Monday, July 03, 2017

The LuLac Edition #3545, July 3rd, 2017


The calm of a Sunday Morning was broken by a disgusting tweet by President Trump. There was some odd footage of Trump in a parody of the old WWF where the Leader of the Free World body slammed a figure with a CNN head on it. It was depicted by some as a parody but many sensible people feel that the video Tweet was an invitation by the President to incite violence against reporters.
The worst part about all of this was that his Cabinet members essentially gave him a pass. This tweet broke during the network Sunday Morning Shows and Tom Price, and Tom Bossert chastised the moderators for bringing it up. Chuck Todd and Martha Radatz said that it was not they who tweeted it but the invited guest’s boss. Both pretty much blamed the media.
But Ana Navvaro came out strong against Bossert and called him a wuss.
Meanwhile the Vice Chair of the Luzerne County Republican party shared Trump’s tweet about communicating in this modern age. Trump tweeted, “My use of social media is not Presidential, it’s MODERN DAY PRESIDENTIAL. Make America great again!" She then proudly re-tweeted the Trump tweet where he body slams someone. There was no likes or response to it but this is where the local REPUBLICAN party is these days.
In the meantime, here’s one Republican woman who has some perspective on this creature that is in the White House.

Make no mistake, Trump has been a bully right from the start. He has brought down the Presidency in terms of lowering the bar. Plus he and his supporters have a record of thuggery.
As we approach birthday #241, we have to question if this is the America we want to be. Here’s a recap of the violence Trump has wrought since 2015.


Man yells, “Make America Great Again!” Before shooting 6 people dead.
Man wearing, “Make America Great Again” hat murders 2 strangers for no reason.
A Trump supporter murders
Trump supporter attacks a Hispanic man and a Muslim student at a gas station while yelling, “Trump! Trump! Trump!”
Trump supporter stabs a black man unprovoked because he was holding hands with a white woman. 
Trump supporter arrested for brutally beating protester.
3 Trump supporters arrested planning terrorist attack to kill Muslims.
Trump supporter confuses an Indian man for a Muslim at restaurant and says, “Things are different now, I don’t want you sand n*ggers sitting next to me.” Before attacking the man.
Trump supporters track down and brutally beat an artist because she made a painting of Trump with a small penis.
Trump supporter who sucker punched protester: “Next time, we might have to kill them.”
Trump is asked to comment on his supporters brutally beating a black man, he responds with, “Maybe he should have been roughed up,”
“You fucking gorillas and baby monkeys, We voted for Trump. Trump’s building a wall, beaners, and you’ll be going back to where you belong.
Trump supporters beat black man so badly he’s hospitalized for concussion and call him the n-word.
Trump supporter pepper sprays a 15-year-old girl point-blank in the face after another Trump supporter groped her breasts, shouting “n*gger lover” as she attempted to run away.
Trump supporter walks up to a black man in the middle of a downtown area and says, “Donald Trump will deport you.” Before punching the black man.
Trump is here now, he will get rid of all of you.”
In 8 months Trump supporters attacked protesters at 20 different rallies.
Trump supporter tracks down a local Latino Democratic political candidate and tries to run him and his elderly mother over with a car. (The Latino candidate is also a former marine.) Trump supporter goes to Hillary Clinton rally to disrupt the event, ends up punching someone when asked to leave.
Trump supporter punches, chokes and slaps protesters on video during rally.
A Trump supporter yells, “Get your black kids out of here. Do and in person goes into a mosque and murders 6 people.
Trump supporter physically assaults Comedian on stage for making Anti-Trump Joke.
Man yells, “Trump” while beating African immigrant cab driver.
A Trump supporter is arrested for burning a Mosque down.
A Trump supporter sees a car has pro-gay bumper stickers on it and then follows the car, waiting for the 75 year old driver to get out before brutally attacking him while screaming, “My new president says we can kill all you f*ggots now.”
A Trump supporter is arrested after brutally attacking gay men outside a McDonald’s. Witnesses describe the aftermath as, “There was blood everywhere.”
A Muslim refugee gay rights activist is kidnapped and raped by two men in retaliation for, “Trump being mocked.”
A Trump supporter is arrested on terrorism charges for building bombs he was going to use to kill Muslims.
Person spray-paints a transgender veterans car with the word “Trump” then sets it on fire.
A Trump supporter attacks two Muslim women and tries to push over a stroller with a baby in it while screaming, “Get the fuck out of America”
A Trump supporter tells a random Muslim woman he sees on the street, “I’m voting for Trump because he said he would send all of you terrorists out of this country.” Before attacking her.


At 6:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You need to stop using facts

At 9:51 AM, Blogger David Yonki said...

You need to stop using facts.


Best compliment I had all year!

At 1:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those who continue to support President Chump despite his offensive behavior make it clear that they only hope to cause offense to anyone with a lick of common sense, not solve the problems of this country. They should be deeply ashamed. They also should know that there are many of us who are not afraid to speak the truth.


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