Sunday, August 16, 2009

The LuLac Edition #909, Aug. 16th, 2009

SNAPPLE "REAL FACT" #777, cats have two sets of vocal chords: one for purring and one for meowing.



It still might be the good old summertime but the folks at WVIA TV are working fast and furious to pull together a debate/forum/show of the three candidates running for Common Pleas Judge in Luzerne County. All three, Bill Amesbury, Tina Gartley and Richard Hughes have agreed to appear. The event will be one week before the election. Since everything in the county and all efforts political are scrutinized, WVIA has taken great pains to make this the most objective presentation possible. They will partner with NEPACU, the Northeast Pennsylvania Association of College and University Presidents. Moderator of the program will be Dr. Robert Dillman, co-chair of NEPACU and a member of the WVIA Board of Trustees. A source close to WVIA TV told LuLac, "Cleansing this undertaking of perceived conflict has been an adventure. Given the aroma rising from Luzerne County, and the stakes for all concerned, it was critical that all participants have no "skin in the game," so after several hits-and-misses in planning we realized the college president moderator had to be OUT of the county. Further, the station has established a confidential relationship with an out-of-region Judge to advise us on process." More on this event as the preparations unfold. We'll give you the time, date, broadcast and rebroadcast times.


You know this week’s weather promises to be hot and humid. Instead of cooking in the kitchen or slaving over a hot grill, why not take in an event at the River Street Jazz Club. On Wednesday Aug. 19th the friends of Sarah Flannery will be holding a fundraiser. No, Sarah’s not a candidate but is in a tough situation. Sarah Flannery, a 2009 graduate of Dallas Senior High School, was recently diagnosed with Thymoma, a rare cancerous tumor that has partially surrounded her heart. Sarah is the daughter of Jim and Liz Flannery, Shavertown. Sarah's surgery is scheduled for later this month at the Indianapolis University Cancer Center. A group of Moms and friends of Moms are volunteering to coordinate this event, which will help offset the substantial expenses related to Sarah's surgery and recovery. All proceeds will go directly to Sarah's cause. $20.00 Includes Dinner, Soft Drinks & Entertainment; Cash Bar Available and of course air conditioning. The event starts at 6PM. Here's Sarah's web site:


Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett has been dancing around whether or not he’s going to be a candidate for Governor on the GOP side in 2010. But with Pat Meehan stepping aside to run for Congress, it appears the field is being cleared. And Corbett has issued a plea for volunteers for his appearance in a Labor Day Parade in Pittsburgh. Here’s the missive:
Please join Attorney General Tom Corbett on Monday, September 7, 2009 at the Labor Day Parade in Pittsburgh. Tom will be walking in the parade to honor laborers and their families and would like you to join him. Tom and his staff are in need of volunteers to help hand out balloons to children, families and friends along the parade route.


At 8:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder if Tom Corbett will make any more state wide arrests in his corruption probe of the legislature. A handsome man he is....but he's no martin carlson.

At 12:25 PM, Anonymous The Scranton Guardian said...

Most of the Colleges seem to have ties to the "Kids for Cash" crowd, I don't see how that is objective. I think the local colleges are part of the problem.

At 7:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

nothing about pittston? i guess because you and best are friends you will sweep this under, kind of like you do for wilk.

At 1:38 PM, Blogger Signor Ferrari said...

Corbett already has admitted he doesn't intend to charge Republicans in his investigation of the legislature:

You're in the clear if you're a Republican - or if your taxpayer-funded defense lawyer is an old crony and contributer of Corbett's:

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