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The LuLac Edition #659, Dec. 5th, 2008



The Tax Fairness Forum was held at Luzerne County Community College's Educational Conference Center. The only way to provide property tax relief is to revise Pennsylvania's entire tax system, according to elected officials. Luzerne County Commissioner Greg Skrepenak emphasized to th about 30 people that he wants a dialogue to start with state officials to discuss other ways to generate revenue for the county. It appears that with this Forum, Skrepenak is carving out a place forhimself politically in addressing the tax concerns of Luzerne County residents. His break with Commissioner Petrilla has not only put him on the opposite side of the Commissioner's budget and employee reductions but sent a signal that he plans to be the taxpayer advocate for county residents. Skrep also appeared on WYOU TV's Interactive News with Eric Sheiner outlining his plans and thoughts on taxes and reassessments. Skrep declined many invitations to WYOU during the debit card issue last December. His re-ermegence in the media signals that he is going to take this road alone and ride it to its logical conclusion.


State Senator Robert Mellow has decided to give back his Cola increase. This change of heart was surprising to many given the fact that Mellow defended his right to the raise. Still, many are impressed that Mellow made the leap and joined many others in Harrisburg in giving back the Cola as a symbolic gesture.


WVIA TV continued its excellent series The State of Pennsylvania Thursday night with a joint appearance by Pennsylvania Senators Arlen Specter and Robert Casey. It is rare that both Senators appear on a show at the same time. Host Bill Kelly asked both men personal questions regarding their political philosophies and ambitions. It was clear Specter is going for another term in 2010 and was quite animated in his give and take with the host and audience. Casey, steady in his presentation talked about his relationship with Barack Obama saying that he isn't on the president-elect's list of administration appointments. But Casey's clout has to be an unspoken element in his dealings with the new President. It was Casey who was upfront and out front during the Pennsylvania primary in support of Obama. Both men talked about their love of Pennsylvania, the honor it was to be Senators of the Commonwealth and the fact that while they don't always agree on party issues, they work together on a bi partisan fasion to make Pennsylvania a better place. The WVIA studios was like a who's who of politicos and broadcast people. Most of the Pennsylvania Public TV executives of other PBS stations were there
as well as PCN's Brian Lockman. In the crowd were former Scrantion Mayor Jim McNulty, Evie Refalko McNulty, Recorder of Deeds in Lackawanna County, PPTN Commissioner Vince Sweeney, former Bob Casey Senior Press Secretary Tony May, GOP Kingston resident John Cordaro, Veterans advocate Mike Koslosky, Scranton School Board Director Todd O'Malley and many others.


Japan's biggest heist, the still-unsolved 300 million yen robbery, occurs in Tokyo...on December 11- The film Oliver!, based on the hit London and Broadway theatre musical, opens in the U.S. after being released first in England. It will go on to win the Academy Award for Best Picture... Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus was also filmed this month b
ut was not released until 1969......The Rolling Stones release their classic album "Sympathy For the Devil......Spiro Agnew and his wife Judy take a tour of their new Washington home as the Maryland Governor prepares to assume the Vice Presidency under Richard Harrisburg, Robert P. Casey Senior readies his offices in anticipation of taking the oath of Auditor General in early 1969 as does Treasurer Elect Grace Sloan……Arlan’s Department Store has its grand opening in Edwardsville and in Scranton, the Viewmont Mall opens for business…The Wilkes Barre area School Board accepts bids to renovate Myers Stadium at Myers High and in 1968 the number one song in America and LuLac land was “Love Child” by Diana Ross and the Supremes, a song 40years later unrecognizable by the low standards we have set for teen and unwed pregnancies. From YOU TUBE:


At 7:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe we are well represented by Specter & Casey. Arlen has long been a favorite of mine, voting issues as he sees the impact on the state rather than the party. Casey has his late father to draw on for his wisdom, and is doing well at this point. Rendell, IMO, also is doing well. It's a matter of getting both the state senate & house to realize the impact that real estate taxes aren't the right vehicle to use, and a different solution needs to be found. And quickly. And I'm not backing up Skrip, who is backpedaling as fast as he can, and trying to reinvent himself so he doesn't get voted off the gravy train....


At 8:56 PM, Blogger Vince Sweeney said...

Hi Dave...

It was an unexpected and distinct pleasure seeing you at the Casey-Specter event. It was my privilege to be there as a member of The Pennsylvania Public Television Network Commission.

Of course, and there is no use trying to be disingenuous, it was impossible to pass up the opportunity to be in the same room with so many movers and shakers of NE PA's political scene; movers and shakers past, present, and likely future. WVIA's GM and former WARMie(I'll never let him forget it), Bill Kelly, did a fine, fine job, making all feel very welcome.

Plus, I cannot let the opportunity pass without saying, sir, that you look wonderful, Dave. Again, you continue in my thoughts and prayers.


At 1:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is Scranton City Council on Channel 61 televised live yet? I saw a replay yesterday and the sound quality is so poor you cannot understand the Council Members or the Speakers. Another program, Lackawanna Legal suffers the same problem each airing. These sound difficulties should be an easy fix. Maybe one or two good microphones would do the trick. Otherwise I see the same faces with few exceptions since the change over. Whatever expectations we might have had, clearly the "new" Channel 61 has not reached them. Is this throwing good money after bad? These people were not ready to take over part time operation let alone expand it!
What gives? and What are the current financial circumstances?
What have we got to look forward to?

Just Curious in Clarks Summit

At 2:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did not know of the intention to
inter Jason Miller's ashes in the Bust on the Courthouse Square.
I'm not sure how I feel about that,
but for now I'll just say the Man did win a Pulitzer Prize and he wrote one hell of a play and I'll drink to that, Sir.

Pete Cassidy


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