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The LuLac Edition #751, Mar. 8th, 2009



Please! Have you heard the latest money being doled out by the State? Apparently the Commonwealth is spending nearly $200,000 on training for State Store employees to make sure they are nice and polite to customers. Are State Liquor Store employees so dense and so stupid that they don't know how to say "please", "thank you" or "have a nice day"? Are you telling me the state has to school them in the way of being polite? Are these smug
tenured state employees so obtuse they need help in this area? With unemployment so high in this region, can't we just get someone off the street who knows enough to be polite to customers and fire the asses of these employees? One time when I was on WYOU TV, Eddie Day Pashinski talked about how if the state stores went private, that would eliminate a living wage for state store employees because new private owners would reduce their salaries. Hey Ed, what about a living wage for the people in your district who have to get by on $8 or $9 bucks an hour? Where's the living wage for them? How many jobs have you brought in for the average guy? Instead of worrying about state employees who have to be trained to be polite, how about paying attention to the people you represent? Oh, by the way, note to State Store employees: You should be polite as a matter of course, you shouldn't need $200,000 grand from the state to teach you manners.


The nation's first black attorney general and Gov. George C. Wallace's daughter celebrated the Selma-to-Montgomery voting rights march Sunday, 44 years after state troopers from her father's administration beat marchers as they started the landmark journey. Peggy Wallace Kennedy introduced Attorney General Eric Holder at a historic Selma church filled to overflowing. "It's reconciliation and redemption," Wallace's daughter said. Selma's annual Bridge Crossing Jubilee, commemorating the 1965 voting rights march.


Word on the internet is spreading about a possible candidacy for Ltn. Governor from Luzerne County. This time they aren't talking about Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta but County Commissioner Steve Urban. Here's what LuLac received last week:
Try to compare resumes with that of Lou Barletta's.... Here is Steve's: Excellent and proven Leadership skills, management skills, twice elected county commissioner, United-States Army Lt. Colonel retired, extensive knowledge of international affairs, highly educated, dedicated to the taxpayers of PA, elected and/or active in numerous volunteer Boards, concerned about our agriculture/environment-a friend to PA farmers/wildlife, ethical and compassionate, and most of all a man of and his word. If he decides to RUN for Lt. him. Pennsylvanian's need him now more than ever.........Spread the word. Email Steve at: with your comments!
Linda Urban


Here a transcript of Walter Griffith, Junior's remarks concerning his candidacy for County Controller: My name is Walter L Griffith Jr and I am your Republican Candidate for Luzerne County Controller in the May 19th Primary Election. I am pleased and honored to be able to participate in this election and have demonstrated, in the past 5 years, my ability to be the “taxpayer’s friend” and fiscal conservative activist that you deserve and need in the Office of Luzerne County Controller. The Controller has general supervision over all fiscal affairs of the County and of the accounts of all officers collecting or disbursing County Funds. This includes maintaining payroll records of all Country employees and approving the payment of all invoices charged against the County, except those fees of jurors, witnesses, court criers and tipstaves. Complete records are maintained by the Controller's office detailing all fiscal operations of the County. In addition, the Controller conducts independent audits of County departments, Row Offices, tax collectors and hotels which generate fees and interest monies to the County government. The office maintains all accounting records for the Employees Retirement Fund and acts as a liaison between the County and the investment advisors for the Retirement Fund investment portfolio. My plan for the Office of Controller is to be an Active and “Full Time Controller” for” YOU” the People of Luzerne County. I also will promise to have quarterly meetings with the County Commissioners to advise them of the “State of the County Finances” and to be actively involved in the design and implementation of the County Budget. I will work with the administration to make certain we have all audits and reports posted online and also available for public inspection no later than July of the following year as required by the State County Code. I am not a “seasoned politician” or a “politically connected” person looking for “ Power or Position” in Luzerne County, I am a regular Taxpayer, much like yourself, that has had enough of the same old people, doing the same old thing, in Luzerne County, and will not sacrifice my “Moral or Ethical” values of “ Hard Work and Honesty” in order to gain more political power with a political Party, and I will be a “True and Honest” Republican and County Controller for each and every Citizen of Luzerne County. I have been very active as a Taxpayer Advocate and have demonstrated that I am a person you can be proud of having as your next County Controller of Luzerne County. Please support me, Walter L Griffith JR, as your next endorsed candidate for Luzerne County Controller of Luzerne County.
Thanks for the Support
Walter L Griffith JR.


Hats off to local tow truck operator, crime fighter and Luzerne County legend Bob Kadluboski for stopping a duo who are accused of robbing three businesses Sunday night in the Wilkes Barre area. Batman has nothing on you Bob. Hey, maybe we should call him "BOBMAN"!!!!!!


At 9:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am an elected Republican official in Luzerne County and Steve Urban will never get my vote in another election, let alone for for Lt. Governor. That's incredulous! Tell Linda Stets to keep dreaming.

At 2:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a Republican voter in Luzerne County. I think Urban is the most honest person we have in Luzerne Co. right now, and he has been for a long time. I'd hate to see him leave as Commish though, we need more of the likes of him around here. Maybe with more like him, this county govt. wouldn't be in the dire straits that it's in.

At 2:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Bobman" for Commissioner! Judge! Cop! Anything that will protect the citizenry!

At 5:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

just curious who anon 9:12am is? what kind of elected official makes that statement and doesn't sign their name?

At 7:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I happened to have attended a public meeting at the courthouse where Mr. Griffith was present. From my recollection, the topic at hand was job appointments. Mr. Griffith himself had to correct the commissions panel, stating that public meetings had to be held on appointments and the public itself had to be notified in order to be in Compliance. Also, a quote came from one of the staff attorneys that Mr.Griffith probably knows the county code more than anyone he met, a Rare Breed and something the county needs more of in this day and age.


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