Saturday, September 19, 2009

The LuLac Edition #947, Sept. 19th, 2009



With the wake of still another school director charge of bribery this week I thought this conversation would be appropriate. I touched base with an old friend who happens to be an educator in another part of the state.
Q: Do you like teaching?
A: If I could just deal with the kids, I’d be fine. But our administration, any administration I think is counterproductive to education. I know you need a structure but honest to God sometimes they do more harm than good.
Q: How so?
A: They are the kings of minutia.
Q: My friend John Webster from Rock 107 once told me that the smoothest time Rock 107 ran was when they had no GM.
A: I can believe it.
Q: What do you teach?
A: Music and theatre.
Q: How do you make it relevant?
A: Use current events. But with the constant information cycle, you have to be careful. Like I wanted to use Michael Jackson’s music as an example of the merging of theatre and music, and that’s fine. But I can’t tell them anything new about him because it’s been covered to death. He’s old news.
Q: Bet you can tell them a few facts about Beethoven?
A: You know it.
Q: How come you never tried to get a job here where you grew up?
A: I did. As recently as three years ago. But all the interviews were……….
Q: Perfunctory.
EDITOR’S NOTE: We both said the word “perfunctory” simultaneously.
Q: Were you ever bribed?
A: Once. This is in the 80s. Some guy told me to put a sack of money in a bag at a location near Nanticoke and I’d get a job.
Q: What did you do?
A: Nothing. Not because I was so high and mighty but think about it Dave. Money in a sack, at a location where people go. Who’s to say someone wouldn’t stumble on the money? What if the guy had a flat tire on the way to the drop off when he was supposed to pick it up. What if he had a fight with his wife? And the bills. What was I going to say if I didn’t get the job. Hey I gave you a sack of money and you screwed me? What if someone else on that board was doing the same thing and they mixed up the money? And the bills, if you mark them, you can go to jail. If you don’t mark them, how can they prove the money was yours? It was all too stupid never mind seedy and illegal.
Q: There are rumors that in some districts there is sex exchanged for jobs. What do you think?
A: I have never in my life seen a “hot” looking school director, have you?
Q: Point taken. Would you move back here if given the opportunity?
A: Yes but it won’t happen. For all your knowledge about politics you are very naïve. This has been going on for years. When we went to school you thought all these politicians were freakin’ rock stars. They aren’t. They’re crooks.
Q: Not all.
A: See, you’re still defending them. You’re like the last guy on the Titanic saying “it wasn’t an iceberg, just a few cubes”.
Q: So I’m thinking you have no use for crooked school directors and meddling administrators?
A: They should all burn in hell and die.
Q: You mean die and then burn in hell right?
A: No you didn’t hear left handed. I mean what I said. Burn first, then die.


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