Friday, August 13, 2010

The LuLac Edition #1264, Aug. 13th, 2010



Many political pundits are trying to find the answer in the paradox of the Obama Presidency. Voters overwhelmingly voted for change. This President has accomplished many legislative triumphs that in the long and short run will improve America. In the short term, the President extended unemployment benefits. He offered a subsidy for the payment of Cobra payments for health care.
A financial reform bill that will prevent another Wall Street massacre which nearly destroyed this country financially was passed.
The American Auto Industry was saved from the brink of disaster by getting a loan, not a bailout.
Parents with kids out of college can add them to their health plan.
These are seemingly victories for the little guy. But there is a serious disconnect between these accomplishments and the absolute negativity people have towards this President and program. At first I thought it was race because like it or not, having grown up in LuLac land, we have never been kind to people of any color. And if that color was “newcomer”, the unkindness was tripled.
But I think it goes further. A sleeping dwarf has been awakened in America and it has added a new voice to the body politic. I found my answer on the Sue Henry show in of all places on Wednesday.
A caller from Dallas said that our freedoms were being taken away. She said we were on the road to socialism. She admitted that she was a high school graduate and that at a late age she was just starting to pay attention. If I had the opportunity to ask a few questions, I’d ask the following: Do you not have freedom of movement to go anywhere you want in this county? Is anyone coming to your home and confiscating any of your belongings? When was the last time a government agent stopped you from enjoying your favorite beverage or asking where you were going? Have you ever been detained for no reason at all? After you spoke your mind on WILK did anyone who disagreed with you haul you off for questioning? When people talk about taking away freedoms, I’m pretty sure they don’t have a clue as to what that means. A government administration in America can’t, won’t do that. In our glorious history of over 2 centuries it hasn’t happened. Ask someone from a former Communist country about freedoms being taken away. THey'll tell you a different story.
The next caller was the head of the Lackawanna County Tea Party who started to rant about how bad things are. That no one is investing or working and that the path the Obama administration has taken is the wrong one with too much debt. I had met this woman at one of the Talker Shows on WVIA TV and Kevin Lynn who was on the panel at the time asked her where was she when the GOP was piling up the national debt. She responded that she wasn’t paying attention but now was. Kevin took that as a fair stance. As I listened to her about the lack of investment and how no one was spending any money, I heard Rock 107 blaring from my driveway as a small construction company expanded and repaired it. We had called them to do the work in April, this was the first chance the small business had been able to get to us. They were busy. Working. I was getting dressed to go to work at a family owned business that was going to make over a million and a half in sales during the month of August. On the way to work, I needed to go to the Mall and I saw a line of people outside the Olive Garden waiting to go to lunch on a Wednesday! When Sue pressed her as to what businesses owners she talked to that were hurting, she had difficulty coming up with an answer. But her next remark was telling when she said that no one was using her nursing services because older people couldn’t afford it because they lost their money in the stock market citing Wall Street greed. Uh, isn’t the Wall Street Reform bill supposed to fix that, make sure that will never happen again? Didn't the GOP and conservatives embrace Wall Street?
When I worked at the on line pagan travel company a young lady getting the benefits of the WIC program for her children talked about how government needs to butt out of her life. Again, someone newly engaged.
I welcome these people to the debate but I’d ask one thing before they start spouting off the latest Rush-ism, check your facts. When I was very young, my first exposure to a compelling radio commentary force was Garner Ted Armstrong from the World Wide Church of God, What he said sounded so good and the man said it so well. But I was urged to look at other sides of what he was arguing. When I was a Humphrery/McGovern liberal, a conservative teacher at St. John’s in Pittston urged me to read William F. Buckley’s “Up From Liberalism”. I did and got a whole other side. What I fear is happening in our area as well as the country is that the newly engaged are not intellectually developed enough to offer valid opinions. Oh I respect their right to say whatever they want but I reserve the supreme right not to take them seriously. The problem is these forces are multiplying and are offering arguments devoid of historical perspective and accuracy. Being recently engaged in the political process is admirable. Being ignorantly engaged is an embarrassment to themselves as well as a danger to the country. A society that engages an uniformed populace that has no desire to see the other side will give these people what they are saying is happening now, a true decrease in our freedoms.


This story crosses all political lines. The employee from Jet Blue that had enough with his passenger, grabbed two beers and exited with a flourish. Consumers are tough these days. Believe it or not, there are some cases where the customer is not always right. Airline customers, in my opinion have always had a sense of entitlement. So while I think his action was a bit extreme, you have to love the flourish in which he headed to the jobless line.


If you want to go to an interesting rally, the Luzerne County GOP has a unique invitation:
Subject: Bus Trip: Reservations, Payment Due
Join the Luzerne County Young Republicans Bus Trip to a Historic Event Saturday, Aug. 28. Restoring Honor Rally With Glenn Beck & Sarah Palin at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D.C. Reservations and payment are due Friday, Aug. 13. Buy your ticket online at;$30 FOR ROUND-TRIP BUS TICKET ITINERARY:
5 a.m. Bus leaves 41 S. Main St., Wilkes-Barre PA
8 a.m. Bus arrives for drop off at the Mall Area of the Lincoln Memorial
10 a.m.-1 p.m.
Restoring Honor Rally 2 p.m.
Bus departs Washington (TBA) Quick stop at a fast food restaurant on way home
6 p.m. Estimated time of arrival in Wilkes-Barre
COST: $30 for round trip.
Guys have fun on your bus trip but how about hammering on these local Legislative races this fall. You’ve done some good events but more needs to be done.


Bill Goldsworthy Mayor of West Pittston and candidate for State Representative against Phyllis Mundy in the 120th sent the incumbent a letter in the mail. No it wasn’t an early Christmas card but an invitation to a debate. Here’s the text of that note:
August 10, 2010
Representative Phyllis Mundy
State Capitol
36 East Wing
Harrisburg, PA 17120-2120

Dear Phyllis,

Since an informed electorate is vital to a successful election process, I am taking this opportunity to challenge you to a series of three (3) debates. I believe these debates will educate the voters on our respective positions for the important issues facing the Luzerne County and the 120th House District.
In order to allow the time necessary to schedule and work out the details of these debates, I suggest an RSVP deadline of Friday, August 20, 2010. This will allow you plenty of opportunity to check your schedule for available dates so we can begin this process immediately.
I do suggest the following as a starting point:
All debates to be held in the 120th House District and open to the public.
Suggested Venues: A. Wyoming Seminary School
B. Wyoming Area High School
C. Jackson Township Fire Hall
That is all I ask; I am more than willing to leave the dates and times of all three debates up to you. I will be happy to meet with you and work out any details. Beyond that, I will be happy to arrange everything – the venues, the broadcasts, and a non-partisan moderator, preferably from the local newspapers and local Chamber of Commerce since jobs are such an important issue to local residents.
I look forward to your response and to the opportunity to discuss the important issues before local voters.
Bill Goldsworthy
Sent via certified and electronic mail to District and Harrisburg offices



The reprehensible Duggar Family is now bringing in a 20th child into the world. The most recent ended up being born three and half months premature after Michelle Duggar, that walking baby factory developed pre-eclampsia. Josie Brooklyn Duggar was born December 10, 2009, at 25 weeks, 4 days gestation. She weighed only one pound and six ounces. Little Josie spent almost the first 6 months at Arkansas Children's Hospital.
Look, the quality of life of this 19th child is in serious question. To bring on board a 20th child is irresponsible and the height of selfishness. These parents are abdicating their own responsibilities by letting the older siblings raise their kids. This is not the early 20th century when large families were the norm. These people have choices. But they’ll give you the garbage about how this is meant to be in the great scheme of things. On their web site they say this,
Our prayer is that all who view this site will realize that we are ordinary people with our individual weaknesses and imperfections but we serve an extraordinary GOD who delights in demonstrating His great power! This is why I can’t stand these people. They use Christianity as a way to justify their behavior. Stick God on it and it’ll justify everything. Plus we have a media that gives them a reality show. This whole thing is just plain wrong but because they call themselves Christians we are supposed to act interested and tell them how we love and understand them. Not me. Jim Bob, you proved your boys can swim. Cut off the supply. I don’t see any of your offspring curing cancer, saving the world or achieving world peace.


Lunar Orbiter 1, the first U.S. spacecraft to orbit another world launches.......The Beatles hold a press conference in Chicago, during which John Lennon apologizes for his "more popular than Jesus" remark, saying, "I didn't mean it as a lousy anti-religious thing."…………Hearings are held all across the State regarding Strip Mine reclamation projects started by the Scranton administration…… Scranton Mayor Jim Walsh starts a new series of programs to improve the Nay Aug Park facility and zoo….and 44 years ago the number 1 song in LuLac land and America was “Wild Thing” by the Troggs.

The song, “Wild Thing” spawned a few imitations that featured some very familiar political figures of the day.


At 5:49 AM, Anonymous Pope George Ringo said...

Good point on the "tyranny accusation" rants of the tea partiers. I often wonder why none of the "liberal" press point this out to individuals who are making the false claims during interviews. FOr the most part, most on the right are channeling Rush or Glenn; in other words, most of these poor souls does not possess an original thought of his/her own.

At 7:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Parents with kids out of college can add them to their health plan."

By boss is a small business owner, she always supplied us with the best insurance, great vacation time, liberal sick and personal leave and the lowest paid employee was making 45,000 per year. This little addendum pushed up the plan cost. Since we are 45 employees this great new entitlement for young adults, not children, plus new taxes that you don't hear about on the news left my employer with little options. We had a meeting and it was either 15 to 20 people would be moved to part time, we would lose our very good plan or she would sell the assets of her the company and retire.
Dear Mr. President and Congress thank you for extending unemployment because there are 50 new people out of work.

At 10:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I lost any of the little respect I had for Loreen Cummings after seeing one of her facebook postings. She actually made a negative comment about Chris Carney's reserve service. This of course from a republican who never served a day in uniform. She is so out of touch on issues. She just repeats the same thing over and over and over hoping that people believe it. She doesn't have an understanding of even the most basic issues. Do you know any republicans that actually have a grasp of any issue? If you do let us know, maybe we can convince he or she to run.

Come to think of it I can't think of any republicans who are running for office locally, or come to think of it have run in the last five or six years who actually served, can you?

At 4:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats, Dave. Your article, mini rant on the Duggars was the best piece of writing Ive seen in a while. Stick a fork in it-its done!
I think you hit about every point
and hit em all on the head. Today it seems alledged Christianity has become an excuse for bad behavior.
This man clearly has no respect for his wife or her well being or society in general. Both spouses are candidates for mental evaluation as is anyone who thinks these peole are doing God's work.
Good Grief!

At 9:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. You seem to be the only local blogger, hell the only local person who is trying to call out these so called Patriots that are trying to tell us how bad things are. I still have freedom of
movement. You are correct, these people don't understand freedom. They remind me of the blind hate rhetoric we experienced in the 60s. Rmember when some conservatives said that there were communist agitators in the civil right movement? SAme type of craop. Take it to them Yonki.

At 9:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Forgot the Arbors did the Letter. What a jive ass piece of ****! The original was 1:59 and left ya wanting more.
Date Records had the Arbors and Peaches and Herb. Herb stayed the same, the act was his, but there musta been more Peaches than Ike had Ikettes.

At 9:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wild Thing was written by Chip Taylor who is John Voights brother which makes him Angelina Jolies Uncle. Believe he also penned "Angel of the Morning".
Good music memories and you do come up with some obscure stuff, Yonki.

At 1:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are right when you say the newly engaged have no clue. It isd these lack of facts that dictatorships have historically exploited through the years. Those individuals who speak and not think, have no historical reference point to guide them when they make their remarks. Simple is as simple does.

At 4:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are correct on all counts here. But I fear we are into another period of no nothingism that we saw nearly a century and a half ago. The Queen of the movement is Sarah Palin.


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