Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The LuLac Edition #974, Oct. 14th, 2009



Wonder statistically who were the biggest losers in the hundred day budget fiasco? Labor and Industry was cut by $29 million, nearly 25% of its budget. They lost vocational rehabilitation, entrepreneurial assistance and self-employment assistance line items. Conservation and Natural Resources were reduced by 19 percent hit, including more than half of what it spent on forest pest management. $9.3 million from state parks operations were slashed. Historical and Museum Commission support for eight museums were down more than 50 percent, and the Public Television Network’s total state subsidy, $11.3 million, was eliminated. The Scotland School for Veterans’ Children in Franklin County will be closed for good, and there is transition money to shut down the Scranton State School for the Deaf. Department of Environmental Protection was reduced by $58 million, or 27 percent. Line items that got no funding included climate change initiatives, the consumer energy program and an $11 million safe water effort. The Legislators did make some cuts in their own areas. Politically they had to but critics are saying the cuts are in areas that will not hurt them personally. The state Senate’s budget fell 9.6 percent to $92 million, while the House of Representatives took a 3.8 percent cut, to $185 million. The Legislature lost its $48,000 to buy flags and $454,000 to conserve flags and rare books. And the state’s judicial branch sustained a nearly 10 percent reduction, to $277 million. Libraries took a 20 million dollar hit and the cuts to public broadcasting already have manifested themselves in voice tracking on WVIA FM. An announcement between the music comes on from Station GM Bill Kelly who tells listeners used to hearing the on air staff that they are on unpaid furlough because of the budget cuts. A listener complained to me that they heard Ravel’s “Bolero” twice during the broadcast day. With this budget and the ramifications of it, let’s just say the proverbial stuff has yet to hit the fan.


Richard Hughes had a remarkable fundraiser last Wednesday night at the Woodlands. Our LuLac correspondent reports that over 350 people attended the event and an enthused crowd welcomed the Judicial candidate and his family. Attending were fellow candidate Bill Amesbury who stopped by with Mayor Tom Leighton for a few minutes. Amesbury was having a rally the troops night for his forces at the Barney inn and also stopped by the Polachek Gartley funder. Other Judicial candidates from the spring seen at the Hughes event were C.J. Bufalino, Mike Blazick and Michael Pendolphi. The admission was $150.00 per person which will give Hughes some added dough for his campaign effort. Hughes has a presence, (as well as Amesbury and Polachek Gartley) on billboards and will most likely be utilizing other media in the final push. Hughes is also planning a bash at Genetti’s in Downtown Wilkes Barre on October 29th with Stanky and the Coal Miners. The Hughes campaign will have an old fashioned polka party. Cost for this event $20.00. The Hughes campaign is chugging along making inroads into the heavily Democratic registration. Judging by the event last week, Hughes can draw a crowd willing to contribute to his effort.

WILK # 1

WILK Radio for the first time it it’s over 70 year history has place number 1 in the local Arbitron ratings book. Hat is a huge accomplishment for an AM FM talker. You can say all you want about the on air staff, the fact is people are listening. WILK scored the top spot in the 12 plus listener category. Congradulations to the staff for a job well done. I hope bonuses are in order for the on air staff. Editors note: Whenever we feature something about WILK staff we always get some pretty raunchy and hateful e mails. Save your energy because I'm not going to post them.


At 5:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a Radio Veteran, you know well how flawed Arbitron Ratings are.
Still #1, 12 plus is pretty impressive. That would seem to indicate at least a certain number of 12-18 yr olds are listening. I
cant imagine why a single 12 year old would tune in let alone a 17 yr old! To say WILK is doing well
is one thing, but #1? I find hard to believe.

At 5:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats to the WILKers.

They need to give Nancy and Corbett huge raises. Nancy because of her fighting to get them on the FM dial and Corbett because he is the guy pulling in the big ratings, at least according to my rep.

Maybe they can fire Kevin, O wait that wouldn't equate to a huge raise... LOL

At 6:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Major, major Kudos to all at WILK.(Edited)Keep up the good work Mr. Yonki, it looks like you are recovering nicely.

At 6:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The biggest losers were the PA citizens (again).

At 12:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

CJ Buffalino, brother of the county Democrat Chair is dancing at the Republican candidate's fundraiser. Is it any wonder why the Democrats can't find candidates? Let's not forget the CJ was a Democrat county candidate a few years ago and lost to a Republican. This politics stuff is really crazy. Was the independent Walter Griffith at the Hughes affair? I'm getting closer and closer to not voting just because of the lack of candidates. I'm over the edge with my Party's candidates and where are the Democrats going? Sad, very sad. Will somebody wake me when the election is over?

At 11:24 AM, Anonymous Joe Leonardi said...

Congratulations to Nancy, Kevin, Sue and Steve... They have accomplished something to be very proud.

At 9:34 AM, Blogger femaile said...

Honestly I understand why you don't want negativity about WILK folks but are you listening to them cry about Stacy Brown's column. These people are so thinned skinned. Just block it out. These are the same 4 that assail others for a living can not take a little opinionated analysis of their station. Get over it. I am willing to bet that the reason they finished #1 had little to do with the four of them and mostly to do with Rush.
Mr. Yonki you know these people. Are they really that insecure? Is it possible that they are that fragile within themselves not to handle an opinion about them?
I beg you to please post this. It isn't meant to be hateful, it is a response to their #1 ranking and their boorish reaction to others opinions.


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