Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The LuLac Edition #3994, January 29th, 2019


We said it last year and the Trump supporters said the tax cuts would grow business and create jobs. Those companies and 1% demi-gods would re-invest the capital and boost the economy. Diaper Don even said it would.
But new studies have shown that there has been little investment, no raise in pay and no big employment expansions.
The only thing the tax cuts did were:
1. Make the 1% richer.
2. Get big buybacks on stock for the rich.
3. Keep job creation stagnant.
We live in a world where we should know that history repeats itself. But yet we get suckered every single time by boosters of the GOP who have done nothing but screw the middle class.
The Democratic policies got us out of the recession and there was economic growth. But the GOP said that “the economy wasn’t growing fast enough” or it was a “weak comeback”.
Wait, when the shit hits the fan when we do get in another recession. But the Trump ass kissers will blame Obama.


I heard it yesterday afternoon on talk radio when the local afternoon mouthpiece said he was concerned about voter fraud in 2020. His reasoning was that prisoners might have the right to vote and that they may not want to vote, have interest in voting or might be subject to cohesion to vote Democratic.
You’ll be hearing this in the coming years as the GOP mouthpieces (and this guy was a duly elected Democrat) do the scare tactics to suppress voter turnout and make the false claim that any reform in voting will be election fraud.
The fact that anyone seeking to vote might be swayed or coerced is intriguing to me given the fact that so ,many people voted for Diaper Don the way they did. Diaper got his votes from a “mob mentality” that has not served those voters well.Any new voter is scary to the right wing mouthpiece who said it wasn't the party he was used. Yeah when they throw you out after one term...I can see how you'd say that!


For years Donald Trump had illegals working on his properties. He was the one who proclaimed “America workers should have American jobs”. But his golf courses had immigrants who were underpaid and protected by Mr. “Build A Wall”.


President Donald Trump hit back at conservative pundit Ann Coulter in an interview Sunday, after she described him as a "wimp."
“I hear she’s become very hostile,” Trump said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal on Sunday. “Maybe I didn’t return her phone call or something.”
Coulter was formerly one of the staunchest supporters of the president’s hard line anti-immigrant policies, but has turned against him over his failure to secure funding from Congress to fulfill his signature campaign promise to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexican border.


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