Monday, April 19, 2010

The LuLac Edition #1156, Apr. 19th, 2010



Oklahoma City paused for a moment of silence today on the 15th anniversary of the explosion that killed 168 people in the nation's most devastating domestic terrorism attack. Others, however, were far from silent about what they see as the attack's disturbing connection to the threats Americans face today. Nearly nine years after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, and in the midst of a vigorous debate over whether domestic terrorism is on the rise, some argue that the Oklahoma City bombing holds certain lessons for the country today. And it seems to have renewed a debate between liberals and conservatives over whether anti-government rhetoric can lead to anti-government violence. A CBS poll has four out of 10 Americans saying that "domestic terrorism is a bigger issue" than international terrorism. (More people polled still say international terrorism remains the greater threat, but according to CBS, that number has fallen since 2001.) I was in New York City that day and many New Yorkers paused to take a looik at TVs set up in delis and stures along 5th Avenue. Little did they, and I realize that in less than 10 years terrorism would hit NYC.

PB16 AT 5

Amidst controversy over the sex scandal in the church Pope Benedict XVIth marked his fifth year at the Papal throne. The Pope has made public apologies for the scandals (the most recent was on Sunday in Malta). As many of you know I had the opportunity to see the Pope at Yankee Stadium in 2008. It was an electric moment. Here's how the announcement of Benedict's ascendancy played out 5 years ago today.


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Completely unrelated: Comcast has restored PCN to its programming list. Just thought you should know.

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Hey Dave,
I am starting a new group, the Tea Baggers! Not sure what we are for or against yet but we will appoint a committee and get on it right away.


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