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The LuLac Edition #3539, June 21st, 2017


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It seems incomprehensible that a President has such a low approval rating but his political base remains firm. But that is the case of Donald Trump. Last Friday a gentleman asked just what his most ardent supporters like or I dare say love about the President. He posed some interesting questions and that’s our Write On Wednesday for today.

So, I see you’re still supporting Donald Trump.
Look, I know you have your reasons, but thought maybe you could narrow it down a bit and just give me one biggie.
Tell me what you love the most about him, as I’m genuinely curious:
Is it that he’s trying to take away healthcare from 24 million Americans including the sickest and most vulnerable?
Is it that he’s removing fundamental protections for our air and water?
Is it that his first Tweet after the deadly London terrorist attacks was to hawk his failed Travel Bans?
Is it that he and his Secretary of Education want to defund public schools?
Is it that he was an uneducated, ill-mannered, global laughing-stock at the NATO Summit?
Is it that he shoved the Prime Minister of Montenegro for a photo-op there like an insecure bully?
Is it that he sold 12 million dollars of weapons to a country he accused days earlier of funding terrorism?
Is it that he is repeatedly trying to ban Muslims from countries whose citizens haven’t committed a single act of terror on American soil in 40 years?
Is it that he wants to steamroll Native American sacred lands in order to run oil lines?
Is it that he removed protections for LGBTQ people at work and in school?
Is it that he likely fired FBI Director James Comey for looking into Russian interference in the US election?
Is it that he publicly threatened the former Director in advance of his public testimony on the matter?
Is that he is under federal investigation for obstruction of justice?
Is it that he wants to take away disability benefits from the elderly?
Is it that he exited the global Paris Climate Agreement, seemingly because it contained the word Paris in it, and not Pittsburgh.
Is it that he attacked the mayor and London, the American media and judiciary via Twitter, and is quickly alienating our greatest allies??
Is it that he speaks so respectfully of and to women?
Is it that his budget proposal contained a 2 trillion-dollar math error?
Is it that he is fatally allergic to the truth regarding the election numbers, well-known figures of speech, his 100 day resume?
Is it that his senior advisor is a fake news-generating White Supremacist who has said he admires Satan?
Is it that he regularly publicly berates the Judiciary protecting our Constitution?
Is it that he attacks our Free Press whenever it criticizes him?
Is it that he fired Acting Attorney General Sally Yates for upholding our legal system with integrity?
Is it that he publicly accused President Obama of wire tapping him, without the slightest shred of evidence?
Is it that his EPA Chief disagrees with Science?
Is it that he wants to eliminate funding for PBS and NPR and the National Endowment for the Arts?
Is it that he canceled whale and sea turtle protections?
Is it that he is earning the ridicule of foreign leaders?
Is it that he Tweets more often and incoherently than your ninth grader?


At 5:50 AM, Anonymous Pope George Ringo said...

I am coming more and more to the sad conclusion that no matter what Trump or the GOP does they will continue to rack up victories at the polls.
Sure, the president has a sub zero approval rating, but...say regarding a probable re-election race in 2020 using a boxing analogy if a real poor boxer is continually matched with opponents who are even more inept than he, the poor boxer will obviously win.
Democrats to win both in 2018 and 2020 need to do two things:
1. Address middle America. Working class voters are the key---have your congressional candidates run their campaigns in the manner of a young Bill Clinton who singled in on economics and did not let the GOP get him off message.
2. Nominate a "likeable" candidate for president.
Elizabeth Warren---who is being talked up, won't cut it. She's marginal at best and sounds as if she's starting to cry when her rhetoric heats up in a speech. Fine woman, would make a great president but not realistically electable.
Bernie Sanders---sounds good at first, but I feel, like all pop stars with the young the Berniemania will have faltered by 2020 and he will be into his 80's/ forget that.
We need a more young candidate who can rally the base and minorities...possibly Cory Booker or Julian Castro. But again, they need to get and stay on message.
I doubt the Dems will take either house in 2018 but there most certainly is enough time to plan for 2020.
Bless YOU.

At 9:03 AM, Blogger David Yonki said...

Nominate a "likeable" candidate for president.
Elizabeth Warren---who is being talked up, won't cut it.


Cory Booker from Jersey or Mark Warner from Virginia. Sad to say that the GOP attack machine would come after any woman at the top of the ticket.
There are too many bigots and male and female chauvinists who would destroy any woman running.
Look at what the GOP attack machine did to Pelosi. I never realized a Minority Leader HAD that much power in a Republican controlled House and Senate.


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