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The LuLac Edition #1378, Nov. 20th, 2010



This week the warden at the Lackawanna County Prison resigned after a longer than average tenure. There were things in the prison that weren’t running right and a change was in order. I talked to a former inmate who did her time at the prison across the street from Andy Gavin’s.
Q: When you were in prison, what did you think about?

A: (Laughing) Going to Andy Gavin’s for some wings and a Pepsi.
Q: Seriously.
A: I thought about getting out. Doing my time.
Q: How long were you there?
A: 13 months. I was sentenced to three years but I went to a halfway house in New York and served out the rest of my time.
Q: What were you in for?
A: Drug possession. The cops found $10,000 worth of drugs in my car. But it wasn’t mine.
Q: Yeah, you told me that before. They all say that.
A: You’ll never believe it but the Judge did. I didn’t get as near as I should’ve.
Q: What were the drugs doing there?
A: A guy I knew put them in my car.
Q: The doctor?
A: Uh, let’s just call him a medical professional.
Q: But he wasn’t a medical doctor?
A: No, we don’t want to make doctors look bad.
Q: What was prison life like?
A: Well, for me it was routine. Regimented. And I was okay with that because I went to Catholic school had a strict family, had curfews, had chores and towed the line. I was the oldest so more was expected. So it was like that movie “Ground Hog Day”, it was the same thing every day.
Q: What were the guards and staff like?
A: Okay. There were some dumb asses and some nasty people but if you were smart you never fought them.
Q: Were you ever asked to do something you didn’t want to do?
A: Uh toilets.
Q: That was a chore, were you ever harassed sexually or physically by any of the guards?
A: No.
Q: You’re a pretty girl, why not?
A: Because I think I reminded them of their little sister. And boy did I play that up. I knew some of the guys were local and I’d always engage them in conversation relative to Scranton.
Q: Do you know of anyone harassed by guards?
A: Anything is possible but look, if you are a guard, are you going to risk losing your job?
Q: Some might.
A: I didn’t know of any.
Q: Were you ever denied medical care?
A: I never got sick. But I still don’t know how that girl with the baby, how, how that was missed.
Q: Did you have any friends in prison?
A: Two, an older lady my gram’s age and a lady a few years younger than my mother.
Q: Was there opportunity to have sex in prison?
A: Oh yeah.
Q: You’re bisexual, did you ever?
A: No.
Q: C’mon.
A: See that’s the male stereotype. You think women prisoners, you think lesbians.
Q: I got news for you kid, men will hear the words “girls night out” and we think that.
A: Yep.
Q: So why no sex?
A: Can’t say.
Q: C’mon. This is anonymous.
A: Okay.
Q: So why?
A: The chicks were butt ugly. Dave, I tell you I thought I was in a reverse beauty contest.
Q: Kind of catty?
A: True.
Q: What did you do to pass the time?
A: Read and play cards. By the way my block loved “A Radio Story”.
Q: Thanks. Never made any sales on that but it's nice to hear. Why do you think you survived so well in prison?
A: I wasn’t into drugs and didn’t have an angle. I was there, nothing I could do.
Q: But were you busted for selling drugs.
A: Yes. But only the fools use. And I never did.

Q: But you sold right?
A: Dave.......not saying.
Q: Best days in prison?
A: Sundays and Tuesdays.
Q: Sundays. Don’t tell me you found Jesus!
A: No I believe in JC but I’m not a nut about it. Sunday was a day to kick back. Everything was slow.
Q: Tuesdays?
A: You know.
Q: C’mon.
A: You and my mom came to visit.
Q: Yep. We took 15 minute shifts. Gave her a chance to see you and get back to work.
A: I still think she has no idea why the hell you came to visit. Every once in a while she says “what was he doing there?”
Q:Yeah well. Going in the lobby was a trip. I was heavier there, sitting in the lobby with my cane. I didn’t think anyone would notice. I thought I’d blend in.
A: Dave you wore a suit every time you went there. My cellies thought you my lawyer.

Q: How was your lawyer?
A: They bled my parents financially. I just stopped it and did the time.
Q: You’re married now, does your husband know about the sentence?
A: Oh yeah, I mean I’m forever a felon. But he’s a good guy and we’re married now 3 years.
Q: Did you ever go into the complexities of your case with him?
A: Naw, I wouldn’t bother him with that, he’s from Mississippi.
Q: Oh yeah right.
A: Not a city slicker from Scranton like me and you.

Q: Do you follow the news about the prison?
A: No.
Q: I know this is a strange question but did you think your stay there was stress free from the people who ran it?
A: They had rules but I never felt I was ever in danger. I mean from them. The guards, the prison. And then you have a group that watches you in terms of your cellies. I mean I'd never recommend it to anyone. But I never felt abused, or unsafe.
Q: What advice do you give to people maybe your age now or your age when you were busted on how to survive jail?
A: Stay out of trouble, keep quiet and be nice but firm.
Q: Good luck kid.
A: Thanks.
Q: Hey, any bambinos on the way?
A: Uh I’m reserving judgement on that for now. Being careful.
Q: Why?
A: Hey I told you he’s from Mississippi.
Q: Oh, right.


At 7:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting interview. The warden should have been fired long ago when she used another job offer to increase her pay let alone the incidents during her tenure. She was almost as bad as the previous warden. Did he ever go to jail? At the same time the baby born at the jail controversy was thrown out of court again because the attorney filed too late. The crime here was the plaintiffs choice of an attorney as its clear to anyone with common sense that what happened was wrong. The Lacka County Jail is a corrupt and poorly operated institution as has been made evident by history. And "No" I was never a prisoner, but I was an employee who left because I saw first hand what went on there. Think worst case scenario and you will be on target
regarding treatment, food and medical attention. Good luck to the new warden.

At 5:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ever consider the attorney who misses deadlines might have an agenda in so doing? Maybe a little deal with the County? Just speculating, but this is NEPA.


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