Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The LuLac Edition #4,123, August 13th, 2019


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1. Our society has become so polarized, do you see that changing?

I’d like to say “yes” but in truth I can’t  see that happening. Generations are the product of their times and I fear that young people being raised today will see those divisions and pick a side, putting all nuances aside. Like their parents they will go to their respective camps and just spawn another future generation that will be divided. I hope not but that’s the road we seem to be going down.

2. Is Donald Trump a racist?

Yes. Notwithstanding all of his rhetoric, when someone says “I am not a racist”……and then kind of backs up the claim with nonsense, then they are.

3. What about those Mets?

I’m impressed. I have a friend who is a Met fan and when the streak began, I mentioned (quietly) that it can be 1969 all over again.

4. Will you be driving in the Pittston Tomato Festival parade this year?


5. What is your reaction to Mitch McConnell’s blocking of legislation?

Funny, he fought so hard to get and keep this leadership position but history will judge him harshly. The reason why we still have issues like Immigration Reform, Health Care and Guns is because the GOP is defying the will of the majority of what people believe.

6. Do you think the nickname “Moscow Mitch” is fair?

Totally. McConnell has been carrying the water for a Trump administration that is dangerous to our country. McConnell not speaking out on Russian hacking is outrageous.

7. I heard your podcast on Pa Homepage. You guys were very good. Your take on Obama was surprising though to me. Please elaborate.

I think in comparison to Trump, Obama belongs on Mount Rushmore! But truth be told, like I said in that podcast, Obama missed perfect opportunities to get things done in addition to Health Care when he had the power. This should not be a shock because I wrote it here many times. He never realized that his ideas were never going to be accepted by any member of the GOP. He kissed the asses of liars and frauds like Susan Collins ignoring Democrats who could help him. And don’t even get me started on Dems like Joe Mancian who pretty much betrayed Democratic principles. This stuff could have been solved if only Barack had more of a spine.

8. Best summer time pizza place?

I still go with my top 3, Victory Pig, Serpico and Alredo’s for fast summertime meals. But I have had one piece of pizza since May.

9. How about those Indians?

Yep, it’s looking good but I don’t want to jinx anything just yet.

10. So as I’m sitting here, NPR is reporting that Epstein guy hung himself in jail. What do you think the Republican right will say about that?

Oh wait, they’ll bring up how Hillary and Bill killed Vince Foster back in ’93 when in fact he committed suicide. But watch the deflection machine start.

11.Why does some elements of the right bring up Hillary?

Because they have nothing else. Hard on for Hillary, what can I say.

12. Have you ever spent the time talking to Trump supporters to find out their feelings?

Yes and they believe what they believe. You can’t change their minds, you have to listen to their opinions but if you can point out their misconceptions. The biggest one is still the excuse that, “He’s just a businessman”. I point out he was a failed businessman and then we’re off to the races.

13. Are you looking forward to fall?

No. Fall is the prelude to the death and despair of a Northeastern Pa. winter.


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