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The LuLac Edition #1188, May 21st, 2010



It always happens. Candidates who have a leg up on the establishment, those who bolt out of the blue and establish themselves as the alternative voices for the people, almost always stumble. Despite the Tea Party crowd’s protestations that “they want their government back” and “they don’t want their freedom taken away”, America remains a centrist country when it comes to core beliefs of rights and human decency. But --
Rand Paul, the new face of the tea party movement made stunning comments about anti-discrimination laws. The political newcomer knocked off the GOP establishment's candidate, Trey Grayson, in Kentucky's Republican Senate primary on Tuesday and called it a "mandate" for the tea party's drive to limit Washington's power. On NPR, Paul was asked about his belief that the Americans With Disabilities Act gave government too much authority over private business. The reporter wanted to know whether Paul felt the same way about the 1964 Civil Rights Act. This question was asked because Paul’s foe in the general Jack Conway asked the question. And that was the start of Paul’s tap dance. "What I've always said is, I'm opposed to institutional racism," Paul responded, adding that he would have marched with Dr. Martin Luther King if he'd been alive at the time. Although Paul said he supports nearly everything in the Civil Rights Act, he took issue with the part that outlaws discrimination by private businesses except for clubs.Later on MSNBC, Rachel Maddow asked Paul the same question Paul said he didn't believe "any private property should discriminate" and insisted he would never patronize such a place. But he asked Maddow, "Does the owner of the restaurant own his restaurant or does the government own his restaurant?"
Well here’s my answer, the government doesn’t run the restaurant. But society establishes rules for our behavior. When we as a society treat other citizens unfair because of the color of their skin, adjustments or laws have to be made. The owner owns his restaurant but that doesn’t give him the sole right to stop people of color and disabilities from eating there. Our uncivil society in the South after the Civil War made it necessary for citizens of color to first reason and then peacefully protest. When that is met with attack dogs and fire hoses, midnight beatings and bombs going off in church, then yes Mr. Paul, the government, the federal government you so loathe and fear has to step in. The main function of government is to protect the rights of all of the people, even those who want to have a hot dog from a bigot. There was a wonderful movie Andy Griffith starred in featuring a character called Lonesome Rhoades. The movie was called “A Face In the Crowd” and the main player got the love and attention of his faithful until he told them what he really thought about them. Rand Paul told us what he was really thinking...and not a moment too soon.


This note came across the e mail machine from Lou Barletta’s campaign people. It appears they are thrilled to have Congressman Kanjorski as an opponent.
Dear Friend, The primary election is behind us, and we got what many of us are looking for – a rematch with Paul Kanjorski on Nov. 2.This is going to be a very exciting, very challenging campaign for all of us on the Lou Barletta team. Mr. Kanjorski will be well-funded, mostly by special interests on Wall Street and in Washington. His campaign team is known for playing dirty. And he has millions in “free money” (the term he used to describe your tax dollars on the “CBS Evening News,” Aug. 1, 2008) to hand out between now and the general election.Things don’t look good for Mr. Kanjorski. When people went to vote on Tuesday, more than 51 percent of voters in his own party voted against him. If you add the people who voted for Lou, more than 65 percent voted against Paul Kanjorski. For someone who’s been in office for more than a quarter-century, that’s a devastating number.Lou clearly has the wind at his back. But we cannot rest – and we are not taking anything for granted. We continue to work hard every day. Lou is bringing his message to the voters in all corners of the 11th District. He’s raising money to remain competitive. And he’s showing everyone here and in Washington that this year, this race will end with a Barletta victory.But we know what’s ahead. In 2008, Mr. Kanjorski’s attack dogs started hitting Lou with negative television ads in June – the earliest commercials aired by an incumbent’s campaign against a challenger in the country.We expect that again this year. Frankly, we won’t be surprised if it’s much, much worse. After all, Mr. Kanjorski is “the state’s most vulnerable incumbent” (, May 4, 2010) who “will struggle to beat Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta.” (Time magazine, May 17, 2010)We love to read those kinds of stories, but this election is far from settled. Five months is a lifetime in American politics.Lou still needs your support. Lou needs you to keep working hard to achieve victory in November. Lou needs you to put a yard sign in your yard, to talk with your family and friends and neighbors about his message of changing Washington. Lou needs you to help us get new volunteers and new donors.For now, Lou is asking you to get involved and stay involved. Please contact us at campaign headquarters to get a sign, to join our volunteer list, to contribute to the cause, and to let us know of events Lou should try to attend.On behalf of Lou and all of us on his team, thank you very much for your continued support. Onward to victory!
Sincerely, Lance Stange, Jr.
Campaign Manager
Lou Barletta for Congress


Vice president Joe Biden who campaigned furiously for Arlen Specter made a statement about the 5 term Senator’s loss. “Arlen Specter is one of my closest friends. He has served Pennsylvania with determination, wisdom, and skill for many years. I was proud to play a role in his return to the Democratic Party; his votes to pass the Recovery Act and health insurance reform were courageous and critical to our success. I look forward to working with him during the rest of this year, and remaining in close contact with him after his term in Washington is finished." “I spoke to Joe Sestak last night and congratulated him on his impressive victory. He will make a great candidate in the fall, and a wonderful United States Senator. I look forward to campaigning for him in Pennsylvania and celebrating his victory in November.”


The Times Leader reports that The New York Yankees have extended their Player Development Contract with the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees through the 2014 season, the team announced Thursday night in a press release. The SWB Yankees are the franchise’s Triple-A affiliate in the International League.



Communist Party of China issues the 'May 16 Notice', marking the beginning of the Cultural Revolution……………….Bob Dylan's seminal album, Blonde on Blonde is released in the U.S… Pennsylvania 53 year old industrialist Milton Shapp stuns the political establishment by defeating the Democratic party endorsee Robert Casey. It is the first time since the Gifford Pinchot administration that an endorsed candidate is defeated. Casey, a Scranton State Senator carried his home counties of Lackawanna and neighboring Luzerne by a large margin but his vote in the Philadelphia area was held down to just over 8200 votes. Shapp who started working in a radio factory amassed his millions by starting a cable TV company. Shapp’s victory was the culmination of a long massive media campaign where he spent more than a million dollars to gain name recognition. Shapp spent the day monitoring the progress of his mother Eva who had suffered a heart attack recently. State Senator Casey spent the day visiting polling places, spent some time at a friend’s summer home in the Poconos and then bought two baseball gloves for his two oldest sons before returning to Scranton to await the returns. As Casey waited for the returns in a private room in the Hotel Casey, he nervously smoked cigarettes waiting for the outcome. At midnight it appeared Milton Shapp had opened up a 23,000 vote lead and never looked back. Casey conceded at 3:15AM with the final total being Shapp, 541,114 votes to Casey’s 492,535…..Casey’s running mate Allegheny County Commissioner Leonard Staisey on the Lt. Governor’s nomination…By contrast the GOP race was mild. Lt. Governor Ray Shaffer ran wild over perennial candidate Harold Stassen. The late Walter Allasendroni who died in a plane crash on May 8th won handily. The State GOP announced it would name a replacement after a suitable period… the State Senate contest in Lackawanna County Attorney James Haggerty won a nomination to the State Senate for Casey’s seat defeating Mid Valley Attorney and strip mine activist John V Pieski……on the GP side, Arthur Piasecki a tavern and grocery store owner won the GOP nod…..For the 10th Congressional Distrait seat held by Joseph McDade City Councilman Neil Trama won the Democratic nod…….Democratic nominees for State Representative seats included Michael Needham (113th), Cyril Moran (112th) John Wansacz (114th) and Joseph Wargo in the (115th). On the GOP side winners were Louis Costanzo (113th) Charles Luger (1212th)William Edwards (114th) and Joh Nagy (115TH)…….T. Newell Wood reclaimed his Senate seat after an 8 year absence from incumbent Harold Flack. Wood will face the Democratic nominee Harold Coslett in the fall….in the 14th Senatorial District Martin Murray reclaims his seat after gerrymandering by defeating Avoca Mayor Joe McLane…..a 4 way contest between broadcast executive Vic Diem of Hazleton, funeral director John Yeosock of Plains, Pepsi Executive Eddie Joseph from Duryea and Sam Daley from Pittston ends with a convincing Diehm victory. Diehm owns the popular WVCD radio station in Hazleton… the state reps races, incumbents in Luzerne County (Bachman (1rst), Meholchick (2nd) Musto (3rd) (Shupnik (4th) andO’Brien (the 6th) all win renomination. In Frank Crossin’s old 5th district seat, on the GOP side Kingston Councilman Frank O’Connell will face off against Bill Keller…in the 11th Congressional district Dan Flood romped to renomination and will oppose Hazletonian Republican Gerald Broadt….and 44 years ago the number 1 song in America and LuLac land was "Sloop John B" by the Beach Boys.


At 1:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That Rand Paul is quite a guy. Next he will probably take on the womens right to vote. Just another mindless idiot who maybe should open a history book. Another big plus for the Tea Party and a possible running mate for Sarah. What sort of doctor is he?

At 9:38 PM, Anonymous Your Bi-Sexual Female Fan said...

the only reason i mention my sexuality isnt for the closed minded heynas. it is because i want to have a serious three way with the fuzzy headed little man.

At 8:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it Ron Paul or Rue Paul?

At 9:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great movie with a terrific performance against type by Andy Griffith. Lonesome Rhoades is alive and well and can be found on Fox. Wouldnt be surprised to see one or more of those guys go down just like Old Lonesome did. Thanks for the reminder.

Pete Cassidy

At 6:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although Kanjo could be better, Barletta would be a total disaster. Anyone who advocates privatizing Social Security has drunk the kool-aid.


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