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The LuLac Edition #3531, June 13th, 2017


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1. Dave,  given your past support of Governor Tom Wolf, what score would you give him as he approaches the end of his first term?

I’d give him an A Plus for effort in trying to rein in a Republican Legislature from the get go. I think his standoff with the GOP set the tone that he was not going to buckle under to them.
I give him an A for learning how to maneuver and deal with the entrenched GOP majority in the House and Senate that is certainly anti middle class. Something our current President has no clue about. He can’t even deal with his own party!
Overall, I give him a B plus for recognizing and trying to deal with Opioid abuse as well as trying to streamline things in state government.

2. Are you one of those guys who wear a player’s jersey to ball games?

Not anymore but I used to when I’d buy those player shirts at Yankee Stadium. I bought a Ruth and Ed Figueroa one. I had a Favre jersey that I’d wear on Super Bowl Days to work and I think I even had a Willis McGahee jersey for the Bills. I won a Braves jersey and had Pat Corralles’ number put on it because he was an Atlanta coach.He was one of my favorite players when I was a kid!
That was the only conscious time I wore a jersey. In the early 2000s I went to the Hall of Fame to see a game with the Twins and Braves. They carted the players and coaches in on a bus and a friend of mine swears some Brave coach made Corralles aware of my shirt  when the bus rolled by us, but I only have my friend as a source so I’m not buying it 100%.

3. There seems to be a lot of famous people who were born in 1917. You chronicled most of them. Was that by design or accident?

The Dean Martin one was by accident. I heard about it on the radio that morning and went to work on it. The rest were planned.

4. What did you thing of Megyn Kelly’s new show on NBC?

Good. It’s your typical magazine show. She is a draw and will do well. They are promoting the hell out of it but I’m sure the bloom will come off that rose pretty quick.

5. The Joe Pateno movie with Al Pacino being cast as the great one. Good choice or not?
I’d prefer John Turturro myself. I’m dying to know who’ll they cast as Sandusky.

6. I saw you at Monsignor Bendik’s Mass at St. John in your Knights of Columbus get up. When did this all happen, were you blinded on the road to Damascus?
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You mean this?
I always was a Roman Catholic and went to church. My friend Wil Toole urged me to join the Pittston Council since my uncles on the Pribula side were there for a long time. I joined and went through the degrees.
The interesting thing about the Knights is that more members my age seem to be joining because now they have more time to devote to it. It has renewed my faith a bit and although I don’t drink, I enjoy an orange juice or Diet at the home on Main Street in Pittston.

7. See any games this year at PNC Field?

Yep, took in one of those 10:30AM games and the day was beautiful. Most likely will go again.

8. Okay, you asked this question on Election Day on WILK. What Cable News do you watch which was given to both Webster and Nancy. Then she veered off into something else and we never found out just exactly who you watch? 

Here goes. Real exciting.
Breaking News, CNN.
Local WBRE and WYOU
MSNBC for Morning Joe and The 11th Hour with Brian Williams. 

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I DVR Judge Jeanine Pirro because it’s almost like watching a cartoon. A Buxom broad falling out of a tight dress screaming nonsense on a Saturday night. Shit, you don’t have to go to a bar for that anymore. What more can a guy want????
PCN Book notes and Journalists Round table when I can find it.

9. Did you buy that 1 million dollar power ball ticket last Wednesday at the Plymouth Citgo?

I never buy them but last  Wednesday I did. But not there, I  picked mine up at The Sanitary when I made a pizza run. Nope not me.

10. Any summertime TV favorites?

Just "Einstein" on National Geographic and "Better Call Saul on" AMC but that ends in two weeks. I just want to try and watch a whole baseball game on TV this summer but time is a big factor.

11. Are you still battling the right wingers on FB and Twitter?

When they are wrong, which is often absolutely. They have three default arguments. Trump can lie about the color of the moon but they’ll  defend him in this order with talking points that have nothing to do with the facts at hand today:
The media.

12. Do you want Hillary to run again?

No. I think she should have a role but the party needs a fresh face and not someone like Tim Keane. They need an articulate, combative, ballsy leader who can take down this REPUBLICAN party of lies, deregulation and rape of the middle class.

13. What with the big exodus of the blondes from WBRE? Are you scaring them off?

I scared Keith Martin off? Despite the remark on the hair color there, let me answer the question.
Okay, okay, I know who you’re referring to. Valerie Tysanner recently moved to Texas while her partner Tom (I think they got married) had a job offer. 

I’m sure it will take very little time for Valerie to begin to work full time in TV. 
 (Photo: LuLac archives)
Jasmine Brooks moved on to a station in Harrisburg with a later shift. I had the pleasure of appearing with both of them and enjoyed every minute of it. 
The Morning News Show co anchoring responsibilities are now in the capable hands of Kelly Byrne.


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