Monday, July 26, 2010

The LuLac Edition #1247, July 26th, 2010



So the news has come out that our fair state of Pennsylvania is ranked third in the nation for taxation of slot machines. THIRD! Pennsylvania takes 55% in taxes. So if so many people are at the slot machines and there are billions of dollars in revenue, here’s my questions. 1. Where is all the money?
2. Why are the Legislators not asking for oversight?
3. How can we audit where this money is going?
At least organized crime keeps two separate sets of books, at least that’s what I’ve told. Where oh where is the money? Inquiring minds want to know. Three places it isn’t going, elder care, social services and libraries. And now with table games which are more popular, the Commonwealth stands to make more money. But where the hell is it going?


At 10:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go Eddie, Go!!!!!

At 11:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You've got that right. Where's your man Fast Eddie and his boys in the legislature with all their promises of relief from the gambling revenue?

The tax rate is so onerous on these casinos I don't know any business that can operate after having well over half their gross skimmed right off the top.

Even the Goodfellas in the old days wouldn't take that much in their white envelopes.

At 2:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its about time somebody brought this up. I have been wondering for a long time where the money is going since it cant be going where its suppose to. We woulda been beter off making a deal with Tony Soprano. He at least occasionally had some scruples unlike our politicians. Ive lived in several parts of the country and nowhere does the arrogance of the elected officials match Pennsylvania.

At 7:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where's the moolah?'s probably nothing, but I think smiling Ed Rendell bought a new tie...

At 10:07 AM, Anonymous Mayor Bill said...

Dave, that's one of the many reasons that made me decide to run for State Rep. After a 101 day budget debacle, they passed table games and for 5 years, not 1 PENNY goes to property tax relief! They outright lied to us when they sold us the bill of goods on gambling. They are using the table games money to replenish the "rainy day" account that they stole the money from to balance the budget, and when the fund gets back to 750 Million, then they'll start putting money into the property tax relief account---THANK YOU PHYLLIS and EACHUS ! Oh by the way, do you think the fund will ever get back to 750m, or will they start spending it again--just wondering.


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