Sunday, August 04, 2019

The LuLac Edition #4,120, August 4th, 2019


FACT: More Americans have been killed this year than those in Afghanistan for two years. 
FACT: The people doing the killing are White Nationalist terrorists who have been inspired by the Trump Presidency and his racist rhetoric. 
FACT: Republicans have used the "mental illness" defense of mass killings of Americans who were gunned down in less than 1 minute by sub human slugs with assault weapons. 
FACT: The Republicans that harp on human life before the birth obviously don't give a shit about the number of 250 shootings of fellow Americans. 
FACT: Diaper Don comes out today and says the shootings are all about mental illness. That is a subject he is acquainted with. 
Obla-di, obla goes on.  


Dr. David Sosar, Attorney Chris Cullen and yours truly joined Producer Ron Williams and Host Chris Langlois  sitting around a table the other day and analyzed the Democratic debates from last week. 
Take a listen and see how we did.



At 8:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I doubt this comment will see publication. You either don't get many comments or you no longer publish them, but what the hell...

"Republicans have used the "mental illness" defense of mass killings of Americans who were gunned down in less than 1 minute by sub human slugs with assault weapons."

The fact is that your small minded narrow view parallels theirs. Both sides jump to ONE part of the problem and believe that there is only ONE solution possible.

Calling all white national terrorists also frames the problem in ONE way.
The El Paso mass murdered is a white nationalist terrorist. Dayton the answer is still not clear. He may have been a racist, but there may also be a domestic dispute involved. We don't know, but everyone has a need to jump to conclusion.

The problems we are having are in fact being intensified and inflamed by the person who occupies the oval office, there is little to no doubt. However, people are also being inflamed by social media, talk radio, internet sites and blogs.

A ban on assault weapons, red flag laws, universal background checks are all viable steps in helping address the problem, however, alone they are far from the solution.

To the true white national terrorists, those laws will be nothing more than an obstacle to overcome, Timothy killed 168 people without firing a shot from an assault style rifle. The second amendment has been hidden behind, but so has the first and fourth. We protect the freedom to say whatever we want, unfettered by the government, to the point that people are telegraphing what they are going to do, but then we hamper law enforcement's powers to do anything about it.

You have spewed as much hatred as Donald Trump, and you are an official representative of a City Government, one who uses your social media accounts and blog to promote city events and also to stoke hatred and fear. While you are nowhere near worse than Trump, sadly, you certainly are not much better.

You and Trump have so much in common. Both of you have failed numerous times, both have abused their positions and are guilty of government corruption and maleficence, both you hateful, vitriolic rhetoric to bully and demean those with whom you disagree, and both of you don't get how much you contribute to the problems we are having - the only difference is the scale upon which these egregious actions have taken place.

Often time identifying the problem begins by looking into the mirror.


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