Saturday, May 08, 2010

The LuLac Edition #1175, May 8th, 2010



This coming Sunday is “Mother’s Day”. I had the opportunity to have a conversation with a mom raising two children, 13 and 7.
Q: I heard this is the most rewarding thing a woman can do.
A: It is.
Q: Why is that? I mean I’m a guy who never had kids.
A: You’d make a great dad. Too bad. Another life encompasses your entire life. It makes you more responsible to someone more than yourself.
Q: Are there days when it is thankless raising kids?
A: About every other day, yeah.
Q: How do you handle those days?
A: I know that sooner or later those little buggers are going to need me.
Q: The thing about moms, even after they are gone is that you always need them.
A: Right you are.
Q: What is your best strength as a mom and your worst?
A: My best is that I was a real awful kid. Put my mom in an early grave so anything they think they can get away with, I’ve already done. The worst part is that sometimes I leave too much of the discipline to my husband and that makes him the bad guy. I sometimes feel bad about that.
Q: Your biggest hope and fear for your kids?
A: Biggest hope is that they be true to themselves. Biggest fear is drugs. I was an addict, check that, I’m still an addict, I’m 17 years clean and I don’t want them experiencing that.
Q: Sometimes you can’t control that.
A: Yeah but I can really recognize the signs. Like I said, I pretty much pulled out all the stops when I was a kid.
Q: What are your plans for “Mother’s Day”?
A: Oh I’m going to make them do the Joe Snedecker thing.
Q: I know what you mean.
A: Bet you don’t!
Q: I do, you’re going to make them take you to a Chinese Buffet!
A: How the **** did you know that?
Q: I just did. Important question though. Raw oysters or those big ass clams?
A: Love the raw bar and the sushi. Those clams are too big and tough.
Q: Well I hope you enjoy yourself and have a good Mother’s Day.
A: Thanks. As a son of a great mom what advice would you give to my kids about me when I'm old and gray?
Q: Uh, fear you?
A: Stop it!
Q: Seriously, call every day.
A: Cool. I Hope they will.


At 3:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank God she had a husband or else I'm sure you'd go off on her for having kids out of wedlock you judgemental jerk.

At 4:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why subject out-of-wedlock kids to the inherent "handicaps" associated with the mothers choice?

"Jerk" was a little harsh to say about someone who sincerely cares about the kid's welfare.


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