Pruitt say the same thing. Are they kidding us? The GOP Senate right from the start opposed the Obama administration at every turn. Every turn! Did he think they’d nip and tuck the climate agreement and give it back to him?
BTW, over 130 days and that GOP Senate has pretty much done squat.
But then there was this thing. Nicholas said, “The world has existed without the Paris climate accords and will do so after them”.
Yes the world will exist but not without damage from huge storms like Hurricane Sandy, an erosion of shore lines, droughts in Florida and heavy downpours in dry bone Kansas.
Nicholas got one thing right.
The world will exist but not THRIVE.

Last week Representatives Matt Cartwright of the 17th and Lou Barletta of the 11th along with Senator Bob Casey joined WVIA’s  Lrry Vojtko on his “State of Pennsylvania” programs. All three were articulate, friendly and stood up to the fire of political discourse.
Vojtko said that Senator Toomey and Congressman Marino said they had scheduling conflicts.
Well, perhaps when these two REPUBLICAN cowards are up for re-election, maybe their voters should have their own scheduling conflicts and vote for someone else.
Toomey is collecting a salary for pretty much hiding out. 
So is Marino. 
Nice work if you could get it.


At 11:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Yonk,
Not sure if you heard about a little story over in England?

At 4:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Leader Trump seems to be getting ever more restless. Now the media are supposed to pretend that his dimwitted tweets are supposed to be ignored. No, they're not.

At 8:28 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

Hey Yonk,
Not sure if you heard about a little story over in England?


Sure did. We'll be addressing it this Thursday in our expanded edition. But feel free to comment on it if you like.
There was a discussion going on.
Get me a soft county or state job and I promise I'll get to everything.
But in the meantime, can't report or comment on everything.
There will be a little bit about the Mayor of London tomorrow though.

At 8:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like Hillary Clinton, Yonk can't win with his readers.
First he is criticized for not going local....then when he doesn't comment on a story everyone covered for two days straight, he gets sarcasm.
Tough crowd in LuLac land.


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