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The LuLac Edition #1463, Feb. 6th, 2011




In a move reminiscent of James Barrett McNulty, Lackawanna County Commissioner Corey O’Brien will announce his running mate in the 2011 primary. O’Brien will run 6 commercials in the pre game festivities on FOX 5 here in LuLac land. During the third quarter he will run an announcement which reportedly cost $15,000. (Bet you my house and car that it is a house account and that no sales rep is going to see any commission on that deal!) According to the Scranton Times and its intrepid reporter Boris Krawczeniuk, O’Brien’s pick will be Blakley Mayor Jeanette Acciare-Mariani. The Mayor is in her 60s, is a Democratic party activist and keep up the Mid Valley balance in the Commissioners race dynamics. She gives ethnic, age, gender and political balance to the proposed O’Brien ticket. Now this is what the Times reporter is reporting, O’Brien may fool all of us by half time but it looks to be the proposed first entry ticket on the Democratic side. Former State Representative Jim Wansacz has expressed interest in the race and it wouldn’t surprise me to see the County Democratic organization endorse him. And remember, a ticket doesn’t guarantee a win. The top two vote getters win the nods. As people watch O’Brien’s announcement during the big game, everyone should keep in mind that the political long knives of spring will be sharper than the ones carving up the roast beef for those Super Bowl snacks.


Pennsylvania’s two U.S. senators will be rooting for the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday from a super address: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Democratic Sen. Bob Casey and his Republican counterpart, Sen. Pat Toomey are among a group of about 100 guests – from lawmakers and cabinet members, to family and friends of President Obama – planning to attend a Super Bowl party at the White House.
Obama is staying neutral after his Chicago Bears lost in the NFC championship game to the Green Bay Packers. There will be Packers backers at the White House, also, to even out the cheering. For the record, no one from the LuLac Letter even got a sniff of an invitation from the Professor In Chief.


Luzerne County Attorney Richard Hughes who finished first in the GOP primary in 2009 and third in the General Election for Luzerne County Common Pleas Court Judge is making another run for the spot. On Feb. 15th, Hughes will make dual announcements. The first will be in Hazleton at Booty’s Restaurant at noon and then later on in the day at the Uptown Restaurant in Wilkes Barre at 5:30PM. Anyone who needs information on the Hughes candidacy can call 570-331-8850.


Why do people distrust the Pennsylvania State Legislature regardless of parties? Why do people roll their eyes in both humor and contempt when a politico like say a former House Speaker says “I’m leaving my job to spend time with my family?" Why do average citizens think Pennsylvania legislative leaders put themselves first and the people near the bottom of the top ten? Well here’s a prime example.
Former House Speaker Keith McCall has been appointed to a two-year term on the state Gaming Control Board by one-time colleague and current House Minority Leader Frank Dermody. Four legislative caucus leaders each have sole power to appoint one gaming board member under the 2004 slots law. That was one of the concession Governor Rendell had to make to get the bill passed.McCall's annual salary as a board member is $145,000. McCall said his knowledge of regional concerns will be useful in his work as a gaming board member. Rep. Ron Kauffman, a Republican of Chambersburg, said recently the gaming board is not meant to be a place for former lawmakers to "live large in retirement." He has proposed a bill barring that from happening.
McCall, 51, could be eligible for an estimated $100,000 annual state pension based on his decades in the House. But McCall had yet to apply for retirement benefits. McCall succeeded his late father after his dad’s death in 1982. It appears to me that McCall has never held a real job in his life. And this appointment will certainly continue this form of legislative welfare for the truly politically indigent. Can a soft landing for Todd Eachus be far off?


Rep. Karen Boback , R-Harveys Lake, announced that she again will offer veterans assistance in her Sweet Valley office from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Feb. 15. “I am deeply concerned about veterans’ issues and ensuring access to benefits and programs for veterans,” said Boback. “As a member of the House Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committee, I am determined to advance policies that help Pennsylvania’s veterans.” A claims consultant from the Wilkes-Barre Veterans of Foreign Wars will be available during veterans assistance hours in Boback’s office, located at 5929 Main Road (off State Route 118) in Sweet Valley. Appointments for these hours are not necessary.


The Times Leader is reporting that Senator Bob Casey is asking the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to take over payments to maintain river and stream gauges used to forecast flooding along the Susquehanna River. Casey sent a letter to Dr. Jane Lubchenco, NOAA administrator, urging the federal agency to fund the river and stream gauges. Gauges that provide real-time data of river and stream levels and currents may be turned off if Congress eliminates $2.4 million in the federal 2011 Omnibus Appropriations Bill, according to the Susquehanna River Basin Commission.
This is another illustration of how government helps people. All the GOP free market people would want to river to flow on its own without government intervention. All the Tea Party people will bitch about how reading the river levels will take away our freedom. This is where the rubber hits the road. When the river is threatening to come up to your door, are you going to be talking about the role of big government and how socialistic we are becoming? Are you going to look to private business corporations and the ever sainted small business owner to pitch in and save your ass from the rampaging river? That stimulus bill was so demonized by the House and Senate Republicans that the items sorely needed, like flood preventative protection are being gutted. For every little bit of pork you hear about, there are other government programs that actually serve and protect the people. Will the GOP fall in lockstep with stuff like this, or will we wait for the free market to warn us when the river is coming over the banks? Just asking.


At the age of 95, NFL Films founder Ed Sabol was finally voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Let’s hope he lives long enough to make the induction ceremony. Sabol is responsible for packaging the game films and being the first marketing tool of the NFL. Here is some of the music, the film and the magic.


At 6:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't like the McCall deal, but he won't be applying for retirement benefits. He will not be eligible while he serves on the board

At 6:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your comments about the river are cheap and low. Conservatives, at least myself, believe protection is one of the gov't's responsibility. I know, when you disagree it is much easier to insult then have a conversation.
However, with that said, there are private entitites that can do it cheaper using nothing more than google earth.

At 7:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Yonks,
I see in the Scranton Newspaper this morning where the bishop is pledging all in the diocese to support the Steelers because he is a fan. Youre in trouble again. As a catholic and not a christian what are you going to do? As an agnostic I am free to choose the team I want. I pick the Pack!

At 7:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gotta love the Dems. 2012 convention local, least union friendly state in the union. when does it begin? labor day!

At 8:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That Corey O'Brien ad was terrible. Didn't anyone realize his hair was sticking up the entire time? Maybe that's his new look.

At 11:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Super Bowl

Another one bites the dust on the Anthem! I remember when Jose Feliciano added some soul to his presentation and was critized so harshly, but he got the words right. Nobody could ever top Carl Lewis, but that one wasnt on the big stage. One more reason this song should be replaced by Woody Guthries "This Land is Your Land".
Just compare the lyric and melody.
Folks could sing along.
It was a good game by two working class teams and the best team won
with a Super Quarterback performance worthy of Bart Starr!



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