Saturday, July 10, 2010

The LuLac Edition #1232, July 10th, 2010



This week I spoke to a life long friend of mine who is also a life long sports fan. The topic, Lebron James.
Q: So what did you think of his choice?
A: That’s his business. I follow the NBA and I think he made a very sound basketball judgement. He wants to win championships. That’s what it’s all about. But he’s talking the easy way out. It’s almost like collusion in reverse.
Q: Think he should have stayed with one team?
A: You look at Magic Johnson and Larry Byrd. They did it with one team. So did Jordan until he had that mid life crisis and decided he couldn’t get enough. They stuck it out. But I can’t fault Lebron for following the strategy and his dream. He is taking less money.
Q: Did you watch the ESPN program?
A: No, don’t tell me you did.
Q: Yes.
A: You’re crazy. I couldn’t be bothered. It took an hour to say in 10 seconds what he was going to do. Silly.
Q: I watched it because it was unprecedented.
A: So if the President or the Pope or the Queen asks for TV time to tell people they stepped in dog crap, and they make a TV special out of it, you’d watch it because it was never done before? Unprecedented? C’mon.
Q: Okay, okay.
A: No, I mean what’s next. Brett Farve doing a two hour special on whether he’s coming back to Minnesota? Payton Manning buying time on CNBC to discuss is investments? Tom Brady going on Life Time to talk about dating models? A Rod going on “The View” to discuss how he dated Kate Hudson?
Q: I see your point.
A: I’m just tired of it. And Sports Talk Radio was all over it today. Good luck and God speed but simmer it down.
Q: Will you watch him play?
A: As a fan yes. If the game is close, yes. But if I hear him say one more time “at the end of the day”, “I love my momma” or “basketball is a business”, I’m jumping in the truck and turning on Froggy.


At 9:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It aint what James did, it was the low class/no class way he did it!
He's no King- He has no Ring! Time will tell, but remember, He's changing his number to 6 because 23should be Jordans. Guess he never heard of Bill Russell #6 Boston Celtics. He has 11 Rings and an NCAA Title.

At 9:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your Friend and Political Sparing Partner has left a new comment on your post "The LuLac Edition #1232, July 10th, 2010":

Sports is a diversion. At times great, at times silly at times just plain stupid. The ratings on ESPN's decesion were through the roof.
As far as all the arguments about LaBron bailing on Cleveland, he is 25 years old, where would you rather be, Miami or Cleveland?
Jordon didn't win championships on his own. It took an entire cast including, but not limited to Scotty Pippen and Dennis Rodman.
Lary Bird didn't win championships on his own. He had Danny Ainge, Robert Parrish,Kevin McHale, etc.
Magic Johnson had Jabar, Silk, etc.
Julius Irving, perhpas one of the best of all time, didn't get a championship until another great, Moses Malone, joined the 76ers.
Malone didn't stay where he was, Jabar didn't stay where he was. The both moved on to win.
The Lakers, Celtics and Bulls were willing to get the best to surround their stars. Cleveland wasn't? I love Shaq and in his prime he was the best in the NBA. He proved that by winning multiple championships but he didn't do it alone. He left Orlando seeking a better fit and found it in Los Angeles.
This ***hole owner and others calling for loyalty, please!
Joe Montana multiple super bowl rings to San Fran, his skill faded they got rid of him.
Tom Landry new owner he got shit canned.
Don Shula another legend bye bye.
Dan Marino got the boot.
The fact is owners are the least loyal people. Until free agency they were modern day slave traders.
I haven't watched basketball regularly for years. This upcoming season the happenings in Miami have me interested. It may be the begining of a dynasty or 3 super egos may not be able to work together. I want to watch and see either way.


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