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The LuLac Edition #3562, July 27th, 2017

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President Trump addressed the Boy Scouts of America this week and all that a Morning local talk show host focused in on was how President Obama didn’t address them in previous years. Then we were told that the Boy Scouts were certainly old enough to hear what the bombastic no nothing of a Chief Executive had to say. Some were as young as ten and were treated to how Washington was such a horrible place. That about the nation's capitol from its leader! Never was it uttered  that Trump re litigated his election over and over again.
The listeners wondered if people who were Scouts really cared about this performance from a Military School reject. They were. Outrage was fast and furious.Here are a few comments:
As a Scout leader, my stomach is in knots about what Trump did today. If you haven't watched it yet, don't. It's downright icky.
Yes I am a Life Scout mom and I am livid. This is not okay.
I'm a Mon to an Eagle Scout and I'm appalled. It's sickening.
I'd add more but I'm afraid we'll run out of bandwidth.
Once again, Trump has made himself as well as America the fool.

The President did a type of victory lap in Ohio after the Senate passed a procedural vote that was passed by getting an ill John McCain to Washington. Funny that war hero has some pretty good chops after all, heyna Donnie boy?
Anyway he goes to an event for Veterans, thanks them for his service and then launches into how he won Ohio in the last election. Nary a word about any Veteran’s initiatives that he really could have pointed to.
Earlier he said this, "We're liberating our towns and we're liberating our cities. Can you believe we have to do that? And not doing it in a politically correct fashion." I’m all for crime busting but this guy is acting like a tough bully who is doing it on his own while the Attorney General he has been castigating has been doing the heavy lifting. BTW, the only people who are cleaning up the streets in Scranton, Wilkes Barre and Hazleton are the Police Chiefs but I'm sure TAHFQ will take credit for that!
At this point what he does and says has become white noise. He has become the drunken, bi polar uncle who wouldn’t leave the First Communion Party.


Last week in case you missed it, I posted this on FB. I am no longer attacking Trump and trying to point out what a fool he is. Here’s what I posted:
On the morning after the 2016 election, 5 times in 6 different news segments on WBRE/WYOU TV News broadcasts I said I would give Donald Trump a chance to lead and unite the country. It is all on my You Tube Channel.
Since then Trump has said, done and has acted out in various ways that demean the very institutions of Government and this Presidency. I have posed serious and satirical pieces on this on my FB page. That was a deviation for me because most of the political stuff I put up was on my blog site of 11 years, The LuLac Political Letter. FB was for sharing my life and family events as well as finding old friends who I lost touch with.
When I started voicing my disagreements with Trump’s policies and his behaviors, some FB inquired about my health and asked friends and relatives “If Dave was okay? He seems to be taking this election too seriously”.
Well I was okay and I did take the election seriously. But after it was over, I felt, “Okay maybe he just might change, maybe the Presidency will grow on him”. He and it didn’t.
I’ve chronicled Trump’s lies.
His lies that were on video and from his own mouth.
I’ve questioned Trump’s own actions that were again covered in the press. These came again from him.
I’ve defended media outlets that are internationally recognized as pillars of a free country. Only to have them be called “fake news”.
I know that in any campaign you get opposition research. I ran three campaigns locally, worked in at least 10 as a volunteer in my life. I have seen three Presidential campaigns up close. If it had been suggested that opposition research would come from a foreign entity, like Russia, there would be hell to pay. Plus an arrest.
What people don’t seem to understand is that when you are hacked, electorally or otherwise, you can get hacked on a more severe basis. I might be hanging out on Middle Road across from the 35MPH sign when it happens, but mark my words, foreign powers will come after our power grid someday.
Yesterday, Trump in his own words said that the Attorney General who has been carrying out his orders on things he domestically wanted should have told him he’d recuse on the Russian investigation before he got the job.
He said that if Robert Mollar got too close, he might not like it, intimating that he might fire him. This was not fake news.
On the night that Richard Nixon fired Archibald Cox I reported that on WVIA FM Radio. Even did a booth announcement interrupting a program. I have seen this before and there are more dots connected to Trump and his cronies NOW then there were to Nixon that night.
Trump said it to The New York Times with his aide Hope Hicks in attendance. It was on tape and spoken from his own words.
On the night that Richard Nixon fired Archibald Cox I reported that on WVIA FM Radio. Even did a booth announcement interrupting a program. I have seen this before and there are more dots connected to Trump and his cronies NOW then there were to Nixon that night.
The Times story for me was the final straw. I have done everything I could to tell you how dangerous this guy is. I’m done. Believe whatever you want.
From now on, after today, my FB posts will not involve this man who has done nothing to enhance this nation or its people.
Now I’m not giving up completely. When I see idiotic posts on the feed, I will respond. But not coming from me originally.
I will not even post if Trump goes in midtown Manhattan and shoots a bunch of people.
In broad daylight.
On film.
Live on Fox.
With Jesus, Moses, and Buddha cheering him on!
Why not? Because
a. Some will say it’s fake.
b. Some will blame Hillary, Obama or Benghazi.
c. And I know this for sure, someone will buy one of the bullet shells as a souvenir.
We’ll see you in the media and on LuLac about Trump but not here.
Enjoy the non-Trump posts. Coming soon. 

EDITOR'S NOTE: Since this was posted last Thursday....more stories than I can count have just exploded. Again, this is not fake news. When one Tweets, it is a public record. Not fake. 

Congressman Matt Cartwright (Photo: LuLac archives)
U.S. Representative Matt Cartwright announced that the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) awarded $80,000 to Lackawanna College for the purchase of sonography equipment for its medical diagnostic, treatment, and occupational therapy programs. The funds will be utilized to help outfit the College’s laboratory for the training of certified ultrasound technicians and assistants.
“Pennsylvania has a shortage of medical professionals qualified to collect sonograms for cardiovascular analysis and occupational therapy,” said Rep. Cartwright, who supported the College’s application for award. “These funds will increase the quality of local health care and launch some promising careers in the health field.”
Lackawanna College and its partners will match the ARC amount, making the total investment in the sonography equipment and programs $160,000. With the clinical equipment, students will be able to complete the number of lab hours required under the College’s new sonography programs.
ARC provides economic development assistance and funding to 420 counties, including Lackawanna, PA, in 13 Appalachian states.




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At 1:00 PM, Anonymous Bluto said...

I'm almost to the point where I'm daring our little Icarus-in-the-White House to carry through on his implied threat to fire Sessions and then have a new AG fire Mueller. Let's hope that the Republicans in Congress will continue to grow their collective spine, which seems to have barely sprouted. It only makes sense that the Republicans would finally clean up this mess, as they are to blame for Icky. Let justice take its course!

At 9:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heard you with Sue Giving Eddie Day Pashinski holy hell.
Triple dipper just like all the others ones.
Love how you coined that term "The Political Class".

At 10:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is he "triple dipping"? Because he can. You idiots allowed it to happen. Weren't smart enough to figure out someone would game your system.


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