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The LuLac Edition #3571, August 13th, 2017


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1. So are we going to get nuked?

I certainly hope not. I pray that there are back channel operations going on with both China and North Korea while Trump thumps his chest. I think the tough sanctions are impressive but the rhetoric of the President is not helpful. I’m bothered by the fact that we don’t have an Ambassador in South Korea.
Having lived through the Cuban Missile Crisis, I never thought I’d see another one in my lifetime.
We shall see. One thing I do know is this, lives are at stake and this is certainly something we must take seriously.
I have confidence in the Generals surrounding Trump and Rex Tillerson. Him? Nope.

2. What are your thoughts on how Trump blames people?

It is deflecting. Almost like a Peewee Herman response. His defaults are Hillary, Obama and anyone but himself. He is the most insecure person ever elected.

3. Should Lou run against Casey?

No. He is giving up a safe seat to challenge a two term Senator. Now the current occupant Bob Casey did the very same thing against Rick Santorum but Casey will have the Trump record to run against.
Plus remember this. Trump won Pennsylvania by 44,000. He won Luzerne County by half of that. The rest of the state does not have the attitude of Luzerne County.
I like Lou has a person. I don’t want to see him destroy his political career on what I see will be a very hard climb. There will be the GOP lie machine as well as a lot of money going for him but that may not be enough.

4. Heard you on WILK and thought you were fabulous. Who was your board op? Kyle?

No Jake. It was pretty much perfect except for some feedback in my opening monologue. That wasn't anyone's fault, just an equipment issue.

5. What chances do the Indians have this year?

People say very good but I hold my breath every time they get in a 7th game in a World Series. I'm not jinxing them in anyway.

6. Watch any pre season football?

Naw. I'm hard pressed to watch the NFL during the regular season.

7. As a 4th Degree Knight, what are your thoughts on the new uniforms?

Well first it is a suggested uniform. Personally I joined the Knights because of tradition. My uncles all were Knights of the #372 Council which is one of the oldest in the country. 

The uniform, cape, chapeau and sword signifies that you are defending the honor of the Catholic Church. 
The blazer/beret idea from national is a slap in the face to Knights who have upheld the formal dress for over a century. The reason they say for the change is that new members may not be able to afford the regalia.
That’s just plain silly. If a person wants to be a Knight bad enough, Assemblies and Councils always find a way to help.

8. If Barletta doesn’t run, who do you think will make the Senate run against Casey?

See that’s the rub and why people are so hot for Lou Barletta. 

Patrick Meehan was going to make the run but even he decided that it would be a tough climb. He's staying in the Congressional 7th.

9. Did you get any blow back from WILK station management going on about The Arena opponents, one of whom was Fred Williams on that station?

Not a word. BTW, I never mentioned his name.

10. Do you think Joe Madden owed an apology to Hazleton?

Absolutely not. I think the Times Leader and Hazleton owe Madden an apology. The way older taxpayers in that town have treated some newcomers is a disgrace.

11. Whatever happened to those LuLac Forums. Will we ever see more of them?

The Political Forums are something I enjoyed doing. But time and other commitments got in the way. But given time, you never know. I’m kicking around an idea for 2018 dealing with issues and not actual races. But we’re just brain storming.

12. "Go to" Festival/Summer food fair for you?

It used to be potato pancakes but Mrs. LuLac and TNT in Nanticoke has them all beat. So my “go to” is a sausage and peppers sandwich.

13. Favorite TV guilty pleasure of the summer of ’17?

During the month of July we binged on Alfred Hitchcock movies. I think we saw a majority of all of them that were run on AMC.
Also started watching “Preacher” which I find both warped and fascinating.


At 8:22 AM, Anonymous Your Friend and Political Sparing Partner said...

China is involved. They are the reason North Korea has the technology to not only build, but deliver, a nuclear warhead.

The lack of understanding of China/North Korea in this country is a fact their alliance has exploited since 1953. China/North Korea has learned over the last half century, that the more of a threat North Korea appears, the more money and more concessions China and North Korea receive.

The United States, since President Truman, has continued to give in to this alliance. This caving in has maintained the "peace" on the Korean Peninsula, however, the repeated mollification has now given the world a North Korea with nuclear capabilities. With those capabilities kim jong-un now has the ability to continue with the Korean War's, known in The North as, "The Fatherland Liberation War," goal of a Korea united under communism.

What is going on today, are events those in South Korea have been fearing since before I was there in the 80s. The Korean War has never formally come to an end, it is a fact of which those in the United States are woefully ignorant, but those in South Korea are not. This knowledge should make us aware that the true target is not Guam.

At 9:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

great show on WILK.
I go for the 'rogies all the time. and the games of chance. rather give my money to a church or fire hall than the state lottery.
tried watching "Preacher". Too strange.



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