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The LuLac Edition #3592, September 9th, 2017


Friday evening Mrs. LuLac and I traveled to White Haven for the 20th anniversary of The White Haven Area Community Library. This started out as a conversation at a picnic among citizens in the town. Through the last two decades money was raised by the community and donors to restore an old railroad building into what is now a state of the art facility. The place holds special significance for me because my father worked at various times at the old Lehigh Valley Railroad Engine House where the trains went to be repaired. Here are a few photos from last night. 
State Representative from the 119th Gerry Mullery presents a resolution on the anniversary as well as sharing his thoughts on how important libraries are to a community.

A few of the residents of the town enjoying a moment. (Above and below)
A shot of me in front of the Memorial Wall where my father's name and years of service with the Lehigh Valley Railroad is inscribed. If anyone would like to donate to the continued growth of this project, (they have no debt so your donation will go right into programming) you can write to them at White Haven Area Community Library, 99 Towanda St, White Haven, PA 18661. Here's their website:


Congressman Matt Cartwright had his annual picnic and summer outing today at that wonderful community park in Moosic called Mercatili-Segilia. The Congressman, as always brought out a banner crowd of union supporters, the political class, elected officials as well as just regular folks who like me who like the guy. Cartwright is going to be running for a fourth term in 2018 and he said that the national GOP is going to be importing a millionaire from Jersey to come in and mount a serious campaign. He also lamented the fact that Republican Congressman Charlie Dent has decided to not run for another term in Congress. Cartwright cited him as a person he could work with on a bi partisan basis. He thanked his supporters and a very good time was had by all.

Cartwright reading  a list of people who came and supported the day today. 

The Congressman was introduced by his wife Marion Munley Cartwright. 

It was a tad chilly but the Cartwright for Congress tee shirts provided warmth. But not a great idea with shorts. Although the Congressman donned his. 

Great to see Lackawanna County Recorder of Deeds Evie Refalko McNulty and Commissioner Jerry Notariani. 
Judge Trish Corbett (right) who is up for retention this year in The Lac also made the event. 
The dog days of summer giving way to the crispness of fall? Mr. Cartwright brought his pip "Dandy" and are seen here with staunch supporter JoAnn Paciotti-Mosher and her husband Tom.  
The Congressman might have solved a dilemma armed with his pooch. Mrs. LuLac and I are thinking of getting another Westie. But we are stuck on a name. I told the Congressman that our late dog, McKinley was named after the last President of the 19th century, McKinley. We are debating a name, Mrs. LuLac wants Billy Shears from the Beatles tune "A Little Help From My Friends" and I want "Albert Flasher" by the Guess Who. Cartwright said, "Why not Teddy? He was the President who succeeded McKinley!"  Now that's a guy who can reach across divides! 
Entertainment was provided by Roy Ramos. 
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