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The LuLac Edition #768, Mar. 28th, 2009


20/20 REPORT

After generations of public relations campaigns, “The Committee of 100”, “The Committee of 1,000”, “Wilkes Barre I”, “Wilkes Barre II”, “The Committee For Economic Growth”, the numerous incarnations of The Wilkes Barre Chamber of Commerce plus millions of dollars spent on advertising, gimmicks, promotions, tax breaks, events, extravaganzas, Luzerne County is portrayed nationally as that hard scraping “coal region”. For the record, the last coal mine closed in the very early 60s around here. Yet, ABC TV heralded us as those coal miners. Now granted, this is hard coal country because a large majority of our citizens have been screwed by the coal barons and big business types who have systematically kept our wages below other areas. But now, on national news, we are now known for corruption. But not just any type of “high anxiety”, but “Cash For Kids”. Hey, that was supposed to be our secret! But there it was. Leaked! Two Judges charged. Scenic shots of that glorious edifice to justice: The Courthouse! Yep, we scored some great brownie points with the rest of the country.
But seriously folks, the 20/20 piece was something that I hope will wake up voters in this area. We get the government we deserve. For years we have retained the same “types” to represent us. It is time to make a change and that means reforming the entire system. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Take the entire county government and shut it down for 60 days. Put every employee on unemployment compensation. Have the Federal Government appoint a special team, an administrator, a prosecutor and a financial person to sign the checks and do any necessary things to operate the government. Keep the row officers and department heads in their jobs but have them report, yes even the commissioners to this tribunal. Start a rehiring process and re-staff. That is the only way we are going to recover from this nonsense. Radical? Yep. Necessary? Most definitely. And as for those people touting this region, this county as a great place to build a business, raise a family and visit………..keep your money in a credit union until about 2050.


I have a few questions for Judge Ciavarella. What were you thinking when you talked to Jim Avila? Are you preparing an insanity defense? Did you not think that your logic on the procedures you used for kids coming before you would not be questioned by the reporter doing the piece? (Judge Arthur Grim contradicted you outright!) Why is it that you have spoken to the British media and ABC but not anyone locally? And when you say you did not plea to taking bribes or cash for kids, what exactly did you think you plead to?
Here’s a prediction: when sentencing day arrives, only one former Judge, Conahan, will be adjudicated. Unless I’m very wrong, I think Judge Mark has other plans that will reverberate nationally and internationally. To Steve Corbett of WILK, your national face time on TV only begun last Friday night!



At 8:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right on Yonk. Blow the whole thing up and start over. You should've run for charter commission. You mean to tell me that during this time the two Judges were messing around with this, NO ONE knew under the dome? And next, let's go after those lawyers who made big bucks in civil cases, both as attorneys and clients! Start over man!

At 9:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Balls, balls, balls and more balls. Ciavarella has got more balls than a Christmas Tree!!!!!
We all know that these kids were not angels, but for God's sake the bastard probably ruined a lot of them for life. Personally, I'd like to see a vigalante group of "Concerned" parents dish out the justice that this former justice really deserves! And also, while I'm on a rant ... the whole damn courthouse should be fired and cleaned out and start all over again. Too many foxes in the hen house!

At 7:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

and Kevin Lynn continues to defend this gentleman. he makes excuses for schooch's actions, but then says he doesn't agree with him. he still calls him a friend. you are known my the company you keep, what kind of person is kevin lynn really. and when do you stop calling someone your friend. if selling kids into prision is not enough reason, then i question your ethical compass

At 6:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

this morning kevin lynn again is defending the judge. when lynn asked him severl years ago about it the judge evaded the question. according to lynn this was not a lie. i am sorry a lie of ommission is a lie. perphas the integrity of corbett has changed the standards at wilk or lynn just has no ethic but whatever it is i am done listening.

At 6:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just heard your hero Kevin Lynn once again defend Judge Mark Civarella on the air again. What part of this is he not getting? Sure the former "his honor" did not get a dollar amount for every kid sentenced, but unless I read the released information wrong he was given money to get the new facility open and to keep it making money. How do you keep it making money? You keep it filled.
Kevin Lynn claimed that Mark Civerella never lied to him about it, but told of how he asked him about it several years ago and the question was avoided. How is that not a lie?????
Was Kevin Lynn an unwilling mouthpiece for this disgraced former Judge?
From reading Corbett's last on line column I think he is thinking this as well.

And just a side note to a previous thread about Kevin getting chunky. He just called Joe Thomas a knuckle dragger on the air. So why is it unfair to take jabs at Kevin Lynn?

At 6:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Justice may not me blind in Luzerne County, but Judge Mark defender Kevin Lynn is. How does anyone continue to claim that the Judge is an honest person? Not only did he take kickbacks,money or whatever else. Judge Mark set up an elaborate scheme to hide the money. He was dishonest in obtaining and hiding the source of said money. What is it with Kevin Lynn? Is he himself so dishonest that he belives just because Judge Mark did not direcltly lie to him he is not capable of such dishonesty? The man was involved in a large criminal conspiracy. Does anyone belive he would not lie to Kevin Lynn, or anyone else?
Kevin Lynn has just got done inditing the banks as responsible for all the bad loans. He claims that the borrowers were not responsible because the bankers were the experts. Yet he claims those that were unrepresented should have known better. Weren't the judges the experts? If they were the experts then how is that different?
Kevin Lynn has gone downhill in my estimation since this scandal. And when do you stop calling someone a friend?
This argument about a case by case basis is the same as Bill Clinton what IS sex. Oral sex was not sex, Judge Mark took money to get a prison built and to keep it in the money. His friend is dishonest, his friend lied, his friend disrupted the judicial branch in Luzerne County. When do you say, you are not my friend?

At 2:04 PM, Blogger Zen said...

You hope it will wake voters up in Luzerne Cty? How so, pray tell? Are you implying that pulling that straight dem lever was a mistake for all those years? That continually voting for Kanjo after he admits to giving millions of tax dollars to his nephews? By voting for comissioners that signed a 58 million dollar lease for a facility we could've owned for 9 mill?

Luzerne County has been controlled by the Dems for as long as I can remember. Each and every person that has been and will be indicted at the courthouse is either an elected dem or was appointed by one. It is long past due for some change there.

At 2:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rush was right ... again. Kevin Lynn IS a smart ass. He knows he's got the power of the mic and the off switch, so he always will get the final word, and usually his final words are derogative and at best ignorant and nasty to whomever is stupid enough to try to disagree with anything he says. I'm sure that WILK will see him for what he is and how detrimental he is to the station and someday relieve him of his duties, and maybe go back to playing tennis or something more constructive.

At 2:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't bet on it 2:04 the local populace is notorious for being a bit slow to catch on!


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