Saturday, December 04, 2010

The LuLac Edition #1393, Dec. 4th, 2010



This week I had the opportunity to talk to a person who has a seasonal job. But it’s not in a department store or in an office but in a shed.
Q: That smell is incredible?

A: Nothing like good pork cooking.
Q: You are 70, you do this every year. Is it the money or the tradition?
A: The money is always nice but I’ve been doing this since I was a boy. My dad was a butcher.
Q: This is a messy job though right with the kielbasi and sausage casings?
A: Yeah it can get kind of gamy. But I put up with it.
Q: You charge 5.50 a link. How does that match up with the competition?
A: It’s in line. I try to make sure the meat is tasty and loaded.
Q: What are your main items?
A: Two. Smoked and Fresh. Try to make it lean without too much fat but just enough to keep it moist, not chewy.
Q: So we won’t see Kielbasi sticks or burgers or nothing like that?
A: Nope. Smoked or Fresh. Old school.
Q: That’s great.

A: Want any this year?
Q: No I think we still have a couple of links in the freezer from last year.
A: Christ, I’m glad every customer I have is not like you. I’d go broke.
Q: It’s only the two of us!
A: Yeah, yeah.
Q: Good luck this holiday season. One last question, when your last order is placed and you clean up, I bet what do you sit down at Christmas Day Dinner, I bet it’s a bit of smoked and a lager, right.
A: Nope, Shrimp,p and a Chablis.
Q: Astounding.
A: Just like my ‘basi, yes I am!


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