Friday, November 26, 2010

The LuLac Edition #1384, Nov. 26th, 2010



Maybe I’m Amazed……that with all of the negative publicity Senator Robert Mellow has received that I think he may not be the subject of a criminal investigation. Ethics is one thing but crimes, maybe not.
Maybe I’m Amazed….that after twenty five years Saturday Night Live at the Oldies is being replaced by a hp hop rapper on ‘KRZ. Yeah that’ll get the phones ringing from Eynon. I give it a year. But I am thrilled that Shadoe Steele’s award winning program will be on WILK AM and FM starting next week. As I said in our last edition, I’ll be a guest on his final program Saturday night from 9:15PM to 9:50PM.
Maybe I’m Amazed….that we have become such craven materialists that we can’t even let workers enjoy Thanksgiving with their families. It’s one freaking day. But I guess if the on line pagan travel company is open on Thanksgiving, someone wanting a discounted knock off a scarf needs to be catered to. But I ask, at what price regarding family?
Maybe I’m Amazed….that virtually no one who is a reader of my site liked our year 1966. I mean no one. I thought it was pretty interesting. Shows you what I know.
Maybe I’m Amazed….that the Woodlands is being cited for underage drinking violations. Here’s what allegedly happened. Under age bimbo hottie gets a bracelet from customer walking out. Under age bimbo hottie looking for illegal liquor and future bed mate has a few blasts at the Woods. Result: Woods get busted. Why are they responsible for underage hottie sponging a bracelet from customer walking out of facility? If I were the Woods, and I lost my liquor license I’d sue underage hottie and her parents for damages. After all, personal responsibility and all.
Maybe I’m Amazed…..that WNEP TV’s Reagan Medgie is not in some major market doing the news. Caught her doing the noon news on Thanksgiving and thought she was excellent.


At 7:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was grateful to have a full time job this year and did not mind working Thanksgiving. The money for that one day will purchase my child more than half of her Christmas gifts this year, considering last year we were barely able to have a meal on the holiday, and she we could not afford one gift. I guess there are always going to be complainers in society wanting the EASY way out. BTW I never took unemployment, I provided my working whatever part time jobs I could find, but here I read about all of the drains on society unsatisfied with collecting for almost 2 years.
Self-reliance is a thing of the past.

At 1:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yonki, Yonki, Yonki, Reagan Medgie? I know you don't drink and she's not that bad, but major market? Yonki, Yonki, Yonki!

At 5:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

national what is more annoying about reagan medgie? her speech impediment or the fact she bumbles her words alot..should rename herself bush medgie


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