Saturday, June 11, 2011

The LuLac Edition #1633, June 11th, 2011



Today was one of the County’s (Luzerne) bi annual electronics recycling project. Scores of cars were lined up at the Hanover Area High School to take a little survey and drop off their stuff.
Q: So what do you have?
A: Believe it or not I have 3 TV sets, 2 computer monitors, 2 radios, 3 CPUs (Central Processing Units) 2 answering machines and one of those old school boom boxes from the 80s.
Q: I bet you never realized you had so much junk?
A: Well it accumulates over the years and last year I was out of town so I’m making up for it this year. What do you have?
Q: This year not so much. An old VCR, one of the nifty vhs rewinders that Radio Shack used to sell so your vcr motor wouldn’t die and a computer monitor. Not too much this year.
A: The stuff does add up. What did we do without all of this stuff?
Q: Well I certainly wouldn’t be talking to you and writing about it would I?
A: True, I like your stuff but some of those guys you write about sometimes wish you wouldn’t.
Q: Someone would write about them. You’d just re tell the stories.
A: Kind of like recycling, huh?
Q: Exactly.


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