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The LuLac Edition #1706, August 8th, 2011



Many people think that the country is on the wrong track. People are frustrated and they feel we are divided like never before in our history. Here's a letter that Wil Toole wrote and started to circulate last week:
Dear Mr President, Members of Congress and United States Senators.
There is no issue listed in your contact format that covers all that needs to be said. Our president, Congressman and US Senators voted wrong. Casey voted for the sellout while Toomey voted "no" because the sellout wasn't large enough. NOW prove you care. Read this to the end and see if your thinking changes in any way. Is taking a few minutes too much to ask? If so, we deserve what we get.
There was NO reason for the Democrats to give in, especially when the president had the 14th amendment option. All this showed America is the lack of gumption and leadership at the hands of Democrats in Washington. The Republicans were strong in their effort to protect the wealthy and they accomplished that goal 100%. The wealthy successful corporations such as Mobil-Exxon, GE and the others will continue to earn billions and end up with tax rebates while not paying one dime to operate in this once great nation. The very wealthy top 5% of America will continue to reap the financial harvest and people such as Warren Buffet will continue to tell us that NOT taxing the wealthy is wrong and he pays less taxes than his secretary. When will America wake up?
I continue to read how we give billions in foreign aide to countries that consistently vote against our interests in the UN. I have now become an Isolationist. I see NO reason why the United States would participate in the world. We are not the world's cop, we are not the world's care giver and we are no longer the model of democracy. The fact that the minority Tea Party can turn our nation upside down to protect the wealthy is not my idea of democracy, it is simply modern day slavery and we my friends are the slaves.
We need to end the Bush wars and bring every single member of our military home. If these countries are willing to allow religious zealots to rule them and force women into a state of personal property then that's on them. We rose up and took charge of our own country. We helped these other countries and at the cost of many American lives and countless numbers of now crippled military personnel. STOP! The solution is simple.
The current email circulating quotes the Wal-Mart slogan, "If we don't have it, you don't need it!" There in lies the truth and the solution. ISOLATIONISM! Bring our military home from each and every country in the world. The Koreans we protect are holding a man in prison for two years over an $88 dollar taxi fare. BS! Bring home every American and shut down our borders. Do not allow one person to come into this country without proper authorization and anyone trying should be shot on sight! Guard our borders and protect our own interests.
We don't need one thing from any other country. We have every natural resource necessary to build what we need to both survive and enjoy life. This simple policy will create more jobs than we can fill and if that's the case, we can give special work permits to our two closest neighbors, Canada and Mexico. No papers, no work. Any employer found using illegal help will be punished severely. Big business won't like that but tough! Let them learn to live on a billion dollars profit instead of 10 billion.
Farmer's will no longer be paid to NOT grow food. The money used to pay them to not grow food will be used to purchase what they will now grow and use it to feed the world. This isn't rocket science, this is the way it needs to be. Our military can once again turn to the "Star Wars" that Reagan used to scare the hell out of Russia and actually do it. Any country that threatens our existence will pay a heavy price for that threat. We can walk softly and we absolutely can carry a big stick. All we need to do is do it! And, all we need to do it is force our representatives in Washington to put the people first, the real people, the 95% they ignore and control with political sound bites.
Americans need to stop fighting with each other and begin fighting for each other. How in the hell did big business and big money ever convince the working class people that it would be good to protect the profits of the rich and force our seniors to suffer reduced medical care? How can we spend billions in foreign aide but can't afford to shore up Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid? WHY? Where is the logic in this? How can working class people stand up and argue against their own right to live a peaceful, comfortable life? A great example of the brainwashing that has taken place is the wealthy who pull the strings have managed to take a simple term that has always been a sign of GOOD and made it bad. PROGRESSIVE! That one word has been a good thing all my life. If you were progressive, you were going forward and headed for success. Today, if your a Progressive, your lower than whale poop and that's on the bottom of the ocean.
We need a national leader and we need people in Congress and the Senate who will stand for one thing and one thing only. That one thing is America, the Land of the Free. The place where every person has the right to happiness. The right to live a life free of worry about fundamental benefits such as housing, food and medical care. Why can't we all just wake up and recognize that our lives are short in span and fighting each other so the top 5% can live in the lap of luxury while many Americans suffer the want of necessities such as food, shelter and medical care. Why don't we recognize that the idea of FAIR to the top 5% is manufacturing dog and cat food that is fit for human consumption? Does anyone reading this actually believe that hunger is not a fact in America? Does anyone believe that some people chose between food and medicine? Don't we understand that every homeless person is not homeless by choice? We need to wake up and shout out to Washington that in fact, we are mad as hell and we are not going to take it any more. DO IT, JUST DO IT. Call your representatives and the president and write letters. When the next election comes around, don't ask for silly debates that don't mean a hoot and the phonies use as a platform to spit out one liners that voters will remember (Where's the beef). One issue and one issue only. Will you the candidate support America and the 95% above all else? That's the question and the only question that need be asked. Our motto should be "America for Americans."
Pick up your phone, sit down at your computer or pick up a pen and paper. Get it done.
Wil Toole
Dupont, PA 18641


Independent Bernie Sanders has a few thoughts on what is wrong with this country too.


At 7:24 AM, Anonymous Bluto said...

You have rather a fetish for Wil Toole. If you want to shed light on the country's problens, is he REALY your best choice?

At 7:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr Toole makes more sense than any politician! He is right on so many points. If we dont get a handle on things, the end result will be a revolution where 50% of the 95%
will wake up and take to the streets and should! The tea party has the GOP running scared and as stated the Dems are just a bunch of wussies from top to bottom! Obama and the cowardly Dems have had their chance and failed. The only chance the President has of reelection is the failure of the GOP to put forth a credible candidate. Instead they give us politicians who shouldnt deserve consideration for dog catcher! The rich rule and this is no longer the land of the free and the home of the brave. The ongoing killing of our servicemen and women is criminal. The war on drugs is a joke and our politicians worry about one thing, re election! There is plenty for everyone in this once great country and its long past time we got it together.
We need leaders who think like Mr Toole.

At 8:29 AM, Anonymous Professor Milburn Cleaver, OPA said...

Students, I would like to address the subject of young Mr. Toole's opine of August 8 (and I hope you'll all take the time to read it).
But first, I need to address a subject that is on the minds of many intellectuals, but very few of the majority of you---the lowering of the U.S. credit rating by S&P from AAA to AA+. Now, I must inform you all that I am not referring to the automobile club.
I can in all honesty combine both Mr. Toole's column and the subject of our debt.
Students, we live in a world economy, this will not change. Mr. Toole calls for a return to isolationism, both economically and militarily. Such a move by the U.S. would ultimately hurl us into a deeper Depression and far wider wars.
I admire Mr. Toole's idealism, but alas, idealism, like a lemon, looks appealing on the outside. Once one bites into the core of it, however, it is plainly sour.
We sent our fighting men into Iraq back in 2003 to establish democracy. I will admit that it has been a long road and one of the few mistakes that GW Bush made during his presidency was to declare mission accomplished.
Had he had my ear, I would have told him that all democracies need years to flourish and grow. This includes our own nation's.
By sending our troops to Iraq we were in effect creating an insurance policy. A policy that would guarantee after a long period of growing pains, a stable beachead in the middle east.
One day GW Bush will be vindicated for his honorable decision to go to war.
We lost 30 Navy Seals in Afghanistan this weekend. I would assume they were not killed by a group of hobbits, they were done in by a brutal enemy who would like to see our way of life done away with.
To cut and run would only enhance the reputation growing throughout the world that the U.S. is a third world country.
We are being led by a leader who knows not how to lead.
His policies are all over the place--a sure sign of a President in over his head.
Years ago on the GOrt 42 blog, I warned the youngsters about supporting Mr. Obama over the more qualified Mrs. Clinton. I was maligned (check the GORT 42 archives) as an old coger and called despicable names. I instruct you to read those commentaries and tell your esteemed Professor that you apologize.
I am not one to blow my own horn, but everything I cautioned about became reality. And now those very people who maligned me are sorry for not listening.
We old fogies have a lot to offer--even "Ivory tower" Professors like me.
Class Dismissed!!!!!!!!

At 9:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about this:

STOP spending.

CUT entitlements.

CUT MY TAXES! (doesn't business pay the highest rates in the world?)

CUT regulations and oversight a bit. Ever try to navigate the bureaucracy when trying to open a business? INSANE!

ELIMINATE OBAMA-CARE!!! Open insurance sales nationwide.

EVERYONE pays at least $500 taxes.

BUILD something in America so we can BUY something American.

This stuff in ON Obama. PERIOD.

At 2:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sanders for President
and Toole for Congress

At 3:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now the tea party and their supporters can bitch at the administration and the country because we lost our AAA rating!
Its starting to all seem like a Kurt Vonnegut novel to me. I enjoyed reading them, but I never wanted to live one!

Waverly Bob

At 5:30 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

You have rather a fetish for Wil Toole. If you want to shed light on the country's problens, is he REALY your best choice?

At 11:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Professor,we are still waiting for you to answer the question I asked you last week. Do I detect a lack of courage on your part? Your doubtful student.

At 6:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear doubtful student, perhaps you need to restate your question. I for one missed it so I haven't a clue what it is that the professor refuses to answer. As for the professor's response to Mr. Toole being way off base with his call for isolationism, well, I think the professor is wrong. I have to admit that at first I questioned that statement but after second and third thought, I would like to see it happen. How can it be bad for us to bring all of our job back home? How can it be bad for us to recreate industry in our country? How can it be bad for us to stop borrowing billions of dollars to give to countries that want to destroy us? Seriously professor, I think you're way off base and I think Mr. Toole is right on the money. Nothing else we have done has worked so lets be a bit selfish and see what happens. I don't see how we can be worse off by taking care of ourselves first. One final thought, the 30 military killed this week were killed by weapons made in Russia or France. Case closed!

At 11:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

6:06AM, the question was Professor would you rather have Pres. Obama's policies be successful, our economy grow and win re-election in 2012 or have his policies fail, our economy stagnate and lose the 2012 election? We are still waiting for your answer! The doubtful student.


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