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The LuLac Edition #601, Oct. 14th, 2008



Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin brought her version of the "Straight Talk Express" to Northeast Pennsylvania Tuesday. It was a much anticipated event and got the Republican faithful revved up to support the McCain/Palin ticket. Impressing about 4 thousand supporters during a rally in Scranton, the governor, accompanied by her husband, Todd, and country music performer Lee Greenwood, spent almost 40 minutes at the Riverfront Sports Complex talking up GOP presidential nominee Sen. John McCain and comparing his positions with those of Democratic rival Sen. Barack Obama. The boisterous crowd interrupted her speech several times with chants of, "Sarah! Sarah! Sarah!"In discussing Mr. McCain's plans to get American back on the road to energy independence, Mrs. Palin called it a national security issue. The governor said there is more coal in the United States than there is oil in Saudi Arabia and promised Pennsylvania, with its coal reserves, will have a key role to play.
The local media, the newspapers and TV along with WILK News Radio provided live coverage. Palin did what she was expected to do and why she was chosen for the ticket. To get the crowds and the base excited. This would be a big factor in trying to overcome the recent polls showing McCain behind.
FASHION REPORT: Looking smart, the Vice Presidential candidate wore a conservative navy blue suit coat, black pants, black mid level heels and a dark blouse.


A late poll released day shows Obama with a 14 point lead over McCain. The poll was conducted by the New York Times and CBS News.


Our good friend, Luzerne County Treasurer, Michael L. Morreale, announced that his Annual Pig Roast will take place on Thursday, October 16, at Convention Hall in Pittston Township. The event will be held from 7 to 10 p.m. and is open to the public. Tickets are $25.00 and may be obtained by calling 693-3716. Tickets will also be sold at the door.


Congressman Paul E. Kanjorski (PA-11) thanked the National Rifle Association (NRA) for the group's endorsement Tuesday. The NRA also gave Congressman an 'A' rating for his work on behalf of law-abiding gun owners."Pennsylvania gun owners have been wonderful friends of mine for many, many years," the Congressman said. "I have fought and will continue to fight vigorously to protect their constitutional rights. The NRA has been a wonderful ally in that fight and I am proud of the long and productive relationship I've had with the organization. I also look forward to continuing to work with them."The NRA praised Kanjorski for his reliable support for the rights of law-abiding gun owners, including recent efforts to ensure the right to self defense in the home in our nation’s Capitol. The Congressman helped to introduce legislation to require the District of Columbia to adhere to the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling affirming the individual's constitutional right to bear arms. "Paul Kanjorski is a friend of freedom. He is a steadfast supporter of gun rights and of efforts to preserve America's hunting heritage. This release came from the Congressman's office.




The Federal Government Should Provide State And Local Law Enforcement With The Support That It Is Uniquely Able To Provide:
John McCain Recognizes That Certain Crimes Are Uniquely Suited To Investigation By Federal Authorities Due To Their Sophistication And International--Multi-State Components. These include terrorism, public corruption and the investigation of multi-state and international criminal organizations. Federal law enforcement supports state and local law enforcement by taking responsibility for the investigation of these federal crimes, but recognizes that state and local law enforcement must be equipped to be our first line of defense during an attack on our homeland.
John McCain Will Strengthen Our Laws Against Predators. John McCain is a strong proponent of aggressively pursuing Internet predators, for fully implementing the Adam Walsh Act including lifetime registration for child sexual offenders, and funding the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Forces (ICACs) that employ many sheriffs' deputies across the nation to track purveyors of child pornography.
During His Over 20 Years In Congress, John McCain Has Made The Protection Of Our Children A Priority. Most recently, John McCain introduced legislation to require convicted sex offenders to register their e-mail addresses and instant message identifiers with the National Sex Offender Registry, and legislation endorsed by the National Sheriffs' Association to increase penalties on commercial Internet web sites that fail to notify the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children when child pornography is found.
John McCain Will Appoint Judges Who Follow The Constitution Rather Than Those Who Engage In Judicial Activism. In doing so, John McCain will provide law enforcement with the certainty and confidence required to make critical decisions knowing that their actions will be judged fairly by the courts in the context of recognized precedent and accepted principles of law. John McCain Has Fought To Provide First Responders With A National Interoperable Communications System By Proposing The SAVE LIVES Act, Which Would More Than Double The Spectrum Allocated For Public Safety Officials.


Job training for ex-offenders, to avoid return to crime
We have to fight for those young men standing on street corners with little hope for the future besides ending up in jail. We have to break the cycle of poverty and violence that's gripping too many neighborhoods.
We need more cops; but we also need more families. How many times in the last year has this city lost a child at the hands of another child? How many times have our hearts stopped in the middle of the night with the sound of a gunshot or a siren? How many teenagers have we seen hanging around on street corners when they should be sitting in a classroom? How many are sitting in prison when they should be working, or at least looking for a job? How many in this generation are we willing to lose to poverty or violence or addiction? How many?
Yes, we need more cops on the street. Yes, we need fewer guns in the hands of people who shouldn't have them. Yes, we need more money for our schools. Yes, we need more jobs and more job training and more opportunity in our communities.
But we also need families to raise our children. We need fathers to realize that responsibility does not end at conception. We need them to realize that what makes you a man is not the ability to have a child--it's the courage to raise one.

Reduce recidivism by providing ex-offender supports
Reduce Crime Recidivism by Providing Ex-Offender Supports:Obama will work to ensure that ex-offenders have access to job training, substance abuse and mental health counseling, and employment opportunities. Obama will also create a prison-to-work incentive program and reduce barriers to employment.
Ban racial profiling & eliminate disparities in sentencing


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