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The LuLac Edition #870, July 7th, 2009


and R’s

People sometimes wonder if there are any real differences between the Democratic Party and the GOP. To me, there are and all you have to do is look for them. In 2008 Barack Obama talked about the housing crisis and how it would impact on the family that purchased it as a way of improving their life. John McCain also talked about the housing problem but said he was worried about all those people who invested in rental properties as a secondary source of income. See, Obama, the Democrat was worrying about the single home owner while McCain fretted about the people flipping properties. This past week, Jack Smiles from a local newspaper wrote this in his column about President Obama’s economic policies.
In Democrats stimulus package -- you know the one where we save the world by studying why hogs stink -- there is a tuition tax credit. If I’m reading this right the credit will be up to $2,000. Now that’s a tax credit, so you can knock up to two grand right off your tax bill if you a paying college tuition for a dependent. This is perfect timing for me as my daughter is starting at Penn State in September.
So I’ll greedily take the credit, but I do wonder, what about people who don’t have kids in college. Aren’t they subsidizing my daughter’s tuition since they aren’t getting the cut? Wouldn’t it be right to take all the tuition tax credit money and “spread it around”, to use Obama’s own phrase, to all taxpayers?
I like Jack a lot, think he is an excellent writer and even tried to respond on their website in the “Comments” section. But after 3 tries on Sunday, all I got was a blank, white screen. So, I’ll respond here. I don’t think anyone needs to worry about taking the $2,000 college tax credit and thinking you’re being greedy. It’s there because it will be used for the long term greater good. Jack’s daughter goes to college, gets the credit and when she graduates, contributes to society. I don’t have a child that can use that college credit and I don’t mind subsidizing people who can use it. My tax dollars for that college credit are the dues I pay as a citizen to improve this country. I’m fully confident that Jack’s daughter with that college credit will fulfill her goals and make a contribution to society long after Jack and I are gone. Democrats take the long view. Republicans take the shorter one. And after 8 years of no plan, the people voted overwhelming for something, anything, except the dank stench of doing nothing in answer to our future. And that my friends is just one of the differences between a D and an R.


At 1:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn good piece, Yonks. Well thought out and well written. I am now and will continue to be an
Independent. I've voted for three Republicans in my life, Don Sherwood, Bob Cordaro and AJ Munchak so you dont want me pickin your guys thats for sure. My Democratic votes have worked out much better over the years and I am pleased with my latest pick.

At 7:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about all the kids that go for 2 - 3 years and drop out.. they don't finish their degrees and they become a burden on society. now you have subsidized them twice... whatever happened to us pulling our own weight? college drop out rate is very high, check out the stats


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