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The LuLac Edition #3728, March 13th, 2018


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1. That GOP race for Governor on the Republican side seems to be a humdinger. I know you’ve been putting up a lot of stuff on Wagner. Any favorites?

The Republicans usually try to button up the nomination so there would be no opposition. In 2006 when Ed Rendell was running for re-election, the field was cleared for former Steeler Lynn Swann much to the chagrin of supporters of William Scranton III. Millionaire businessman Paul Mango is spending a lot of money in the race to the detriment of the Wagner effort. To be clear Wagner has the blessing of the party but what is happening in the Commonwealth is a reflection of the struggle that the national GOP is going through. Wagner is an unabashed supporter of President Trump, Mango less so. Both have different paths to their Conservatism and because of that, the race is complicated. Wagner though was out early and often and that in my mind gives him the edge.
Wagner was endorsed right out of the box by Luzerne County, those Republicans in The Lac were not so vocal. But as I stated many times, LuLac land is not a true barometer of the state that it once was in 2016.Wagner will be strong here for sure but Mango is still an unknown in terms of what he will spend and how he will do. That's why they call this a competition and not a coronation.

2. What about that TV tour that former Trump aide Sam Nunberg did last week?

It was something. The guy was all over every single camera and microphone he could find. I mean he missed everybody but Dave Bohman and Andy Mehalshick! I saw repeats of him and he was captivating and unsteady at the same time. He also seemed like a spurned employee who was in on the ground floor but was left at the platform while the Trump train departed. That said, he did tell the Mueller committee that he believed that the Russian investigation is quote, “warranted”. He might be a sidelight, low light or a highlight but now, for better or worse, he is in the mix.

3. Why is the Stormy Daniels thing so big with the pay off to her?

Well on the scale of the deep dive into the Russian investigation, it is bit part. But the way the money was paid to the “star” could get one of Trump’s minions, Michael Cohen some legal difficulties from it. Cohen’s payment raises questions relating to potential violations of federal campaign finance and income tax laws. Like Capone, it was the tax laws that got him in the end. To be clear, I'm not comparing anyone here to the mobster of yore, but people have been charged with less. Cohen said in February that he used his own money to "facilitate a payment of $130,000" and that "neither the Trump Organization nor the Trump campaign was a party to the transaction" or reimbursed him. He said this week that the money came from his "home equity line." Cohen has put himself in danger of an investigation from both state and federal authorities. 
The significant thing is now she wants to talk. The actress wants permission and freedom from her bondage to the original agreement. Further complicating things is the fact that neither of them, (Trump and Daniels) signed with their real names. 
Getting back to Cohen though, you know given Trump’s stiffing of vendors, there is no way Cohen might ever see that $130,000! However if there was a reimbursement or none at all, this is just another part of the investigation no White House, let alone this one doesn't need. Getting back to your original inquiry though, many people never thought they'd live to see the day when the words "American President" and "Porn Star" were in the same sentence.

4. St. Patrick’s Day is on the horizon. Are you a ham and cabbage guy or a corned beef and cabbage guy?

The latter. Mrs. LUlac always gets a nice hunk of Corned Beef and puts it in the slow cooker with potatoes, carrots and cabbage. It’s kind of a cross between New England and Irish cuisine. Everybody loves it except for the people at work when I fire leftovers up in the microwave for lunch. Some novices think it is way too earthy.

5. Hey what are your thoughts on the Boy Scouts of America honoring Congressional candidate Dan Meuser?

His opponent in the Republican primary for the 9th Congressional district said the recognition was in violation of some IRS regulations or something. Meuser was honored along with his wife for his financial and volunteer support to the Scouts. He has been a contributor to various causes in this region and this is plain silly. Now it is true Meuser did allude to his candidacy but his speech was brief and not chest thumping. I think it’s a non starter of a story.

6. Did you attend Matt Cartwright’s kick off?

No I have bad luck getting to those kick offs. In 2012 I was still recovering from my hip operation, one year, I think it was ’14 his event fell on my birthday and we did try and make the effort to get here but the roads iced up. This year the first event was a Friday but was postponed due to weather. This year I was at work until 8 due to short staffing. So no.

7. So you’re supporting Frank Scavo for State Senator in the 22nd? Really?

Frank and I disagree on EVERYTHING in international, national, and statewide politics. But he is in support of House Bill 76 which eliminate property taxes on primary residences. He is opposing John Blake who essentially blocked it from getting on the floor. Blake is a member of the political class who has been feeding at the public trough for most of his professional life.  I can’t vote for Scavo but put on FB that if people were Republicans and they lived in The Lac, they should sign his petition to run. That’s all I did and all hell broke loose. Funny the people bitching were defenders of Blake and not Republicans.

8. Are your taxes done and how did you do?

They are. Pretty much the same as last year. Our CPA said that more changes will take place a year from now and even said there might be a lot of classes for professionals like him to attend to get a better read on the changes that were pushed through so quickly.We'll see, God willing, next year.

9. Ever seek out the services of a Life Coach?

LOL! Jesus, at my age what’s done is done

10. I see you drove in the Pittston St. Patrick’s Day Parade with the top up. Bet you’re glad you escaped that huh!

Hah! I did. It was cold and I got the car cleaned off in time to drive with the heritage Knights Council 372/Assembly #948.  So I thought I escaped the weekend without having to pop the top in 35 degree weather.
However at 3:45PM Sunday, Mrs. LuLac opened up an e mail from STAPLES. There was $100.00 off on an Office Chair she was eyeing for months for her home office. So we went to the store, she bought the chair and when they were putting it together (there is a reason why we’re closing in on being married 36 years, we don’t put shit together) we went for a little lunch at Primo’s.  
 We returned to the store at 5:45PM and popped the top and drove said chair home without incident. There weren’t many stares of disbelief either. But damn was it cold.

11. Did you see Trump’s speech the other night on TV?

No but heard the highlights. Fake CNN, failing NBC, how “The Apprentice” saved the network. Trump’s speeches are predictable as “eggs, bread and milk” stories during a snowstorm and the semi annual visit to Dallas’ “Ye OLde Clock Shoppe” when we spring ahead and fall back.

12. Ready for baseball?

Yes!  I’m even buying my seats in advance on the 19th when phone ticket sales begin. I’m making plans to see more Rail-riders games this year.

13.  Not sure if I go this in time. This is one question with a follow-up.
Are you surprised, except for a flag-burning non-event in which his wife, a reporter, cameraman and two security personnel showed up, that Steve Corbett has quietly faded into obscurity?
Since he has pretty much gone away. In today’s technological age, where an “activist” has, from blogs, to podcasts, to YouTube channels, so many venues to promote and fight for their cause – do you believe that Corbett’s “activism” was more shtick then genuine? 

Just in the nick of time my friend. If not for the Pope's anniversary, this would have been up already. But we pushed one question back to let you jump the line.
Well first off, that event with Gene Stilp was not heavily promoted. Through the years, Steve has been supportive of Stilp's activism. If I were in his position with that relationship, I'd do the same thing.
Corbett has posted on Facebook regarding his karate regimen.
When one leaves the public arena, by choice or otherwise, that is a deeply personal decision. People sometimes make the mistake thinking that activism is the sole purpose of one's being. Just like for me, this site is only a portion of my otherwise full and active life. I'm sure that you'll hear from him again. My true belief is that there was no shtick in his passion on the air. Given L.A.'s replacement, even if there was bit of shtick along with the passion on both Steve and Louie's part, it would be better than what we have now.
It is tempting to just go away though and move on to other things. The battling of ignorance can be somewhat exhausting and if he chose to not even engage again, who could blame him.
Here's an example, just this morning a yahoo from Larksville calls The Morning Show and grunts into the phone (it sounded like he was pleasuring himself, but I digress) "What about Hillary?" I mean with all the issues we have to talk about, you get an old guy with a hard on for a former Secretary of State, calling  her "a bag lady?" How does activism combat that stupidity?
If he has chosen to relax, I say good. "Go with Buddha" but I am sure he will re-emerge in capacity that will be both beneficial, enthusiastic and passionate. If there's some shtick in there, fine. But summing it up, he is too talented and one of the last true believers to just fade away. 
Regarding WILK, Rob Neyhard returns tomorrow subbing for Sue Henry on Thursday and Friday. 


At 11:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The GOP is going to look worse than ever when Mueller's probe reveals information that the GOP decided to ignore.

At 11:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hear that we're now moving out of Trump's "presidential" phase.

Uh oh.

At 11:09 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...


Comments were posted on other editions that did not contain subject content.

At 7:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on Rob. A little self-respect. These assholes treated you like shit. You were the go to guy, you answered the call, handled the most difficult transition imaginable, and when it was time to repay your loyalty they smeared fecal material across our microphone.

At 7:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not to sound mean, but I hope the only time we hear about Corbett is when his inevitable obituary, hopefully many years in the future, is in the paper and Yonk gives him an undeserved eulogy here on LuLac.

I haven't heard the new guy, actually, haven't heard much of WILK since Tarone passed on. It seems like his death changed the tone at the station. I couldn't place my finger on it, but the whole station became, I guess for lack of any other word, dull.

At 2:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

" I guess for lack of any other word, dull."

7:10pm, Perhaps dulled would be a better word. The station has become impossible to listen. I try, but the mornings are just awful. From the bickering between Nancy and John, and the suicide inducing Sue Henry, I changed my presets months ago.


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