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The LuLac Edition #3608, October 4th, 2017


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Check out this letter to the Times Leader from the Chair of the Save Our Schools Committee in Wilkes Barre. With taxes so high, the stake holders as well as the parents and children of the district are not getting their money's worth. This is worth a look on this week's Write On Wednesday.
It has been reported that the Wilkes-Barre Area School District is near the bottom of 500 school districts in student achievement scores and at the very bottom of countywide SAT scores.
But we are second statewide in truancy rates, topped only by Harrisburg School District.
Could boredom or relevancy be part of the problem? One must wonder if we are teaching the way students learn.
The district’s diversity decrees that we teach the way students learn, and understand that all students don’t learn in the same way. Teach all students the same way, and you will become number one in attendance and truancy problems.
Culture and diversity are not acceptable excuses for poor performance of any kind. There are just too many examples of seriously at risk students that are actually excelling in schools across the country.
I am without question a supporter of public education. The diversity in itself is a teaching tool.
The eradication of public education is the result of not placing students first and financial instability brought forth by an incompetent board actions.
Most destructive was the board’s ignoring the impact of its decisions.
The board has declared that the district can no longer afford to operate three high schools, but it has not been able to show how they will serve 3,000 students in less than three facilities.
Its ever-changing “plan” to consolidate actually has four or more facilities serving 3,000 students and costs an additional $100 million over the long haul as compared to operating three high schools. It has been said that this board needs to do the research; actually Save our Schools Inc. has done the research, the board has chosen to ignore.
Richard A. Holodick
President of SOS Inc.


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