Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The LuLac Edition #1349, Oct. 26th, 2010



They tell me this year’s election is about sending a message. We hear it from the Tea Party people, we even hear it from the establishment politicians. We here in LuLac land have a unique opportunity to send a message to Harrisburg and the career politicians. Attending the WVIA TV debate on Tuesday night, as I was listening to the two candidates, John Blake and Frank Scavo, I had the thought, “Why not Frank Scavo?
First off a few disclaimers. I agree more on the philosophy of government with John Blake than I do with Frank Scavo. I am appalled at Scavo’s take on health care in this country. I totally disagree with Frank Scavo on just about 90% of all things political. But if I were living in the 22nd district, I’d vote for Scavo. Here’s why and the reasons came out of the debate:
1. A vote for Scavo would send a very strong message to Harrisburg that things have to change. Right now, both parties want to keep the status quo. When Scavo, who won the primary called the Statewide GOP for some help, he was told, “Let’s see you win and then we’ll help you when you get here”. Exactly what does that mean? Help you with what? A bit of slush from the party caucus fund? Uh boy, you’re not one of us yet but when you get your electoral wings, we’ll give you some gas. The reluctance of a fat, loaded to the gills Republican party to help an insurgent like Scavo tells me the GOP just doesn’t want a guy like Frank to rock the boat.
2. Even though Scavo and I have ideas on why taxes are good and bad, he brought up in the debate how money should be spent and where it should not be cut, like veterans, disability and Library services. All of which have been cut by the House, Senate, and Governor’s office. All of that mind you when those institutions stayed fat and happy. Scavo also advised that he will turn down per diems and not take retirement pay. If he were running in Dauphin County they’d put him in a straight jacket!
3. Finally both candidates were asked about the toughest decision they had to make in public life. Scavo said it was quitting the Old Forge School Board as President. Blake said it was helping Boscov’s keep jobs with a bailout program in 2008. Scavo revealed that Al Boscov gave $5,000 to Blake’s primary run and $25,000 to his fall electoral bid. If Frank had that money, he’d be off running for President of Haiti with Wycleff Jean! Blake did not rebut Scavo’s facts. That exchange illustrated perfectly why the successor to Bob Mellow (and full disclosure here, Mellow wrote a beautiful letter for me after I got laid off from Blue Cross, never went to any of his outings, didn't even live in his district) needs to have no ties at all to any political party. The statewide GOP has already said they want nothing to do with Scavo until he wins and the Democrats certainly don’t want any part of him. Perhaps a Scavo victory will be hollow once he gets to Harrisburg and gets told how things are run. But this is an incredible opportunity to send to Harrisburg a modern day Mr. Smith with his only obligations to his God, his family, country, state and misguided Republican principles. But voting for Scavo would also send a huge message that people in LuLac land are not going to take it anymore. Just once, let’s try it. I feel that Scavo will be guided by what he thinks is right. One time just let loose and take a flyer on the unknown. Frank Scavo just might surprise you, like he did me.


At 1:05 AM, Anonymous Augean Stableboy said...

When you get to the 120th, remember the Scavo endorsement's rationale and support Tim Mullen!

I am tired of a genuinely nice incumbent who:
(a) voted for the pay raise and pension raises;
(b) never submitted a receipt for any of her per diems;
(c) never objected to the Commonwealth paying for meals on top of all that, at times when the House was in session;
(d) never objected to the Party hacks using State employees to sabotage third party candidates [good call for a former President of the League of Woman Voters];
(e) refused to sign third party petitions when asked this go around [ditto];
(f) never objected to the Party hacks financially blackmailing the third party state-wide candidates into withdrawing [Ethics 101 anyone];
(g) whined when the PennDOT finally closed the special liaison office for Legislative paperwork (long after the internet finally made using your State Rep moot in getting paperwork out of that black hole) and then never took notice that ALL the PennDOT job-holders were simply given other PennDOT vacancies - saving the Pennsylvania taxpayer not one cent.

Sorry, but change is overdue.

At 6:41 AM, Anonymous Your Friend and Political Sparring Partner said...

I like Frank. I will probably vote for him. However, I am concerned about his pursuit of "the cult of personality" Frank seems to impressed with himself. He jumps on every bandwagon in what sometimes appears a pathetic attempt to garner attention.
My one concern about Frank is that he being an Italian from Old Forge he has no real grasp of immigration. Let me tell you those old timers who came her under visas didn't come under work visas. Many came here on vacation were immediaately hired by a few companies and then were put into marriages to stay here.

P.S. I sent you an email

At 3:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

On another note, in the Lac, since no other media outlets seem to be doing updates, How is the man beaten into a coma doing and what is the current status of the investigation into the ticking timebomb known as the Lackawanna County Jail? Today's Times reveals a devastating State Report on violations of rules and common sense without touching on the beating! My thought is that if the Jail is this screwed up it goes down the line to Work Release and House Arrest and the entire system.


At 9:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

First off, I think Yonki was kidnapped by red head amazons from the mid valley. (like that's never happened before). To have a pro choice, ultra liberal who genuflects at the altar of the kennedys (the dead kennedys, the guys not the band I might add) and to have him say he's vote for a guy who is against everything he believes in is just incredible. Maybe voters should judge the Scavo candidacy on what message they can send instead of worrying about the messenger. I'm still stunned!

At 10:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not surprised by Yonki's actions. Even though he has a very left leaning stance on some issues, on many others he is downright dictatorial. So the fact that Yonk is saying a Scavo win will send a message, I think that's 100% correct. And not surprising if you've been a reader of LuLac like i've been since '06.

At 10:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yonk just wants to impress those tea party chicks!



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