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The LuLac Edition #3541, June 25th, 2017


By now you have all heard the story of Wyoming Area Senior Peter Butera who was the Valedictorian of his 2017 class. Butera went off script in his prepared remarks before the graduation class citing the fact that Wyoming Area faculty and administration did not give students more of an opportunity to be leaders in the school. Butera’s perspective came from having been elected Class President four times. This is the gist of his remarks:
"At our school, the title of class president can more accurately be class party planner. Student council's main obligation is to paint signs every week."
"Despite some of the outstanding people in our school, a lack of a real student government combined with the authoritative attitude that a few teachers, administrators and board members have . . .prevented students from truly developing as true leaders"........
Butera was cut off in his remarks by school officials. They literally cut his microphone. By doing so the school administrators gave this more attention than it would have received had he went on uncensored. Here’s why:
1. The people in the audience had no investment in what he was saying. I’m sure they would have had an opinion but then if only they were listening intently. I doubt that was the case because they’d be more concerned about their own graduate than worry about what Butera said.
2. People at these events tend to be polite toward the speeches. But with 200 people graduating, there were essentially 200 constituencies.  I’m sure Peter would have his following BUT for the most part the assembled multitude were there for their kids.
3. How many of us have thought about other things in a sermon, a speech, a lecture? We tend to listen but not hear. I bet a majority of that crowd were listening but not hearing. Until they HEARD the microphone being cut. They heard that and then wanted to know what they missed.
So for those who chastise both sides in this remember one thing. If Butera gave this speech without interruption, if the Wyoming Area administration not been so heavy handed, the entire incident would have been a blip on the radar screen.
But Jimmy Kimmel, nationwide newspaper coverage, the lines burning up on Talk Radio, that’s all on Wyoming Area who really made a bad decision.
Peter Butera might have gone rogue uncensored and we’d have hardly noticed.
By Wyoming Area going Mussolini on this…………everybody noticed.

Pa. REPUBLICAN Chair Val DiGiorgio (Photo:
I got this in the e mail bag the other day and pretty much laughed my ass off. Once again, the REPUBLICAN ATTACK and LIE machine is in full mode.
Here's what Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Val DiGiorgio said, our responses are in red. 
“Obamacare is in a death spiral. Even Democrats acknowledge its grave problems, yet they have offered no solutions of their own and refuse to participate in the process to replace this failed law or even offer their own plan.
Exactly what Democrat has said it is in death spiral. There is no evidence to support that any Democrat said this was in a death spiral.
Do you know who said Obamacare was in a death spiral? Aetna Insurance. See, the big insurance companies are supposed to pay 70% of their earning to the insured. That means a cap on multi million dollar salaries, golf outings and retreats.
The American Academy of Actuaries itself disputed the “death spiral” claim Monday. The group provided a statement from its senior health fellow asserting that high premium increases in many states this year “do not necessarily indicate that a premium spiral is occurring” and could be a one-time adjustment.
Sadly, in an effort to cover his left flank, Bob Casey has doubled down on this destructive healthcare system and embraced a strategy of obstruction. Pennsylvanian’s deserve better.
First off, let’s compare the actions of our two Senators. Pat Toomey is hiding like a little baby chick in a rainstorm. He has not held town meetings about this and has barely uttered a word. Casey is not covering his left flank by speaking out. He is representing Pennsylvanians who will have to pay the burden of taxes when Medicaid cuts come. This REPUBLICAN plan would roll back years of progress that drastically reduced Pennsylvania’s uninsured rate and expanded coverage options for seniors, the disabled and those seeking treatment for a substance use disorder
It will eliminate healthcare coverage for middle class families while encouraging insurance companies to increase executive salaries.
"On the other hand, Senate Republicans fulfilled their promise of bringing relief to struggling families. They have drafted a bill that increases access to quality, affordable healthcare for all Americans.
Increases access but for what type of plans? The new Health Care Act would give Insurance companies the power to not offer a full comprehensive health insurance plan. Access, affordable? Not so much.
Without immediate action to repeal and replace Obamacare, Pennsylvanians will continue to be saddled with higher costs, burdensome taxes, and fewer healthcare choice.
The higher costs come from the insurance companies. The burdensome taxes? What specifics is this guy talking about? Like is there a tax on a blood test?
It’s time for Bob Casey to end his obstruction and work with Republicans to fix our broken healthcare system.”
Bob Casey and the other Democrats were not even invited to the table. SHIT, only 13 REPUBLICAN WHITE MEN sat at that table.
Remember if this plan happens, you should hold Val DiGiorgio, Chairman, Republican Party of Pennsylvania responsible for issuing this line of bullshit about your health care.


At 9:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dave, that statement said nothing. It was a load of crap and you correctly called it out.
I hope all those Trump people who supported this blowhard and has given this party of special interests the power to screw poor people realize they made this happen.

At 9:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Party of obstruction, the Democrats?
Is this guy so stupid that he doesn't remember how his own party blocking everything the Congress, let alone the Democrats suggested.
Jesus ****ing Christ, these mother******* even blocked farm subsidies because the access card program was in it.
They are underhanded, horrific bastards who most likely are sitting in church now and telling people how Christian they are.
They are the devil and show it every time they open their puny purdy girl mouths.
Okay, gotta get bagels.



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