Monday, June 13, 2011

The LuLac Edition #1635, June 13th, 2011



1. Anthony Weiner, sick puppy or just a dog?

A little bit of both. He seems to have a need to be liked by women. That exhibits some crazy behavior. What is concerning is the recklessness of his actions. Having liaisons if you will always involve an element of risk but he went above and beyond. When that happens and then you lie about it, then you do need some type of soul searching. I really think you have to look inside and sort it out. I have very little respect for counselors and therapy people, I think what they do is pretty much a scam. So I hope he can be honest with himself and find the answers from within.

2. Continuing on the Weiner vein, Have you and the Mrs. discussed how you would handle any Weiner-cyberspace "revelations"? (By EITHER of you?)

Mrs. LuLac, here. I would hand him his weiner on a plate as soon as I finished throwing his belongings in the gutter.
As for me, let me say that this cyberspace long distance thing is something I never got. If you are going to cheat, do it in a 30 mile radius of your house and do it in person. It’s almost like you want to take the plunge but feel that if you do it on line, it’ll be less dangerous. But in fact it is more problematic because everyone, and I mean everyone with an internet connection has the possibility of finding out just what a degenerate you are. So the question is how would I handle it, the answer is I wouldn’t be involved with anything other than business, ordering, and catching up with old friends from work or high school on FaceBook. As for Twitter, I’d use it to make people aware of a cancellation or change in a public meeting I might be having. But other than that, I’m not using it.
And as an aside, I had no idea what blogs or FaceBook was until Mrs. LuLac mentioned them to me as a means to promote my books. The blog as you all know took on a life of its own and I use FaceBook for shameless self promotion of LuLac and my activities on WYLN.

3. How do you square the fact that Anthony Weiner is being asked to quit but yet the Dems leave Charlie Rangel alone?

Well Charlie Rangell dug in his heels and has made it clear he isn’t leaving. The party has neutralized him pretty much but it takes a lot for New York voters to rid themselves of disgraced Democrats.

4. What are your thoughts on making the names public of applications to be the County Manager?

Here’s what I would do. When the job is first advertised, none of the names should be made public. What if a person applies and then his current bosses find out? The names should be released of only those three or four people that make the cut. Then release the names and prove as deep as you want, but not before then. As for the public record arguments, even though it is a tax payer funded position that doesn’t mean that anyone’s right to privacy should be violated especially in a state liker Pennsylvania where people get fired all the time just because the businesses or corporations think they can.

5. What did you think about that 20 year old kid that killed the baby with the cinder block in Hamlin the other night?

Actually I think it was Lake Ariel. Yeah, maybe we should make this piece of garbage father of the year! But you know what, the baby’s (and I use the word loosely here) mother knew about it and encouraged it. Plus, she has 5 other kids, one with him. Did these animals realize that maybe you could leave the child for adoption? Most likely not. These kids have no sense of cultural references. It wouldn’t even occur to them to leave the baby on someone’s doorstep in a basket because they most likely had no idea what that was all about. Then when I saw the baby’s grandmother saying her daughter was fearful of the guy, I thought what a crock! She sure as hell wasn’t afraid of him when she was spreading her legs for him, twice, did she? And what kind of person kills a helpless child at his work, buries the infant there and then works as if nothing else is going on in his life? If I were in charge, this would not have happened because after 3 kids when you are welfare, the checks stop. And if you want another, you need to show you can support it. We won’t let anyone buy a house without seeing if they can handle it anymore? And if they have a fourth baby, sterilization is the answer. Sorry, we pay enough for people’s government funded lust, now we have to pay for the true murdering of live children?

6. So hotshot, how are you dealing with the 90 degree plus weather now?

Lovin’ it. Bring more of it on. Remember you never have to shovel heat or humidity.

7. Will the Tea Party have much effect on the GOP nomination in 2012?

They will count as a voting block in the primaries for sure but when the Tea Party endorsed candidates did not do well in the fall general elections of 2010, that sent a message to the power brokers in the Republican party that they have to pick moderate to right candidates for the fall. Examples: Christine O’Donnell and Sharon Angle.

8. You tell us you go to church every Sunday yet you don’;t appear to be very tolerant or Christian sometimes. How do you explain that?

I told a friend of mine who was running for County Council in the spring as he lamented the fact that he was not a great church goer that “I was a good Roman Catholic but a terrible Christian”. So there you have it.

9. How’s your new ride behaving?

Very well thank you.

10. In the fall race for County Council, I assume you’re going to go against those union members who won?

Never assume anything with me from a primary to an election. I might vote for a few of those people, this board has to be balanced with a great cross section of the county. And I wouldn’t rule out third party or write in candidates.

11. Favorite bazaar or church picnic food?

Potato pancakes because since my mom died and my mother in law is 94 I don’t get them at home anymore. Come to think of it, the two places I always got them every year no matter what, at the St. Casmir’s and St. Al’s picnics, are shut down anyway. They are delicious but you might as well mainline lard into your system trough an IV.

12. Any predictions on the Munchak/Cordaro trial?

These things are tough to predict but I’m sure this will result in a hung jury.

13. What did you think of former County Council candidate Mario Fiorucci saying that he thought Kevin Blaum would make a good county executive?

Mario ran a good race and is entitled to his opinion. I think we all have a few local candidates in mind. I have one but I don’t want to name the person just yet. But when I do you can be assured there will be great howling and gnashing of teeth.


At 12:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

RE #12
It only takes one juror. I think you might just be on target.

A Cavs Fan for 40 years A Mavs Fan for five games. Good job Mavs.

At 3:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a thought here, I think people have it wrong that you are a liberal. After reading this, you're anything but.......

At 9:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kevin Blaum county executive? The guy never managed anything and never solved a problem in his life. His answer to government problems is to raise taxes. Screw Kevin Blaum.

Seriously Yonk, what does giving the union a voice on council do for rounding things out? All it does is give the union a voice on the council and their voice should never be in management, only contract negotiations.

Hot Weather .... When I'm cold I can get warm but when I'm hot, I'm screwed!

So keeping the names secret to protect their jobs is ok at the beginning but making them public when they get down to the final few is a good idea? How do you figure that these people won't lose their jobs just because they are among the final few? Bullshit! The public has no need to know who applies for this position. Leave it up to the candidate..... if the candidate want's his/her name kept private then so be it! The friggin public are always screaming for transparency but you never see them at meetings and the ones who yell the loudest probably are not among the 30% that vote. Keep the names private unless they the candidates says to release it.

Why should Weiner resign when he didn't break a law or have physical sex or even meet those women? The Republicans do what ever they want and you never heard Eric Cantor call for their resignations. When it was a Republican who was actually doing physical improper things, Cantor and his group said it was a private matter between the Republican Congressman and his family and constituents. Screw the Republicans and Screw the ballless Democrats who are trying to save their seats at the cost of Weiner's seat. I hope he throws them the finger and stays in Congress.

At 8:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mrs. LuLac, here. I would hand him his weiner on a plate as soon as I finished throwing his belongings in the gutter.

You married LORAINA BOBBET!!??? or the ABE's Hotdog heiress?


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