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The LuLac Edition #1141, Apr. 4th, 2010



To those celebrating, reflecting, contemplating or just going to church because you always did, have a nice Easter Sunday. My boyhood memories of Easter involve my late god mother getting us these huge chocolate airplanes and spending time in church. My adult tastes for chocolate have graduated to Take 5 bars and a Bailey’s once in a while. The church I worshipped in has been reduced to cavernous hole on William Street in Pittston. But Easter is a time for reflection and thanking the spiritual entity you believe in for your life. Hope your time is spent with family and friends.


You’ll see the political races really start to heat up after Easter. The Governor’s race is still a mere shadow of the 2002 contest between Bob Casey Junior and Ed Rendell. But I have a feeling someone is going to get on TV soon and start making a dent in the undecideds in this race. I noticed a lot more road and yard signs starting to pop up too. You might see some modest ads in the newspaper from the candidates this Sunday. Most likely with their families. But after the Holy season, watch the gloves come off.


Retired Judge Bernard Podcasy died Saturday. The Judge was elected in the early 70s after serving as County Prothonotary. Podcasy was a low key candidate who was surrounded by the raucous Democratic machine of the late 60s in Luzerne County. While the Commissioner team of Crossin and Wideman were at constant loggerheads and the party had more chiefs jockeying for leadership positions Podcasy brought a type of calm and competency to his short time in his row office.
Podcasy was a bonafide war hero. He served with the 45th Infantry Division of the U.S. Army during World War II where he was wounded three times. He was awarded the Purple Heart Medal and Combat Infantryman’s Badge and was promoted from the rank of private to captain. Podcasy received his law degree from Georgetown University Law School. Podcasy ran for Luzerne County Judge in 1971 against incumbent Judge Albert Aston Senior who had been appointed by Governor Shafer to fill the seat of the late Jacob Schiffman. Aston was an incumbent and very popular but the Democratic machine as well as Podcasy’s low key friendly style played well with voters in the County. He was retained for a second 10-year term in 1981. After retiring in 1990, Podcasy was appointed as a Senior Judge to preside over the 1992 trial of Lackawanna County Coroner William Sweeny and his former solicitor, Michael Eagen. While serving as the administrator of Michael Oscinsky, Sweeny transferred $145,000 from an estate account into Eagen’s trust fund. Checks were then written by Eagen to himself and Sweeny until less than $20 remained in the trust fund, according to investigators. The two men pled guilty to theft charges and Podcasy placed them on five years probation. Podcasy was appointed to hear the case by the state Supreme Court after all Lackawanna County judges disqualified themselves. I used to see Podscasy at the King’s College gym on his lunch hour. He’s be on the StairMaster (the only one they had back then) and talk to him when he did a turn on the recumbent bikes. He was proud of his Eastern European heritage and always met the gym rats with a ready smile and friendly wave. Check the local paper for funeral arrangements


James O'Meara Senior released a video this week talking about his candidacy for State Representative. O'Meara, Candidate for Representative in the Pennsylvania General Assembly District 121 - Ashley, Hanover Township Ward 02, Plains Township, Wilkes-Barre City, Wilkes-Barre Township. He'll face off against Eddie Day Pashinski in the fall.


John Yudichak, Democratic State Senate candidate in the 14th Senatorial District, received the unanimous endorsement of the Northeast PA Building and Construction Trades Council. The announcement was made April 1st by Mike Rozitski, Business Manager for the Trades Council. “John Yudichak has an outstanding voting record on labor issues,” said Rozitski. “He has always been very union-oriented and a true friend of labor. Our endorsement of John was unanimous and extremely enthusiastic.” The Northeast PA Building and Construction Trades Council represents 15 different construction industry unions and approximately 15,000 union members. This coveted endorsement for Yudichak follows last week’s unanimous endorsement by the Fraternal Order of Police, Wyoming Valley Lodge No. 36. More major endorsements of Yudichak will be announced in the coming days. “I am honored to have received the unanimous endorsement of the Building and Construction Trades Council,” said Yudichak. “My father was a union miner and my mother was a lifelong AFSCME member. At an early age, they instilled in me an appreciation for the American labor movement and the principles of fair wages and working standards that unions hold dear. I have always stood with the labor movement and I always will.” During his past 12 years as State Representative, Yudichak was instrumental in creating many good paying jobs for Building Trades members in northeastern PA, including the currently-under-construction Culinary Institute at Luzerne County Community College in Nanticoke, which is being built with a 90% union workforce. Last week, Yudichak launched his first campaign TV spot, which addresses government reform and the culture of corruption in politics (view the spot at The 14th Senate District encompasses parts of Carbon, Luzerne and Monroe Counties in Northeastern PA. Pennsylvania’s Primary Elections will take place Tuesday, May 18th.


At 2:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dave: Happy Easter. Nice tribute to Judge Podcsy. But PLEASE, can we get off the subject of your torn down church???? It's gone just like those chocolate airplanes. Let it go.

At 11:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

First I have to say what a true gentleman Judge Podcasy was. He would certainly make for a strong asset on the county bench in these times.

I can't say that I agree with the endorsement of Yudichak. I feel very strongly that John turned his back on all those who supported him these past 12 years. He reached a point in seniority that he would have been a very effective Representative but he dropped his 12 years of seniority for the ego building title of Senator. I feel nothing but disappointment that Yudichak gave up 12 years of seniority for nothing more than an ego trip. I will strongly support Mayor Tom and then watch as Yudichak publicly kicks himself for giving into his ego and turning his back on all those who have supported him these past 12 years. What a disappointment he is.

At 12:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeeze Yonk... get over it already, you just keep bitchin' about a damn building. Give it up already. You probably weren't that loyal to it when it was alive.

At 6:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the church means something to you (and I think it does) then: HANG ON SLOOPY!
Some things are beyond brick and mortar.

At 1:18 AM, Blogger Herself said...

Actually, one of the Gov candidates is already on the air--Onorato. Their campaign had adds go up last week--I don't know if they hit all PA markets though. Didn't see it myself, read about it on So maybe they didn't air in NEPA yet. Not surprising Onorato would be the first out of the gate with TV though. Considering the size of that war chest.

At 7:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the words of an old Country Song
"She's gone gone gone
cryin wont bring her back".


At 8:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Four things:
1. What they did to that church was a disgrace. Out of all the churches they closed, why tear that one down? Money! Never been there but passed by it many times on my way to work. A shame.
2. Judge podcasy was a true gentleman who did his career and the justice system proud.
3. Onorato can spend all the money he wants, Jack Wagner has been working the small towns and chairman like an honest (if there was such a thing) Chicago ward heeler. Book it.
4. That candidate for state rep is dangerous...he makes sense.

At 8:50 AM, Anonymous Pope George Ringo said...

Lower Williams Street in Pittston resembles Berlin at the end of WWII. Enough said.


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