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The LuLac Edition #1699, August 1st, 2011



Republican Reps. Lou Barletta of the 11th Congressional District and Tom Marino of the 10th, both voted in favor of the landmark debt ceiling deal approved Monday evening by the House. Finally, the agreement between President Obama and congressional leaders from both parties passed 269-161, with 66 House Republicans voting against it and Democrats splitting, 95-95.


Wilkes Barre Mayoral candidate Lisa Cope has developed her own website and is asking for donations in her effort to unseat Wilkes Barre Mayor Tom Leighton. Her campaign manager happens to be Frank Sorick who ran in the primary against Cope and Karen Ceppa. Ceppa is taking on Democrat Kathy Kane for the Treasurer’s office. There seems to be a unified effort by the Republicans in Wilkes Barre to back Cope in her bid for the fall. Here is a link to Cope's website,


GOP County Council candidate Kathy Dobash is doing her own version of a walking tour. Dobash is doing all she can to learn about the various departments in County government as part of her effort. The Hazleton resident is also attending various events in the County to get added exposure for her effort in the fall. Here is a letter she recently wrote to the local papers about her work.
As a candidate for Luzerne County Council, I have taken the responsibility to make appointments with Luzerne County Directors in various departments. I havediscovered change in Luzerne County government has started with the efforts of many men and women who have taken on extra responsibilities. Those who struggled in the system to expose the fraud and theft have endured ridicule. Those individuals still are under attack. I am happy to stand alongside those individuals. They have not given up. My recent tour and interview at the Luzerne County prison convinced me we are on the right direction. As a candidate I have chosen to campaign with a different approach. It is not about parties and patting each other on the back with promises to hire pals and family members. I am in the process of visiting Luzerne County officials and in review of programs and services.I have met with the Treasurer, Community Development, Department of Aging, Children and Youth, County Engineer and Correctional Facility. I have more meetings scheduled with the Budget and Finance Department and Human Services. I seek to talk with as many departments as possible. Luzerne County has an approximate population of 313,431 and covers an area of 891 sq. miles. I am taking my message out to represent the taxpayers. I want to continue my campaign with a basic effort which promotes a plan to maintain accountability for expenditures, to eliminate waste and provide necessary county services. Through my interview process I have discovered many offices are working to gether to make changes. Since the exposure of the corruption scandals, current managers have taken on extra responsibilities with pride and dedication. Controller Walter Griffith is in communication with Joe Gibbons, Luzerne County Engineer, Joseph Piazza, Warden and other directors to set up more guidelines in regard to petty cash expenditures and accountability for projects. Mr. Joseph Piazza fired 26 people who were abusing the system for selfish gains since he was hired on February 23, 2009. We need to hire and keep managers who have the same philosophy. Both Joe Gibbons and Joseph Piazza can give many examples of savings already implemented. I also received some good suggestions from other departments. The waste of county money will stop if we stand together. We must utilize what we have and continue to access the support needed for the continuation of programs. The tax dollars were intended for important services. They were not meant to stay in greedy pockets.The recent meeting to preserve Moon Lake is a good example of pro-active efforts.
There is a community vision for Moon Lake. There is a community vision for Luzerne County. I am seeking information and answers. An open transparent process is necessary to make the changes for less corruption, cronyism and nepotism. I believe through discussion we can work together toward reasonable compromises.


Katleen M. Dobash
Candidate for Luzerne County Council Hazleton, PA


At 11:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dobash is a parrot for Carolee Medico and Walter Griffith. She openly opposed Home Rule and now wants to be on council. What are her qualifications? She is an artist!

Maybe she should read the charter and understand that the system the voters (Not she) voted in has a professional manager making the day to day decisions, not someone like Dobash who has no idea of what this new government is all about.

Dobash is nothing but an a sound piece for other political people in the county.

At 4:43 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

Dobash is nothing but an a sound piece for other political people in the county.

At 5:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What money did Carolee and Walter have? Zero. So, how can they get this woman any. She seems nice enough, but I wouldn't vote for her.

At 10:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is my reply to the nameless weak attempt to discredit my efforts.
"This nameless person can send me an email so we make make an arrangement to have an adult conversation.
I make my own decisions. I am a team player and work to solve problems. I have seen this type of criticism on other links.
I am proud to stand alongside those who take ridicule when they are working for a better government and fight the abusers of the system.
Thanks for your defense. How can a person take the writer seriously when they are afraid to place a real name and face by their commentary?"
Kathy Dobash

At 10:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Easy there Kathy. Dont be so touchy
and dont expect everyone to sign their name and I wouldnt know how or want to include my picture. Getting critized goes with the territory. I dont think you will get my vote.

No name or picture
Another Coward, but a voter just the same.

At 11:46 PM, Anonymous Walter L Griffith Jr said...

Kathy Dobash is her own person and does not need to be coached by myself or Carolee Medico. Kathy Dobash is a person that knows the issues and does her homework for the people she wishes to represent. I would think that people would welcome a person who wants to get into office to represent them and do whats right for the taxpayers,

Furthermore if Kathy Dobash is simply a mouthpiece for Water Griffith and Carolee Medico thats a good thing because these two people have done more in the past year and a half then most of the elected officals have done in multiple terms in office. Kathy Dobash is a honest and sincere person that questions the status quo and should be respected for wanting to learn about the government she wishes to represent. Lets stop looking for reasons to keep these type of people out of government and start looking for people that will represent whats right in our County.
Walter L Griffith Jr
Luzerne County Controller

At 12:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hold on, Walter. Dont hurt your arm patting yourself on the back!
If she's a mouthpiece for you thats
a good thing?! The arrogance, sir.
I dont want anyone who is a mouthpiece for anyone including you. Thats not what we elect people to be. Meanwhile keep doing a good job but check your ego
as it sounds like a lot of politicians I know of and its not a good indicator of character.

At 4:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Walter comments about himself in the third person?

At 6:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

People who speak of themselves in the third person worry me a bit.
It always reminds me of Rickey Henderson, a terrific ballplayer but a guy who was strictly out for himself. Watch out, Walter.

At 5:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Because of her silly antics and her annoying loud voice, i will NOT be casting my vote for Kathy Dobash. I do not want her standing for me in the fall election.


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